Pavitra Rishta 17th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 17th October 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 17th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ankita asking her sister Mansi to take the other siblings. Shashank helps Prashant in studies and meanwhile looks at Ankita. Ankita brings the table fan for Shashank, so he didn’t feel hot. Ankita looks at the empty bowls and recalls about her siblings saying the variety of dishes. Ankita asks Prashant to call everyone for dinner. Shashank and Prashant asks about her office. Ankita says it is very big and says her boss is very handsome. She says he is somewhat old but good at heart. Ankita thinks her boss is very happy. Prashant asks, whether her boss office is big too. Ankita says may be….

Arjun comes home and calls baby baby where are you??? Servant comes and says she has finished the work and even clean his work. Arjun asks for Tina. Tina comes

and Arjun gifts her Laptop. Tina gets happy and thanks her. Servant says she is a servant and working here since 20 years. Tina is my grand daughter and this expensive gift for you. We can’t accept. She continues and says Tina calls you papa but this gift. Arjun says she is like my daughter. Servant asks, are you missing your daughter. Arjun says we will talk later. He asks her to go. Servant asks him to have dinner. Tina thanks him and leaves with the servant.

After they leaves, Arjun sits on the sofa all alone in the big house. Prashant asks Ankita that the house must be big with so many kids. Ankita and her siblings speaks about food and a variety of dishes. But Arjun is seen eating something and watching the TV. Arjun sleeps on the sofa after eating a light dinner. Meanwhile Ankita and her siblings speaks about the luxuries of the rich people. Prashant says he is born in the good home.

Ankita comes to take the tap water from the common tap. Someone comes and tells Prashant that this house is sold to us by your father. They asks them to vacate it before evening else……Ankita asks him what? They tells us that he sold the house inexchange of loan which he had taken from us. Ankita says she didn’t know anything so forget that they will vacate the house. She threatens to call the police and they leaves saying they will return.

Ankita says it is her first day at office. Prashant asks her to go and he will take care of everything. Ankita asks him not to go outside until she comes back.

Arjun is talking with his employee, Shirish comes to him and asks whether he is not coming to the party. Arjun says he is just leaving and will be coming to the party. Arjun asks about Naren, Shirish says he is out of town and Rushali also went to London. Arjun says tomorrow is press conference as well. Shirish asks him to handle it along with Raunaq.

Ankita comes to the office and is very happy. Some guy comes and instructs the receptionalist. They tells Ankita that they can’t even dress up good here. They didn’t warn Ankita about the other boss Raunaq ( Shirish’s younger son). She was informed by the peon about Raunaq being Shirish son. Raunaq asks Ankita, she says she is assistant. He looks at her.

Meanwhile Prashant is repairing the TV. His siblings asks him to repair fast and tells about the upcoming film on TV and shows. Prashant says he will take them to neighbour’s house to watch the film. He tries calling Ankita but call doesn’t go through. After finishing the work, Ankita thinks to go home. Raunaq says you can’t go home as you have to come to my home. He informs her about the party and asks her to note down the press conference and clients details. Ankita agrees.

Other girls employees starts gossipying that she is 18th victim of the sir. Ankita calls Prashant and informs him that she can’t come now and will come after attending the party at her boss office. She instructs him to be at home until she comes back. Prashant asks her to enjoy the party and return after work.

Arjun is talking about his company to the press. He thanks them for their support. Shirish comes to Arjun and says he is very impressed with him. He introduces Arjun to Tripti and says she is also single like you. And asks him to give her company. Arjun says actually she is waiting for someone and leaves. Shirish asks what is the problem and praises Tripti. Shirish asks him to try her. Arjun says he is not interested. Ankita comes to the party and Raunaq eyes on her. Ankita sees Arjun from the distance. Raunaq comes to her and asks her to bring some blue file from the room. Ankita goes to bring it. Raunaq tells his friend that there is something in her. Ankita searches for the file but doesn’t find it. Raunaq comes to the room and closes the door. He comes close to her.

Raunaq says he saw many girls and he knew her type of girls. Either they do time pass or blackmail. Arjun looks on. Ankita gets angry and slaps hard to Raunaq, while all the guests looks on….

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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