Pavitra Rishta 15th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 15th May 2013 Written Episode , Pavitra Rishta 15th May 2013 Written Update

arjun at his office recalling onir n kinshuk chat.. DK talks to him, but arjun is lost in thoughts.. DK then asks him what is wrong, did he meet ovi.. arjun replies saying its a failure.. DK says he has to work on his relationship and reassures him that all will be fine.
then a clerk comes in gives DK some bills of some detective.. DK then tells him, there was a scam in the company and he hired a detective n now the thing is solved.

soham is at the party and is cornered by the cops.. he is shocked, cops tell him that gauri has complained against him for eve-teasing and stalking.. he says he didn’t do anything.. its true that he has been around wherever she is, but its just coz the lady at the hospital is his mother, n here is a waiter at this party.. the catering owner also

vouches for him and says that soham is a very good employee.. the cops then apologize and leave.. gauri is embarrassed… dr.aggarwal tells her its fine, it was a misunderstanding.. but she feels bad n tells the doc that she will go home.. he offers her to send her in a cab.. she says she’l leave alone.

As gauri walks home on the street, soham encounters her.. she is scared and tells him to get out of her way.. he tells her, she has insulted him at the party, he will take revenge.. and he isn;t the man he appears to be.. and he has spent more time in jail than she has at home.. he then lets her go n warns her not to mess with him.

arjun is still wondering why onir lied to purvi.. he then recalls DK mentioning a detective.. he thinks he should find out, he checks himself.. but then he decides he has to interfere for purvi’s sake n her better life, and tells his pa to send the detective to his office.

gauri reaches home and is very agitated.. she tells her mom abt the gunda..on the other side soham also complains abt her to varsha.. he tells her that fortunately his employer supported him.. varsha says all will be fine.. gauri goes on listing all sohams mistakes.. she tells her mother he is a ‘mawali’.. soham tells varsha, gauri thinks he is a mawali, people are not letting him change even though he tries so hard.. varsha tells him eventually evrthing will be fine.. and soham also says yes soon he will also have the status in society of a gentleman.

onir n purvi are feeding pari.. kinshuk calls onir.. purvi answers the phone.. kinshuk says she wishes to talk to onir.. then kinshuk tells onir, she wants to meet him immediately.. onir makes some silly excuse n complains abt his weird job and leaves.. when onir leaves.. purvi recalls his phone convo, and wonders what is wrong with onir, she doubts him but then also thinks onir cannot do anything wrong.. he has always supported her n accepted pari.

the detective..amit srivatsav.. comes into arjun’s office.. he congratulates him on his good job on the office scam.. then tells him he wants him to keep an eye on someone.. he gives him an envelope with onir’s pic n details.. he tells the guy to check on him and give him all the details.. after the guy leaves.. arjun apologizes to purvi for hiring a spy to check on onir.. and says to himself that aftwr listening to onir’s convo with the lady at the airport, he is sure that onir is hiding something..

onir then reaches, the spot where he was to meet kinshuk.. onir asks her why he was called at this time? she then opens a car door.. a lady steps out..(dressed in bengali attire) onir is visibly shocked to see her there.. kinshuk says why he appears so shocked.. the new lady asks onir, how he is doing.. onir doesn’t reply.. kinshuk says why is he pretending as if she(the new lady) is a stranger.. onir says purvi doesn’t know abt all this.. to which kinshuk says, now that she has come, purvi will know soon.

PRECAP: Onir and the new lady(name shalini i guess) are at a restaurant.. onir tells her that he has lied at home n come to meet her, she says why did he have to lie.. the detective is sitting at another table watching all this n clicks their picture.

Update Credit to: ArVi-licious

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