Pavitra Rishta 18th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 18th February 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 18th February 2013 Written Update

Onir is doing Purvi’s treatment and Arjun is waiting outside. Onir comes out and now goes to Ovi’s room. Onir comes out of Ovi’s room and tells Arjun that he has got injured a lot and he needs to get his treatment done as well. Onir tells another hospital staff to do Arjun’s treatment, and he goes to Purvi’s room. While Arjun’s treatment is being done, he thinks about how Ovi first didn’t want the child, and then she was really waiting for their baby. Arjun then goes out to get medicine.

Sulochana is tensed for some reason. She then calls Manav. She asks him if he got any news of Purvi and all as she got scared a bit and no one is picking up her calls. Manav tells her Archu talked with them and they were on their way. He tells her not to worry, and place where

they went, there might be weak signal. He says he will talk to them tomorrow in the morning and give her news.

Arjun calls Manav now and gives news about their accident. He asks him to come fast.

Mittal is taking dinner. Punni comes out and asks him why he got so late. Mittal asks her, you’re asking me? I don’t think there’s any need to answer you. What do you think I married you because I started loving you? You can live your life whatever you want, but please let me live my life my way. He reminds her about the contract and asks her to start implementation on that. Punni says it will take me some time to do what you want. Mittal says, I give you some time, but remember if you don’t do what I asked, then money will stop coming to you. He leaves. Punni says in her mind, no one can take away my status now.. I will do everything to maintain this status.

Arjun returns. Onir tells him about Ovi’s premature delivery. Arjun asks if he can meet her. They go in her room, but Ovi is unconscious. Arjun then sees a baby there. Arjun and Onir go near that baby. Onir says, she’s a girl. Arjun says, she is so pretty. Arjun thanks him. He says, you don’t know what you gifted me today. Onir says, it’s all Ovi’s effort, I didn’t do anything. All the credits go to her, not me. Arjun now asks about Purvi. After a moment of silence, Onir says, I couldn’t save our child. Arjun is in a shock and a disbelief. Arjun then asks where is Purvi. He asks if he can meet her. Onir says, go. They come to Purvi’s room now.

Onir tells Purvi, Arjun came to meet you. Right then a nurse comes there and says, Ovi got conscious now. Purvi tells Arjun, you go to Ovi, she needs you. Arjun leaves. Onir tells Purvi that he’ll be back and he also leaves.

Arjun is still waiting outside. Onir comes and they go to Ovi’s room now. Ovi is crying and asks Arjun about their baby. Arjun tells her everything is fine. Ovi says she wants to see her baby. Arjun takes her to their baby. Arjun tells her Onir did your delivery. Ovi apologizes to Onir for her behaviour when they met first time. And today after all the complications if her delivery was possible, then it was because of Onir. She asks if they told Purvi. Onir says, yes. Ovi says but she wants to tell to Purvi herself. Arjun tells Ovi that she needs rest. Ovi says, wait a minute, why are you not telling me about Purvi? How is Purvi’s child? Please tell me I am getting very worried. Arjun says, they could not save Purvi’s child. Ovi says, I want to meet Purvi. Please take me to her.

Jignesh is taking Teju somewhere, but Jignesh’s mother stops her. Teju tells her, aaji called me and tells her about Purvi-Ovi’s accident. She says, I must go. Jignesh’s mother gets emotional and says, how can I stop you.. you must go. Everything will be alright. Teju and Jignesh leave.

Arjun and Onir bring Ovi to Purvi’s room. Ovi holds Purvi’s hand. Purvi tells her, you shouldn’t have came here.. you need rest. Ovi says, no Purvi.. until now whenever I needed you.. you were always there. You did a lot for me. You and Onir gave me lots of strength in my complications. And today now when you need m e, how can I go? Ovi then tells Purvi, you know this baby is very lucky because she has 2 mothers, not 1. She is also your daughter. I can understand what you are going through, but please don’t hurt yourself like this. I know you’re very strong.. you can fight with any situation. We all are with you. Purvi is not saying anything. Ovi requests Purvi not to hurt herself like this. Onir tells Ovi that she needs to rest. He asks Arjun to take to her room. Arjun leaves with Ovi.

Episode ends.

Precap: Manav, Archu, Teju, sachu, etc.. all are in the hospital now. Onir tells Archu, It would be better if you don’t meet Purvi right now. Archu asks what happened? is there any problem?

Update Credit to: DesiTVBox

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