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Pavitra Rishta 16th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts in Varanasi. Ankita wakes up in the train and looks outside. Some goon tells him that the train has stopped long ago and asks where do you want to go. Ankita thanks him and goes out. The goon follows her. Ankita thinks where to go. The goons tries to take her bag and asks her to hold his hand. They try to misbehave with Ankita.

Pari tells Naren that the hotel is beautiful. She slips on the stairs and gets her leg fractured. Naren asks the receptionalist about their room number. He takes her in his arms and takes her to the room.

Ranvijay is introduced. His friends ask him to come and have pan.

Naren looks at the candles. Pari asks what happened. Naren says nothing and they goes in their room. The goons are still holding Ankita’s hands. Ranvijay’s

friend asks the pan seller to make pan for Ranvijay. Ranvijay is about to eat pan, but when hears screams for help. He goes to the goons and smiles. Ankita tries to take her hand from their hold. Ranvijay looks at the goons. They free Ankita and goes. Ankita looks around.

Ranvijay comes back to the pan shop and says he couldn’t have the pan in the morning easily. He says, we will go to Kallu.

Servant comes and informs Rushaali that Manav Deshmukh came to meet her. Manav comes inside and throws file on the table. Rushaali asks, what is it? Manav says, it is your kaccha chitta and threatens to get her doings published in the newspaper. He says, just like you got Ankita’s letter published. I won’t forgive you if you become the reason for my family’s pain. My Ankita and Soham have been pained a lot. Ankita went away from your life. I can take revenge from you. Manav says, Pari is in tension. Stay away from my family and Pari, else I won’t get time to expose you. Rushaali gets angry.

Mansi says, baba did the right thing. Rushaali maligned Ankita’s reputation. Shashank says, when Ankita left without fighting then what we can do. They buy the vegetable. Mansi worries for Ankita and says she couldn’t sleep. She says, even we couldn’t get baba. Shashank says, baba is here. Give him some time. He will come home soon. I talked to the Police and they said that they can’t search as Ankita left with her wish. He assures her that they will continue to search for Ankita.

Archana is speaking on phone and asks someone to locate Ankita. Manav comes and gives her medicines. He asks her to rest. Neena comes and hears them. Manav says, Ankita went with her wish. Archana says, we can leave her alone. I have hired a detective to trace her. Manav says, Police will search. Archana says, Police refused to search her so I hired a detective. Neena thinks they have gone mad. Pushti comes to Neena and asks her to give 5000 Rs for new dress. Neena scolds her and asks her to wear old dress. She says, your Aaji and Azooba have decided to name the property on Ankita’s name. sachin overhears them.

Sachin comes and says he is praying that they shall not get Ankita. Archana comes to Mansi’s house and gives her fruits and sweets. She asks her not to take any tension. Mansi thanks her and says it was not needed. Archana says, I know Ankita went from here. I am pained. I was waited for Soham all these years. Mansi says, she is worried for Ankita. Archana says, I have full faith that she will be alright. Mansi wishes the same. She tells her that Ankita likes bengali sweets. Archana says, I too likes the same sweets. Mansi says, I will eat. Archana leaves.

Manav asks Archana what are you thinking. Archana says, Ankita and I have the same likes. Manav asks her not to take tension. Archana gets emotional and says their family is breaking. Manav says, my son don’t want to see my face and the other son thinks we don’t care for him. Archana asks Manav to give some project to Sachin and asks him to handle it. Manav asks, if he do any mistake then. Archana says, then you can handle. Manav says, he is a good lawyer. Archana says, time has come to give responsibility to Sachin.

Manav tells Sachin that he wants to give some project to him and wants to clear the misunderstandings. He asks him to handle it alone. He says, project is worth crores. Sachin and Neena looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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