Pavitra Rishta 16th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 16th January 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 16th January 2013 Written Update

Purvi is doing pooja in the Karanjkar house .She listens Vinod and Manju talking in their room about Punni .Manju is telling Vinod about the expensive diamond necklace that was gifted to Punni . Vinod says that no company would ever gift something like this to their emplyees .He wants to talk to Manav about it but Manju stops him and says that Punni has returned the necklace so just let this be .
Vinod is still worried but Manju tells him to stay quiet about this as Punni’s engagement is coming near .

Manav and Archana are in their room .They are worried about Teju .Manav says to Archana that eventually Savita will agree to Teju and Sunny’s wedding because savita loves Teju a lot and once Savita is convinced that Teju loves Sunny then she will also agree .
Archana then tells manav that she wants to talk to Purvi and tell her that she should tell Onir all about Arjun .Archana is worried that now Onir has come to Mumbai and he might listen to all this from someone else so it is better that Purvi should herself tell her husband about her past . Purvi has at last found happiness in her life and her mother is worried about her and does not wants her to be happy in her life now .
Manav agrees that Purvi should tell Onir everything .

Punni is getting ready to go out .Purvi comes to her and tells her that Punni is about to get engaged in a few days so she should stop meeting Mr. Mital .Purvi says that she had caught Punni in the hotel room with Mr . Mital earlier and now Punni is seeing him again and she should focus on her sakhar puda .
Punni tells Purvi to shut up and stop interfering in her life .Punni walks in the other room in an angry mood . Purvi’s cell phone is there , it starts ringing .Punni sees that the called ID says ‘ Arjun’ . Quickly Punni hides in the other room . Purvi picks up the phone .Arjun wants to meet her to talk to her .Purvi is first reluctant( she tells Arjun that Onir knows nothing about them ) but then Arjun says that he has to tell her something about Onir . Purvi wants to know what ?
Arjun tells her that Onir was asking him questions today and he wants to tell her this when he sees her .Purvi tells him that she will see him at sunset point .
Punni’s mind starts working .She is angry that Purvi always acts like a sati savitri .She decides that she will be the one who wil ltell Onir about Purvi and Arjun .

Onir is coming back from work and waiting for an auto to stop .Punni calls him on his cell.
She tells him that he is in trouble because his wife had too many scandals in her past that will ruin his present .Onir tells her off for talking about Purvi like this and says that he knows his wife well. Punni doesn’t give up and says that she is his well wisher and if he does not believes her then he should go to Sunset point where he will himself find out the truth about his wife . Punni puts the phone down , she wants to teach Purvi a lesson for interfering in her life .

Arjun is waiting at sunset point . He remembers the day when he last met Purvi before his wedding with Ovi .This was the same place where he was so happy at one time .Arjun is looking very depressed .Purvi comes to this place . They both walk towards each other .Arjun says that yo uleft us 6 months ago so that me and Ovi could move on in our lives but things did not happen the way yo uwanted and today you are once again standing in front of your past .
Purvi gets uncomfortable and says that she is not here to talk about the past but wants to know what he has to say about Onir .
Arjun tells her that Onir is asking questions about the differences between Purvi and Ovi and Arjun just could not tell him that the reason why these two sisters do not get along is him . He tells Purvi that time has come that she should tell Onir everything that happened in the past .
Purvi says that many times she has tried to tel lOnir but he just did not listen.
Arjun says that it is her responsibility to tell him or her relationship will suffer because of misunderstandings and he knows how much a misunderstanding can hurt any relationship . He says that I know you have moved on in your life so please tell Onir .
Purvi says that she will tell Onir that she wants to stay here only and also with her past .

Suddenly there is a shock on Arjun’s face as he sees Onir also standing there . Purvi looks and she too is shocked . Onir walks straight to Arjun , Arjun says that he was going to tell him but Onir gives him one hard slap …
he says to Arjun , ‘ How dare you leave her like this in that condition’ . Arjun is confused as to what Onir is saying .Purv iis crying and trying to stop Onir .Onir walks away .

Purv iis feeling bad for Arjun also and is worried about onir .Arjun tells her to go after her husband and talk to him .

Onir is very angry and goes in his room .Purvi goes after him .Punni sees this and is happy .She feels sure that from now onwards Purvi will not interfere in her life .

Onir tries to walk away fro mPurvi but when she is about to trip and fall he quickly holds her and doesn’t let her fall. She apologises to him for hurting him so much .He says that she need not feel bad because he himself was sort of figuring all this out .The way Ovi used to hate Purvi and argue with her , this was giving him some idea as to what ahd happened ..he says that he gave Arjun a chance to tell him , he thought of Arjun his friend but Arjun kept quiet . Purvi thinks that Onir slapped Arjun because he was in Purvi’s past but Onir says that this is not the reason why he slapped Arjun .
Purvi tells him that the reason why she and Ovi have so many differences is Arjun .
Onir is angry because he thinks that Arjun dumped Purvi after getting her pregnant . He says that he still remembers how much she struggled when she came to Kolkota ad this guy ( Arjun ) never called her once and never checked o nher .
Purvi says that this is not Arjun’s fault because she was the one who told him to be like this ..
Onir is shocked and confused now .

Precap : Ovi and Arjun are talking in Ovi’s room .Ovi is saying that this is definitely Purvi’s fault because she kept things away from her husband . She is worried how this wil leffect Purvi and Onir’s relationship .

Update Credit to: Tanyaz

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