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Pavitra Rishta 15th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Naren telling Pari that he is getting late for office. He asks about his file. Pari asks him to have breakfast. She makes him eat the breakfast. Naren hurries to go. Pari gives him juice. Naren says, they will meet for lunch and goes. Rushaali tells Pari that she is impressed with her, the way she takes care of him. She asks him not to spoil Naren. Pari smiles. She says, Naren wants to have lunch with her. Rushaali asks her to go as it is a great idea. She asks them to enjoy. Pari says, Naren has so much work to do. She is happy. Rushaali says, I hope you both have a good understanding.

Pari orders Pizza while she awaits for Naren in the restaurant. She calls Naren. Naren says he will be coming there in sometime. Pari asks, are you taking revenge from me. Naren says

no. Naren recalls visiting the shop before and goes there. He recalls buying the chocolates. He buys it. HE gets flashbacks of Ankita and him in the car. Pari thinks Naren might have come by now. Pari sits in her car and comes to the shop. Naren asks about the money. The shopkeeper says, 250 Rs.

Naren says, I doesn’t have money, take my watch. Pari comes and asks him to give money. Naren wonders how he came here. Other shopkeeper comes and says he was the same person who came to your shop before. His wife scolded you when you called him mad. Naren says, he is getting tensed. Pari hears them talking and says we will go to the doctor.

Doctor tells that Naren is alright. Pari says, he was not well at all a hour before. Doctor asks him, what happened exactly. Naren says, he is recalling something, but it is blurred. Doctor asks, are you getting sleep? Naren says yes. Pari says, he seems to be disturbed all night. Doctor asks Naren to wait inside. He tells Pari that his madness is his past and we can’t erase his past 100 percent. His memories are haunting him. Pari thinks, it means his past related to Ankita.

Pari comes back home and thinks about Doctor’s words that some of his past memories are still afresh in his memories. She recalls about Kinnari’s words that Ankita and Naren was so close to each other that even air couldn’t pass between them. She gets restless. Rushaali asks, what happened? Pari says, nothing. I was searching something. Rushaali sees the laptop and asks what are you searching. Pari tells her everything. Rushaali asks, Naren went to that place. Some memories of Ankita are related to that place.

Pari says, he is recalling his past. Rushaali says, Ankita is his past. Pari says, doctor said that we can’t erase his memory. Rushaali assures her that they will erase his past with love and he will remember only Pari. Pari asks, did Naren loved Ankita? She asks her to tell the truth. Rushaali says, your question is wrong. Naren loves only Ahana and not Ankita. Naren is only yours. He proved love for you. Give him so much love that he forgets Ankita. It is time for you to prove your love. I will support you in this. Pari nods.

Rushaali tells her servant that she wants everything to be perfect. Food should be ready 30 mins before the party. She asks him to inform her if there was some problem. Pari comes and says she ordered the gifts. Rushaali says, she fixed her appointment with Spa. Pari says, she doesn’t need it. Rushaali asks her to go and gives her dress. She asks her to make her husband feel about her beauty. Shirish and Naren come and hear her conversation with Pari. Naren says, Pari is best for me. Pari smiles. Rushaali says, I threw a party for you both.

Pari comes to the jewellery shop. She gets Naren’s call, who says he is waiting for her. She asks him to watch the soccer match until she comes. Pari selects some neckpiece and says I will take it. Saleswoman says, you can’t buy it now as it is sold. She asks, who brought it. Saleswoman checks and says it is purchased by Naren Karmarkar. Pari blushes thinking that Naren ordered it for her. Salesman says, he ordered it for his wife few months back, but didn’t come to take it. Pari’s smile vanishes.

She comes home and gets ready. She gets tensed. Naren comes and shows her the same necklace. He says, I brought it for you. She gets happy. Naren tells her I love you. He makes her wear it. Pari thinks, Naren has forgotten her past and only loves her.

Naren and Pari get down the stairs for the party. Rushaali compliments Pari’s hairstyle. Pari says, Naren is my new hairstylist. Shirish asks him to open the champagne bottle. Naren opens the bottle and they have a laugh. Shirish gives him tickets to switzerlant for their honeymoon. Naren says, he can’t go out. Goa will be okay. Pari says we will go some other time. Naren asks Shirish and Rushaali to go instead. They agree. Rushaali says, there is no more surprise for you. She asks them to go inside and look for the surprise. They go to their room and finds it decorated.

Naren says, let it make more special. He bends on his knees and asks for her hand. They dance romantically on the song Jisse Zindagi Dhundrahi hain……………….Naren looks at the curtains and sees a woman’s reflection (probably Ankita). He stops dancing and goes towards the curtains. He gets tensed. Pari comes to him and asks what happened. She asks him to come inside and takes him inside the room. She says, lets dance. Naren says, lets drink. I don’t want to dance. Pari thinks, she won’t let Ankita’a past haunt their present. She says, Ankita is left. She will erase her memories from his mind and heart.

Manav tells Rushaali that they have already lost Ankita and Soham. He asks her to stay away from his family. He says, Pari shouldn’t be affected in any way else he won’t take time to bring her true face infront of the world. Rushaali gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. watchin pari and naren for a whole episode is upsettin gosh….but ankita getting a new male lead yayyyy

  2. Ab maza aayega “ankita Ki yaadein naren Ko sataaye gi”…yes..

  3. Please take d story to ankita……it’s really needed for d serial.but thankgod naren is getting back his memories. ……but wat d use of it:-( Everything has happened. ……..

  4. Wish Naren’s haunting memory for ankita bring them back togethr.

  5. I read the precap , I am so glad that mother in law got told off,to stay away Manav did the right thing , the madman is getting flash back that is just the smoke the fire behind this is a (Trini talk ) parie is listen to rushaali I hate them both. Like marmar say time will tell.

  6. I pray Anikita give birth to a child who will b a grate person…..then! Let me see that ussless ungrateful Narin comes to beg and claim child.

  7. Pari deserve that

  8. what is the use of the flash back?he didnt get it before the wedding of what use is it now rubbish

  9. save ankita life with naren and don’t need pari in naren life

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