Pavitra Rishta 18th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 18th January 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 18th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Onir massaging Purvi’s legs while she’s sleeping. Purvi wakes up and asks him what are you doing? Please don’t do this. This is not good. Onir says, it’s husbands rights to massage their wives legs especially when they are pregnant. He says, with husband, I am your doctor too. He then asks her to go back to sleep. He kisses her forehead and Purvi falls asleep. He then sleeps on the floor. He speaks to himself, sometimes two people’s lives can connect just like that.

Archu comes to Teju’s room and sees her upset. She asks her what’s wrong. Why are you so upset? Teju says, what else can I do? She complains about Savita and asks, why do I suffer? Archu tells her that Manav will talk to her. Savita comes there and listening to them. Teju says, nothing is going to happen.. I talked to her already. And if aaji has decided then I have also decided. I will run awy and get married. Savita gets shocked. Archu tells her, I will give you slap.. aren’t you ashamed of talking like this in front of me. Teju says, you’re my friend na.. I haven’t told anyone about it. Archu says, but it’s not right. Teju says, you also ran away from your marriage right? because you loved baba a lot. You should understand my feelings very well.. and we thought that we will run away and get married, and then come back after some time. Aaji will be angry, but she will accept in end. Savita says to herself, so Teju you’re going against me and planning to run away and get married right? Now I will also see how you do that.

Archu tells Teju, there’s a huge difference in my marriage and your marriage. My mother knew that I loved Manav and still she wanted me to marry someone else. But in your case, your parents are fine with you marrying Sunny. So please don’t worry.

Punni is searching for her phone charger. Purvi is reading newspaper there. She shows phone charger to her and asks, this is what you’re searching for right? Punni says, yes.. thanks and takes it. Purvi then says, I know that it was you who called.

Break 1..

Punni asks, which phone call? Purvi says, you know very well about what i am talking about. It was you who told Onir about me and Arjun’s meeting. Punni now changes her tone and asks, why wouldn’t I tell him? You’re also interfering in my personal life. I was like “Poor Onir jiju.. his wife hid so much stuff from her”.. She continues, I am sorry.. but it was you who made me do all this. Purvi says, why are you apologizing me? You know. you helped me so much .. because of you.. Onir found out the truth else I didn’t know how I was going to tell him. You proved that you’re my true sister, thank you so much. Purvi leaves.

Annoyed Punni speaks to herself, oh no.. once again my plan went wrong. Why it keeps happening with me every time?

Kids are playing in the chawl and Onir goes to them. Onir asks them, what are you doing? Kids say to him, first you tell me.. what are you doing at Purvi taai’s house? Onir tells them that Purvi taai is back. Kids say that they will go and meet first and show their performance as well. Onir asks, what performance? and then they promote new upcoming Zee TV show.. India’s Number 1 Dramebaaz something.

Onir calls Arjun who tells him that he’s in some meeting. Onir says, I will wait outside then. Arjun asks, you’re in my office? Onir says, actually I wanted to talk to you about something.. but it’s okay.. finish your meeting. I will talk to you later. Arjun says, no no and asks him to come in his office. Arjun postpones his meeting.

Onir comes in now. They sit down. Onir says to Arjun, I wanted to apologize to you. I shouldn’t have done what I did.. I got angry at you without thinking anything. I really feel guilty and embarrassed. He says, Purvi told me everything that you married Ovi because of her. Arjun says, I don’t think there’s any need to apologize.. if I was on your place, then I would have done same thing. In fact, I am very happy that you care so much about Purvi. I should be thanking you for taking Purvi’s life on right path and bringing happiness. Onir is impressed and says, I have seen many relationships changing, but someone should learn from you how to take these changes ina positive way. Arjun says, circumstances teach you everything. Onir is leaving now and he once again apologizes to Arjun. Arjun tells him, “Don’t be”.

Onir returns home and sees Purvi working. He asks her, what is this? work all the time. Did you take medicine? He then gives her medicine and is very concerned about her. Purvi has a smile on her face. Sulo also returns and sees them like that which brings a smile on her face as well. Sulo is very happy seeing Purvi there. Purvi introduces Onir to her and says, he’s my husband. Sulo says, that I figured… seeing him taking your care like this. Onir leaves now to do Ovi’s checkup. Sulo and Purvi sit down and start their gossips. Sulo asks Purvi where did you meet him? I am very happy that you got married. Purvi says, Onir is a very good guy.

Break 2..

Onir is doing Ovi’s checkup. Archu comes there with tea. Onir asks her, you just brought tea? I thought you would bring “kandhe pore” too. Purvi told me that you make them very good. Onir asks Ovi if she would eat them. Ovi says, no. But Onir tells Archu, Ovi will also eat. Archu leaves.

Ovi asks Onir, can I ask you something? Onir says, go ahead. She tells Onir, seeing you it doesn’t look like.. it affected to you at all. Onir says, you’re talking about Purvi-Arjun’s past right? He continues, life has taught me that if you can’t change something, then just accept it and move on. And I think you should do that as well. After knowing the truth, I figured why you hate Purvi so much.. but forget the past.. and move on. You have whole life in front of you.. new member is going to come in your life.. do his welcome positively. Ovi asks, is that all that simple? Onir says, no.. but it’s not impossible either.

He continues, when a woman is pregnant.. child keeps growing up inside her.. and it’s upto mother what kind of “parvrish” she wants to give to her child. Your thinking would affect your child. I suggest you to forget everything and move on. Ovi says, doctor it’s not like that I didn’t try. I tried so many times.. but.. Onir says, keep trying.. you will succeed one day. Ask God for the strength.. and I am here as well. I will do your full treatment.. and if you have problem with Purvi, then I won’t take her name in front of you during your treatment.

Ovi seems to be emotional and has tears in her eyes. She says, Onir.. Onir says, don’t call me Onir… I am your jiju and jiju is like a brother. Whenever you need me, just remember your big brother and I will be here. He tells her to take care and leaves.

Sulo is searching for her glasses so she can read the diary and know what she has to do. Onir comes there and reads her schedule to her, and there they advertise Zee Cine Awards which is coming on Sunday.

Episode ends.

Precap: Purvi is sleeping and Onir goes closer to her. Purvi suddenly gets up and asks him, what are you doing? You know there are limits in our relationships right?

Update Credit to: DesiTVBox

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