Pavitra Rishta 17th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 17th March 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 17th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Naren getting panicked and saying to meet Ahana. Ankita comes, but Rushali stops her and says you played with Naren’s life and today she will break Naren and her relationship and asks Ankita to get out. Sunanda asks Rushali what is she doing, she is Naren’s wife. Rushali says Naren has gone totally mad because of this girl, you knew this experiment won’t be successfull, but you gave permission. You stood with Ankita, but see what happened. She then says Ankita that she took away her last hope also. You took one son from me and now you are risking my another son’s life. I tried all experiments before and know what would happen. Rushali then asks Ankita to get out of her house. Sunanda asks her to stop and says Ankita is Naren’s wife and will stay with Naren.

Rushali says she will leave the house and tries to go. Ankita stops her and says she made a mistake and she will go. Sunanda tries to stop Ankita, but she says again that she made a mistake and she will go. She asks Rushali to take care of Naren and goes. Kinnari gets happy.

Shashank’s mother looks at anothe girl, says she is very beautiful. Shashank’s father calls her and she goes in. He says Shashank is not picking the call.

Shashank’s mother says he would not have accepted this, so she did it without informing him. She says girl is very beautiful, seeing her Sashank will forget Mansi. She then goes and sits with the girl and says Sashank will get happy seeing this beautiful girl. Sashank just then comes with Mansi with garlands in their neck and says he got married to Mansi. Girl’s mother says she was mad that she came to have alliance with them and goes. Shashank tries to touch his mother’s feet. She stops him and asks him to get out of her house. His father says he is their son and where will he go now. She says they should go to Mansi’s mad brother-in-law and sister. Sashank says his mother that he listened to her his whole life, now Mansi is his responsibility and will not stay here now and goes from there.

Prashant informs Soham that Shasank and Mansi will stay her until they find a house. Soham says he knew Sashank cannot take care of her daughter, he let Mansi married because of Naren. Sashank and Mansi comes then and Soham changes his mood and welcomes them. Sashank says he will find a house in 2 days, until then to let them stay here. Soham says it is their house and asks Prashanth to take them in. Sohan then dreams of giving money to Shashank and thinks he should take care of also Sashank now.

Manav’s family start playing a game. Pushti explains game’s rule to the whole family and they start playing. Teju jokes about Neeena and Neena gets angry in between the game and goes from there. Savitha says about her chawl and the common tap and her fighting with neigbours. Everybody laughs. Archana remembers Ovi, gets sad and goes into ther room, Manav follows her. Savitha says mother always remembers her children. Teju says Ovi does not remember them now, she has their address, but didn’t come till now. She says Arjun was alone for 20 years, but he didn’t say anything. She should have come back. Sulochana says Archana and even she believes everybody will be together soon. Pari then thinks she will disclose her identity to everyone.

Sashank says Mansi she must be tried and to sleep. He then says he thinks she wants to say something to him. He then says he wants to become her friend first, then well wisher and then husband. He will wait for her and asks her to be comfortable and take her own time. A good relationship stands on respect and bonding, so they should make their relationship strong and goes from there.

Pia is preparing food. Savita comes and says she will prepare vada pav from her hands. Pia says she will prepare vada. Savita says it is not like preparing burger and asks her to tell recipe. Pari tells the recipe. Savita says she likes hot vada pav and will make vada pav herself. Sulochana comes and says she cannot have vada pav. She is great-grand mother now and has to take care of her health. She then recalls all her children and grandchildren’s name, takes Ovi’s name and gets sad. Savita also gets sad and says it has been so many year since she saw Ovi and Pia. Her Teju is with her but not Ovi. Sulochana says Pia must have grown up now, dunno where are they now. Pia thinks they are remembering her and her mom. Pia then says lets celebrate with hot vada pav for just today.

Rushali asks Naren to eat something. He insists he wants to eat food from Ahana’s hand and gets schizophrenic. Rushali calls nurse and they catch Naren. Ankita cries remembering Naren and says she will make sure Naren gets alright and prays god to show her a way.

Precap: Ankita comes to Naren’s room and sees him tied on the bed. She pleads Sunanda to free Naren. Sunanda says Naren gets violent often..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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