Pavitra Rishta 16th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 16th July 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 16th July 2013 Written Update

Arjun is praising Archu to purvi while they sit in the backseat of Arjun’s car on the way to a pooja. He tells her purvi is lucky to have Archu as her aai, as she’s taking care of pari while she (purvi) is taking care of all the office work. He feels so relieved! Arvi are both happy and relieved talking to one another. Arjun says he’s very happy and he’s especially happy that Purvi came back to the office as they got so many new clients and also her life has become better once she joined. He says he can see happiness in her again since she began working.

Soham is upset with a stranger who apparently bumped into him and spilled all his belongings onto the ground. Arvi see this and tell their driver to stop the car. Soham’s belongings have broken and he’s very upset with

the other guy who is apologizing. Purvi is trying to calm Soham down. Arjun bends down to help Soham pick up his stuff. Soham looks at him with a little bit of doubt but lets him help him. Quite a few emotions are seen across Soham’s face. He wants to accept Arjun but at the same time seems confused. Soham thanks Arjun in a little bit of a mean way but still nice. I like it. My cutie Soham! Embarrassed Arjun then tells Purvi that they should get going to the pooja. Purvi tells Soham to come with them as they’re going home. Soham explains he must go to speak to his boss as his stuff is broken and he must explain what happened. Only then can Soham come home. Purvi tells him okay but just make it fast. Soham smiles. Arvi leave together and Soham gives a sorta of a half-dreamy-smile as they leave.

Soham is at his shop trying to explain to the boss what happened. The boss is angry and asks who will pay for the damges. Soham says he will or he can take it from his salary. Then Soham gives the money he found to the boss. He explains he found this cash and if it belongs to him. The boss says no, this isn’t fine and I can’t even keep it as I only earn my money through hard work! He tells Soham it must be his. Soham is like no way jose! He says he can’t possibly make such money. Balan and his crew is shown watching this from a far. Gosh what a stalker! Doesn’t anyone else see him stalking Soham? The boss tells Soham to keep the money until the person who it belongs to returns. Soham is a little puzzled and says what will he do with it? He reluctantly puts it in his pocket. Then Soham asks for the day off for the pooja at his home. The boss grants it. He leaves. Balan’s guy tells Balan that Soham has put the money in his pocket? Balan is like he thought the boss would flip out seeing that much cash with Soham but he didn’t. Balan says anyways, soham was saying something about a pooja, let’s see what can we do? How did he even hear the exchange between Soham and his boss from so far?

The scene switches to D house. Everyone is preparing for the pooja. Savita tells Teju to watch Sundari as she’s a kam chor or lazy. Teju assures her she’s doing everything fine. Then Savita is shown talking to Sulo on phone. Then Soham is shown greeting some guests who have come to the pooja. He’s at the door and in walks Gauri all dressed up looking like a doll! Soham checks her out Dead (just me getting jealous!) and tells her hey doctorni, don’t dress like this, you don’t like a doctor then jokingly. Gauri responds to him saying you don’t dress like this either because you don’t look like the son of this house. Soham says, his aai has brought him clothes and you just wait and watch! Embarrassed Archu comes there and greets Gauri, Soham pretends he’s doing something else. Gauri introduces Archu & Manav to her parents who are already there inside D house.

Purvi is talking to people at the D house and through the window Arjun walks in to the house in a light blueish/greyish kurta. He’s looking dashing. Purvi is in a purple and red sari. She looks pretty also. Arjun looks at Purvi and then walks through the house and sees Teju playing with Pari and Teju sees Arjun and says OH arjun, here’s pari take care of her! Arjun picks her up and says HI PRINCESS! Embarrassed Suddenly we hear Manav saying Teju! Arjun looks that way and Manav walks over and greet Arjun. He asks about DK. Arjun tells him he wanted to come and Manav says it’s okay, there will be more poojas for him to come to!

Gauri is shown walking through the house and goes to the kitchen. Sundari is cooking there. gauri says oh, you still haven’t gotten ready yet? Gauri tells her to go get ready as she’ll finish cooking. Sundari says no, she’s the guest in the house! Gauri says oh so when she came to give Archu her meds etc then she was a family member but now she’s a guest? Sundari smiles. Archu walks over to them and tells SUndari that Gauri is right. Go get ready! Archu asks Gauri is she needs any help? Gauri says she’s fine cooking now and if needed she’ll ask her. Archu leaves and in the hallway she meets Soham whose dressed up in a white kurta-pajama and asks her how he looks. Archu smiles and says he looks very nice. Soham then sees Gauri and rolls up his sleeves ready to do some masti!
Soham goes into the kitchen and fixes his kurta and tries to look all manly. Gauri sees this slyly and smiles to herself that Soham is doing that. They both look amazing! Finally Soham is like HEY, look at me! I look good right? He says now i look like the beta of the house right? Gauri is giggling and saying yes now you do. Soham looks puzzled and asks her why are you laughing? He thinks hard and says YOU HAVE NO MANNER in English. Gauri smiles and says she’s has a lot of manners. Gauri says she’s laughing because his nala is showing. LOLLOL Soham looks so sure of himself and when she says this he looks so embarrassed ! He turns other way and fixes it. Then suddenly he notices Gauri’s pallu catching fire from a thali or something. He runs over and puts the fire out. Gauri is shocked and says what you doing? He first says in a very mean and loud way IF YOU DONT… then he says it more quietly that if you don’t know the work of the kitchen, why you come here? He scolding her. He says you are doctorni and always rambling on in English yet your pallu was on fire and you asking me what I’m doing? Can’t you see? He leaves.

Soham is walking through the house and Gauri gives him something to put in the pooja.Suddenly Soham sees Varsha at the door. He gets excited and runs over and says MAHI! She compliments him on his look and says you look just like Manav jiju. He says he does but he still has to become a big man like him. varsha assures him he will be one day. Archu comes over and the sisters hug. Soham is happy. Manav comes over and greets Varsha and asks her to sit in the pooja. She says family sits in the front and she’s fine here. Manav says you’re part of family and to come sit with us. Varsha smiles.

The pooja is happening and everyone is sitting down. They do aarti. Manav puts the aarti thali infront of Soham to get blessings and he does. It’s kinda awkward scene. Then Manav gives it to Soham to go around with the aarti to let everyone take blessing. [im sorry i’m not aware if these are the correct names for these rituals and etc. i apoloize to anyone if i may have said wrong word or described it wrong, please correct me if I’m wrong. ] Arjun is saying to the pandit that its his daughter’s first pooja but the pandit says that if the baby’s mother was present then he could have given the blessings. Purvi looks sorta uncomfortable. Arjun opens his mouth to say soemthing (i think that the mother is here…) but Purvi interrupts and says that she’s feeling unwell and can’t be a part of the pooja. Pandit says ok no problem. Archu and Manav look at them. Archu kinda half-smiles.

Suddenly there are police sirens and the police arrives at D house. The officer asks who is Soham Deshmukh. Manav says what’s wrong? Soham says I am. The officer says I’m arresting you for stealing 25,000 rupees. Soham says I have the money and I’m ready to give it to whoever it belongs to. The officer says just give the money and says so if the person comes, you’ll give it otherwise keep it? He’s mad and very rude. Archu says he didn’t do anything and would never steal. The officer says the court will decide whether he did or not, and for now he must come with us. Archu is upset and screaming and tells Manav to say something. He tells Archu that let the officers do their job. Soham looks very upset at Manav’s words. More upset than when the officers grabbed him and told him he’s arrested. Manav says the money was in Soham’s pocket thus it should be investigated. Let them do their work. Soham looks very sad and upset at Manav’s words. He looks betrayed. Archu is screaming and walking into the D house after Manav and Savita interrupts and says what can we do? You saw the police said it and the 25,000 rupees was in Soham’s pocket. So he should be punished. Purvi says no, and tries to talk but Savita tells her to shutup. Archu gets mad and says why should she keep quiet? She’s right and has every right to speak in this house. Savita says so you’ll be teaching me what she can and can’t say in the house? Archu says I’m not here to teach anyone anything. And all I’m saying is Soham did not steal. She turns to Manav to get some assurance. And Savita says so Soham getting arrested and taken is Manav’s fault? Teju interupts and says no that’s not what aai meant and that instead of fighting among ourselves we should solve the problem. Manav leaves from there.

Sachu and Manav are in car. Sachu asks Manav if he’s sure he wants to do this? Manav says yes and since he’s a lawyer they can do it quickly. Sachu says he doesn’t know why Manav wants to do this and if this is written about in the newspaper, we’ll be humilated. Manav just gives him a pissed off look. Scene switches to the police station. Archu and Teju are assuring Soham it will be ok. There’s a man sitting there and the officer gives the money back to him and the man says Soham is the man who stole his money and to make sure he gets punished. Without any proof how is this man just getting 25,000 rupees from the police? No trial no evidence nothing. Anyways, Archu comes over and tells the man that what proof does he have that Soham stole from him. The officer stops Archu and the man from arguing. The man leaves. Archu tells the officer and says do whatever but she’ll bail her son. Manav and Sachu arrive there with bail papers. Soham is released. Teju, Arman and Soham are standing there. Manav says to archu that I told you let the police do their job but that didn’t mean I wouldn’t do anything. Archu says then you know Soham didn’t steal. Manav says he knows because why would a thief hand over the money to the police? He says that when they money orginally fell out of Soham’s pocket, he himself had no idea where it came from or whose it was. If he had stole it, he would have never shown that money to them and thus is innocent. Sacchu is watching this. Soham says then why didn’t you say this when they were dragging me from the house? Manav says he doesn’t wanna argue. Soham said you let them humiliate me and now you’re here so you don’t get humiliated if the news gets out. Archu says soham waht are you saying?

Archu suddenly sees Balan and the crew watching/stalking them through the window. She walks over to them. Meanwhile, Manav tells Soham that everyone knows he’s his son so it’s not about honor or anything. Soham said why didn’t you save me then. Manav says it will take time for you to understand. Outside Balan is upset that his plan backfired! He is repeating to his crew the plan he had in mind to separate soham from his family via the money issue. Archu is listening to this form behind them. Archu begins to clap. WAH WAH WAH! Soham and the famaily arrive there. Archu says now i know how much you love soham, oh wait not soham, your vishnu lala. She says you really love him a lot. SO take him to the village with you. Soham says WHAT? Archu says let me explain. Archu says he loves you so much that he planted the 25,000 rupees in your pocket. Everything that’s happening to you is b/c of him. Balan looks embarrassed. Balan says this woman is lying! Archu says then what is that man doing with you? That’s the same man who was inside who filed the complaint against Soham. She said I heard everything you said. She says she will file a complaint against this man who filed a fake compliant against her son. Balan looks scared. Archu says you thought you’ll plant the 25,000 in Soham’s pocket. Get him arrested and you thought Manav wouldn’t bail him and then you will come and bail him out. Then you’ll be the mahaan one in Soham’s eyes and Manav the bad one. But your plan failed. You want to take Soham right? Take him, but before that I will ask him one thing. She asks Soham, now you will decide who you want go to ? This man who betrayed you or your family who loves you? Balan looks happyly at Soham who looks back at him disgust.

Precap: Soham tells Balan that aai asked me to decide whether he wants to be Vishnu Lala or Soham Deshmukh. And I’ve decided that I want to be Soham Deshmukh. Balan looks upset.

Update Credit to: sk11

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