Pavitra Rishta 15th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 15th January 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 15th January 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with purvi and onir entering K house..
vinod and manju welcome them… vinod really happy to see them there..
onir asks for blessings from vinod and he says no need to be so formal..
manju says… we were thinking of you only remembering u a lot (to purvi) punni also misses u
purvi asks manju… so where is punni tai?
manju replies.. she is in office..
vinod says.. please sit down,
manju thinks to herself.. looks like these ppl have come to stay… but not much luggage, thank fullly they’l be here only for a few days
vinod breaks her thoughts and says… why r u standing here.. get some refreshments for them..
he tells purvi, go in and relax purvi, i have put ur bags in punni’s room..
purvi asks, punni tai will be ok with rite? vinod replies ofcourse, go n relax.

Soham sitting at a corner lost in thought.. a couple of inmates are playing some game.. and ask him to join them..
soham refuses… they make fun of him and ask, what will you do with all that free time…u look like all the world’s tension is on ur head.. soham replies.. laugh but i will leave this place soon.. (they r shocked) so soham says ha! u r shocked? jealous? haven’t u heard i will be released early for my good behaviour.. i have hurt my family a lot, its my time to rectify them now.. then i will leave this jail and laugh at u ppl n u can rot here

next day.. arjun comes to onir’s clinic with ovi’s reports..
arjun apologizes for coming without an appointment.. onir says its not a problem at all.. don’t be formal and asks if arjun would like to have some tea?
arjun says declines and says he is very sorry for what happened yesterday at home..
onir says, dont worry abt that, and takes a look at d reports… he says there is a lot of improvement… and asks if ovi is followin the diet and excercises prescribed to her..
arjun says she is.. and since u have all is good… thank you so much.. i knew for sure you will make her better..
onir says.. thats nothing, now she has to strictly follw the diet plan take d meds n do all the execises.. And that its arjuns responsibility now, as he is not home to monitor ovi..
then onir says.. Arjun can I ask u something?, arjun replies, yes ofcourse, plz onir says, what is d problem between ovi n purvi.. Why is there so much anger n yesterday ovi was so harsh.. What is d reason behind this..
arjun is a at a loss of words.. Then says plz ask purvi whatever are d differences between them purvi only can explain better

Onir says I can ask purvi but I dont want to bring up this matter n embarrass her, sp plz tell me arjun what is d matter.. Arjun again says please ask purvi, as i am not in the right place to tell u anything.. so onir makes light of the situation and says, yes ofcourse lets not interfere, its nothin less then a worl war between these sisters..
arjuns leaves

Arjun is driving and thinking what what Onir asked to him. He now comes to Manav’s house to see Ovi. he asks her if she did the exercise that Dr. Onir asked to do. Ovi said that she did and she found them useful too. Ovi then asks Arjun to sit beside her as she wants to talk to him. She says, I know you’re very upset with me, but for once please think this from my side. And she went to her house only. Arjun says, I don’t mind you sending her to her house, but the way you used was wrong. You again used her goodness.. and also you talked so rudely. Arjun then tells her not to do anything and not to take any stress. Archu comes there and asks Arjun if he met Onir. Arjun tells her, reports are fine. Arjun excuses himself and goes somewhere. Archu tells Ovi that she will bring milk for her. Ovi stops her and says, won’t you put your hand on my head like everyday? You’re also upset with me right? But you only told me that Purvi will stay for 2-3 days. Archu says, wait a minutes.. I just want good health of you and your child. Ovi says, I will take care of this child.. don’t worry. This child will bring lots of happiness in our lives. Archu says, I will get milk for you and leaves.

Teju comes to Savita’s room. Savita tells her, if you want to talk about that guy, then I am not going to listen to you. Teju says, after what happened that day.. you never talked to me. Please at least listen to me. Savita says, go ahead. Teju says, you have problem with Sunny’s mother, what’s Sunny’s fault in that? Savita says, you know Sunny only from last few months and suddenly you started loving him? There’s nothing like love.. it’s just attraction. She suggests Teju to stop meeting Sunny. Savita also says, we are talking about marriage.. not friendship and he’s from Gujarati family.. we are marathi. Teju says, you didn’t have any problem before and you knew he’s Gujarati. You used to like him. Savita says, I know.. but now I hate him.

In restaurant, Manav and Archu are talking with Sunny. Manav says that they will talk once again with Savita. He also tells Sunny that their decision will never change and they assure Sunny that Teju will marry to him because they want to see Teju happy and Sunny will keep her happy.

On the other side, Savita tells Teju, I know you very well.. its just craze which will be gone in few days. Teju asks Savita, what has happened to you? You gave us all kind of freedom in Canada, then why not here? You think whatever decisions that I am taking are wrong? Savita says, that was Canada.. this is India. There you all were friends and Arjun was always with you guys.. but here we are talking about marriage and I won’t let you marry to him.

Manav tells Sunny, if I talk with aai (Savita) then she will definitely listen. Sunny says, she won’t because of the issues she has with my mother. Archu now assures him that Teju will marry him only.

Teju clears to Savita that she loves Sunny and will only marry to Sunny. Savita says, so you’re challenging me? Teju says, I am not challenging you.. I am just telling you. And I am ready to live without marrying, if it comes to that. I will also see how you will do my marriage forcefully. Teju leaves.

Jignesh, Teju, and Sunny are on the terrace. Jignesh asks them why they have to sacrifice their love for others anger? Teju and Sunny say, what can we do? And one thing is for sure that we won’t run away to get married. Jignesh suggests them to run away and get married today only.. stop worrying about families. Teju asks, what about after that? Jignesh says, after that return to home.. in end they will have to accept you. Sunny says, you’re right. Sunny then asks Teju if they should marry like this. Teju asks now? Sunny says.. not now, but after some days. He asks her again? Teju gets lost in deep thoughts and We await for her answer.

Onir and Purvi are going back to house from mandir. Onir goes to get an auto. Puvi sees Mr. Malik (Punni’s boss) there. Punni then comes and sits in his car and they leave. Purvi realizes that it’s the same man with whom Punni used to have an affair. She decides that she has to stop Punni.

Episode ends.

Precap: Manju tells Vinod about 7 lakh necklace. Vinod gets shocked. Manju says, I thought same too.. since when Manav’s company started giving that expensive gift as an appreciation. Vinod says, no company gives such expensive gifts to anyone. We will have to look into this matter. Purvi is outside their room and listens all this.

Update Credit to: ArVi-licious

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