Pavitra Rishta 16th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 16th May 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 16th May 2013 Written Update

Onir says, he didnt tell anything to Purvi. Kinshuk says, as she (the new lady) has came here, Purvi will find out automatically. Onir says, I will do whatever needs to be done.. this is not the right time to tell her. The ladies say they will wait for that right time then. The new lady leaves.. Kinshuk says, try to wrap up all this as soon as possible.. we don’t have much time, and there’s lot to do.

Manav comes to talk with Dr. Aggrawal. Gauri is also present there. Manav thanks Aggrawal for coming here to do Archu’s treatment. Aggrawal and Gauri are both positive for Archu’s case. Gauri tells doctor how bowl fell down other day. Doctor asks her about whom, which event, she was talking about. Gauri remembers that she was talking about that goon. Doctor asks goon? Gauri says,

he’s Archu’s son. She tells Manav, I am really sorry.. I didn’t want to disappoint you and I complained you about him as well.. I didn’t want to take his name because I don’t want to mess up with him more.

Manav says, it’s okay.. I understand. He also says, it must be Soham’s fault in whatever happened in the party. Gauri tries to say that it was not his fault, but Manav doesn’t let her say and says, it’s okay.. I will make sure it won’t happen again. Aggrawal informs Manav that they are going to start experiment on Archu from tomorrow and asks him to make sure all her family members are present there, especially the ones who are closest to her. Aggrawal says, I will try my level best. Manav shows confidence in him and says Doctors are like God. Aggrawal says, I am not a God.. this is just my duty.

Puvi is doing Pari’s massage and Onir helps her. Purvi goes away to put water on the gas. Onir gets a call and he goes outside. Shalini (the new lady) tells him that she wants to meet him. Onir says, I don’t have time. Shalini says, it’s urgent… Purvi is taking Pari outside.. Onir sees her and changes the topic. Shalini understands Purvi came here and smiles. Onir then says, if it’s urgent then we can meet outside and I will show you what I have done so far.. Shalini says she will wait for him in same restaurant. Onir tells Purvi that he will have to go out. Purvi says, not a problem .. I will take care of Pari.

Manav informs Teju about what doctor told him. He asks Teju to bring every family members to hospital and he will bring Sulo.

Gauri comes to Archu and says, I am sure you will be out of coma soon. But you will have cooperate with us like how you did other day. She again apologizes for what she said about Soham. Manav was hearing this conversation. He says, you didn’t say anything wrong.. he is the reason for Archu’s this condition. He apologizes Gauri on his behalf and then asks how is Archu. Gauri says, she’s fine. I was just having question-answer session.. I was questioning and i was answering as well. Manav says, I like your spirit.. keep trying and she will answer you one day for sure. Gauri leaves two alone and goes out. Manav tells Archu that he said yes to Dr. Aggrawal’s treatment seeing his success. He says, I know you will be with all of us very soon.

Onir comes to meet Shalini. Detective is also there and watching them. Shalini does timepass and Onir gets irritated. He asks her to tell him why she called him here as he lied to Purvi to come here. Shalini says, what was the need to liE? You could tell her truth. Detective is taking their photographs. Shalni says, I called you here to tell you that I don’t have much time left. Onir says, when the right time comes, she will find out everything and everything will be fine. Shalini says, it’s good if everything gets fine.. Onir gets call from Purvi. She tells him about Dr. Aggrawal experiment and says she will have to go to hospital. Onir says, you go there.. and I will be there shortly. My work is done anyways. After the call, Onir tells Shalini not to call him again.

Manav informs Archu’s family about the treatment. He explains importance of all family members being present there in order for this experiment to be successful. Sulo gets emotional and cries. Manju calms her down. Everyone assures her that Archu will be out of coma very soon.

Detective meets Arjun. He goes in his car and tells him about Onir meeting a lady in a cafe. Arjun says, I think she is his boss.. Kinshuk Banerjee. Detective says, are you sure? Arjun says, yes.. that’s what Purvi told me. Detective says, I tried to hear their conversation.. and it seemed Onir was angry at her. And it’s possible that we are talking about different lady. Arjun says, I am confused. Detective says, the lady whom he met.. her name was Shalini.. or it might b possible that it’s one day but with 2 names. Arjun is confused. Detective says, picture will be clearer after more investigation. but from my experience, I am sure there is something going on between Onir, Kinshuk, and Shalini. Arjun tells him to keep an eye on all 3 and keep informing about the development. He also tells him that no one should find out about this. Detective assures him that no one will find out anything. Detective leaves the car and DK sees it. Arjun gets off the car. He tells DK, I don’t know whether what am doing is right or no, but I just want to know that.. Dk says, that you still love Purvi . Arjun says, you’re misunderstood.. this is not only about Purvi.. When I was returning I saw Onir with a lady and then what detective told me just now.. it all seemed suspicious so I had to do it. Dk asks, you’re not trying to bring Purvi back in your life again.. right?

Precap: Gauri tells Dr. Aggrawal.. everything is fine… and I am sure after this experiment, Mrs. Archana will be out of the coma. Dr. Aggrawal says, we are not doing this experiment today. Gauri says, I checked all reports and everything is normal.. there is no reason not to do this experiment today. Dr. Aggrawal says, don’t you understand that we are not doing this experiment today?

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