Pavitra Rishta 16th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 16th October 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 16th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Purvi writing a diary and recalls Arjun. She says Arjun had chosen Ovi over her. Arjun’s daughter prepares toast for Arjun. Arjun says he will eat it because he loves her. Purvi says she is sad that she couldn’t give her father to Pari. Arjun’s daughter wishes him best luck. Purvi says it is night for her forever.

Ankit who is a disbeliever on God asks Shashank, what is the benefit of asking something from God. Ankita asks him to ask her job from the God. Shashank says he will asks her hand in marriage. She says she can’t get marry until Prashant gets a job. Shashank says we shall get marry soon as we will get old till then. Ankita asks him to marry someone else and move on. Shashank says he tried to stay away from her but couldn’t stop himself.

He says, I will show you to Bappa.

Shashank prays to Bappa to do some miracle. Ankita asks Bappa to solve her problems and get her a job. She promises Bappa that she will prepare laddoos for him. Ankita meets her friend in a train. She tells her that she passed in the exam and going for an interview now. Her friend wishes her luck. Ankita sees some girl begging in the train and recalls Sonu. Ankita opens her purse and gives banana. That girl wishes her. Meanwhile Arjun is in the car while Ankita is walking on the road. Arjun sees Ankita and gets shocked. He tells his employee that he thought that he saw his mother in law and that too her younger version. His employee says that it happens with married people. And recalls Archana in a flashback. Purvi asks him to tell who is happy between her and Aai. Arjun answers that Pari is the most beautiful between them. Flashback ends.

Arjun comes to his office but doesn’t see Ankita. Ankita is asked to go for an interview. Arjun comes to Shirish and Shirish praises him for the deal. He says our clients can’t reject this deal. and says 20 years have passed of our partnership. Arjun says it is our joint effort. Arjun says, his HR manager told him that female employees have quit from their office. Shirish asks him to concentrate on big thing and he will look at the small issues. He says he is throwing the party for their 20 years of association. Arjun agrees.

Ankita shouts aloud with happiness as she got a job. Arjun hears her voice. Archana calls Prashant and tells him that she got a job. Arjun asks the peon who is shouting. Peon says some girl is shouting out of happiness as she got a job. Arjun says ok. Ankita hides.

Ankita asks the peon about Arjun. Peon replies that he is the boss and right now to get the new project. Ankita gets a warm welcome at home. Her siblings gets happy for her job and Sonu says they have planned a surprise for her. Shashank says that God listens to the beautiful girls and it is proved today. He says God is not listening to his requests for his marriage with her. Ankita asks her to speak slow else children will hear. Ankita siblings offers her a variety of dishes plus a cake. Ankita cuts the cake while her siblings sings the celebration song. Ankita gives the cake to Shashank. Mansi gives her cake piece to Shashank and says she don’t eat it citing weight gain. Ankita tells her siblings that she will do whatever they needs now. Mansi asks Shashank to play the music on his phone. All of them dances on the music while Mansi stares at Shashank. Shashank asks Prashant to get his books. He checks the books and looks at Ankita.

Arjun comes back home and calls baby, where are you? Servant comes and says she has clean his room. Arjun asks for Tina. Arjun gifts Laptop to Tina. Tina thanks him and address him as Dad. Servant says she can’t accept the expensive gift from him as Tina is her grand daughter. She asks him, whether he is missing his daughter. Arjun says Tina is like his daughter. Servant asks him to have dinner and leaves. Arjun sits sad on the sofa in the empty home.

Prashant asks Ankita,when she is coming home. He asks her to go to the party and come back after doing the work.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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