Pavitra Rishta 17th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 17th May 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 17th May 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with DK asking Arjun if he is trying to get Purvi back in his life. Arjun says, please.. Dk says, I know you’re worried a lot for Purvi and Pari, is it just worry or something else? Arjun says, that’s true that I don’t want to see Purvi and Pari in any problem, but there’s another reason. I know Onir is a very good guy and he won’t do all this purposely. I really hope I come out to be wrong in whatever detective is finding out. Dk says, I hope all these won’t affect Onir and Purvi’s relationship. As long as your intensions are good and you have no guilt in you.. there is no problem in taking care of Purvi and Pari. Arjun says, I know.. life changes so quick sometimes. I got changed. Arjun the business man for whom his work was his life.. for the first time.. I listened

to my heart, just like you. My love made me a human being from a machine.. taught me the real meaning of life. You got all happiness.. you chose your love.. what did I do wrong? I also want to stay happy.. and where am I today? One side I can’t accept my love.. otherwise I am trying my best to save my marriage, but I am unsuccessful. What should I do now?

Why was I doing all this? Just so everyone stays happy, but now I forgot to smile. Dk says, there is a reason for everything in life.. as long as you’re trying to save Onir and Purvi’s relationship.. I am with you. And I also know that you’re trying to save your marriage with Ovi as well.

Savita, Sulo, Teju pray before leaving to go to hospital. Savita feels that the God has sent Dr. Aggrawal and hopes that treatment will be successful. In end how many days a mother can stay away from her children? One side Ovi went to Canada and other side Purvi.. .. Sulo says, Archu loves both so much.. Savita says, you might be surprised hearing Purvi’s name from me.. but what to do.. during this time we remember everyone. She tells sulo she can bring Purvi if she wants.

Dr. Aggrawal is furious on the phone. Gauri comes and Aggrawal says, we are not doing this experiment today. Gauri says, I checked all reports and everything is normal.. there is no reason for not doing this experiment. She says, what will I say to her family? They must be coming here shortly. Aggrawal gets angry at her and says, I will give them reason .. you don’t have to worry.

Gauri comes outside with a sad face. Manav tells her everything will be fine. Aggrawal comes and says they can’t do treatment because her blood pressure is not stable. If we do the treatment, then her life will be on the risk. Manav sends everyone home. Gauri asks a nurse if there was another report. Nurse says no. Gauri says, then why did doctor say that her blood pressure is not stable? Manav hears that and he goes to Aggrawa’s cabin. He asks him, why did you lie to us? my Archana is my life.. you can’t lie about her health to me. Tell me truth.. why are you not doing her treatment.

Aggrawal says, relax.. I understand you getting angry and I agree that lied, but there’s a reason behind it. For a doctor, his patient’s life is most important to him. I lied because I am not confident.. I am not prepared.. I want to study that case very carefully, and then I will be able to do the experiment. Manav asks, then why did you call everyone here? Why did you give us false hopes? Aggrawa says, those were not false hopes.. Archana will come out of the coma. I promise you, but I need more time. Manav calms himself down and says, you can take as much time you want, but please get her out of the coma. Aggrawa assures him that she will be out of the coma.

Manav comes to Archana and tells her that he went to mandir with bare foot like how they used to go. And that he kept fast for her today.. and doctor is not doing experiment. Gauri listens that and gets emotional. Gauri gets a call from Purvi. Purvi asks her if experiment started. Gauri says, doctor didn’t start it today and asks her not to lose hopes.. someone whom her entire family loves like this much.. has to come out of the coma.

Onir returns home and finds purvi tensed. Purvi is then telling him that the experiment didn’t happen and all that. Onir keeps doing something on his phone and doesn’t reply properly. He then says he has to go to work and they will talk about it later. After he leaves, Purvi says in her mind, how can you change so much Onir? I was sharing my sorrow with you and it seemed as if you’re not interested.

Purvi is praying for Archu and Kinsukh comes. She says, I was going to work and was passing by here so thought to visit you two and give a ride to Onir. Purvi says, but Onir left. Kinsukh says, not a problem.. then at least my other work will be complete. Purvi is confused. Kinsukh says, other work.. meeting you and Pari. Kinsukh then says, Onir always praises kandapua made by you.. so today i am not going to leave you easily. Purvi says, I made that in breakfast today.. she goes to get it for her. Kinsukh eats it and says, Onir is right. Purvi seems to be upset. Kinsukh asks her what happened and says, you can share your problem with me.. we are friends in end. Purvi says, I am tensed because my aai is sick. Kinsukh then tells her about some lady who she thinks have God power in her. Purvi seems interested. Kimsukh says, but make sure no one else finds out about it.. I don’t think Onir believes in all that. Purvi says, okay.

A nurse and Gauri are in Archu’s room and talking with each other. Nurse says, I cannot believe doctor said no for the treatment on the last moment. Gauri says, there must be some medical reason behind it.. and I haven’t handled any such case.. I only heard one of his Canada patient’s name.. Mariam. Nurse says, I went to his office and he got call from someone related to Mariam.. don’t know what conversation they had, but after that only doctor changed his decision and started behaving very strange.

Gauri comes to Aggrawal’s office. She says, i am your student.. and it’s my duty to help you if you are stuck somewhere. Aggrawal says, there is no problem. Gauri says, I know thre is a problem and it’s related to your patient, Mariam. Same patient with whose case.. your other patient’s, including Archana’s, cases are connected. I won’t go anywhere from here until you tell me what’s going on. Aggrawal asks her to sit down.

He says, my Canadian patient, Mariam, on whom I did an experiment, is sinking. Gauri is shocked. Aggrawal says, I am trying to find out what went wrong.. and her case has become priority for me. Until I don’t find the reason, I won’t do experiment on Mrs. Deshmukh.

Precap: Argument between Onir and Purvi. Purvi says, I am doing all this for aai. Onir says, it’s all nonsense and it’s proven by medical.

Update Credit to: DesiTvBox

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