Pavitra Rishta 15th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 15th July 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 15th July 2013 Written Update

Gauri comes to Archu’s house and gives her medicine. She then tells her how Soham came to her house being a delivery boy. Archu gets happy. She asks, why would you get happy finding out son of such a big businessman does such delivery boy work? Archu tells her everything how Soham went away from her and then returned becoming Vishnu. Archu says, he was always a good human being, just lost his way and now, I and Manav both are trying to change him and it feels good knowing he’s working hard. Archu expresses her happiness when Soham gave her his first salary. Gauri says, I totally understand as my mother also got happy when I gave my first salary to her.

Shalini tells Onir everything. Onir feels guilty, but Shalini says, this is Mumbai.. I will find other job easily. Shalini expresses

her happiness as she saw Arjun and Purvi working together. Onir tells Shalini how Purvi used to work with Arjun before and they didn’t along. He hopes this will bring Arjun and Purvi together.

Manav returns home and tells Archu they will go to watch movie. Archu calls Teju, Sachu, but Manav says, only him and her will go. Archu feels shy, but in end Manav makes her agree. Archu goes to get ready and Savita comes out searching for Sundari. Manav calms her down and asks what happened. Savita shows him a big list of groceries and says, Sundari was supposed to get all these, but she doesn’t work. Savita is very angry and says, they should fire Sundari. When Manav is about to call Sundari to say not to come from tomorrow, Savita stops him. She says, I just said it because I was angry. Manav then tells her he will buy the groceries. Savita says, you’re such a big businessman.. you will go to buy all these? Manav says, I am businessman for others, and what’s wrong in doing housework. Savita is proud of him. Manav leaves.

Gauri comes to Soham’s store and tells the store owner, she didn’t get sugar. Store owner gets angry at Soham as it was him who did delivery. Soham doesn’t say anything and just gives sugar to her. Manav comes to the store to buy groceries. Store owner asks Soham to bring water for him. Manav and Soham behave as they don’t know each other. Gauri keeps looking at them. Gauri has to go to hospital. Manav says, he will drop her and they leave. Balan with his men are near Soham’s store. Balan sends one of his guys to Soham. Store owner praises Manav. He tells Soham, he used to be mechanic one day, but now he’s such a successful businessman. If you work hard, then you get success like that. Store owner goes inside. Balan’s man purposely clashes with Soham and puts money in his pocket. Soham doesn’t realize it. He gets angry at him, but lets him go.

In car, Gauri asks Manav, why he didn’t say the store owner that soham is his son. Manav says, he doesn’t want his ‘big’ name come in Soham’s way and hurt his success.

Manav and Archu come out from the movie and then they see pav bhaji stall on the street. While they are eating, they remember their old memories.

Balan is very happy and celebrating his small victory. He is sure when Soham goes home and family sees money, they will doubt on him. Archu may not say anything, but Manav for sure will say something as once a robber always stays robber.

Archu is waiting for Soham. Purvi says, he must be busy in his work. Right then Soham returns home and he’s wet. He takes out money from his pocket, and more money fall down. Everyone sees it. Soham says, mine is just 300 rupees.. I don’t know how other came in my pocket.. it’s not my money. Maybe when I was doing calculation, I by mistake put them in my pocket. Archu wants him to go back and give them to store owner, but realizes that store owner may have already left. She tells Soham to return money to store owner as soon as he goes there tomorrow. Manav is watching but doesn’t say anything.

Archu comes to Dk’s house to invite him and Arjun for some puja. Dk says, he can’t come but he definitely will send Arjun. Arjun comes and Dk tells him that the puja is for Pari. Arjun says he will definitely go. Dk goes for walk.

Archu tells Arjun that she noticed Purvi is happy since she started working and requests him to let Purvi work even after Dk gets fine and starts working again. Arjun says, I also wanted to tell you about that.. .. I will talk to her and I am sure she will agree.

Episode ends on Archu’s smiling face.

Precap: Seems like Soham was going for a delivery and clashed with someone. All groceries on the road. Purvi and Arjun are there. Arjun helps Soham.

Update Credit to: desitvbox

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