Pavitra Rishta 15th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 15th February 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 15th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1:

Episode begins with in the outside onir, purvi & ovi is standing. ovi is on phone she says to archu that she does just eat foods & then they will leave for pune. then onir leaves with one man, some kids are playing with their mothers & purvi-ovi both are imagine as mother. suddenly one kid is crying. ovi & purvi is looking at that kid they runs towards that kid & they says you don’t cry. onir & arjun returns & wonders where ovi & purvi goes?? then onir & arjun looking at ovi-purvi with that kid & looks happy. arjun calls ovi & purvi. they are leaving but ovi says i forget my peruse inside so i will take it but onir says i will take it & purvi also goes along with onir. arjun asks ovi that i never see you

in this new avatar.. you totally different. ovi says yes.. this baby changed me. she says i feels something good but i m sure purvi also know about this feeling. then purvi-onir & ovi-arjun leaves.

In car ovi & purvi seated on back side. ovi says it’s late now. purvi tells we should go from short cut. suddenly ovi kids moves she feels pain. purvi asks what happen? ovi says you bhanga aur bhanji hits me. purvi sang song for ovi. then ovi feels good. ovi asks purvi how you learn this song? she tells from aai. ovi tells plz teach this song to me. then suddenly one truck coming towards arjun’s car & some lights comes on arjun’s face onir informs arjun but arjun lose the car balance & his car bumps with that truck.

Part 2:

arjun’s car is totally damaged. onir wake ups. he sees all are unconscious. he calls arjun.. arjun.. then arjun gets conscious.. onir sees purvi & says misty.. open your eyes… misty.. misty then arjun also tries to ovi conscious. but ovi is falls outside of the car. onir sees ovi & says her kids is unsafe now. onir goes to calls some one or calling some one for help.

In deshmukh house vandita comes & manav welcomes her. vandita says i come here to meet ovi & purvi. manav informs vandu that they had gone for ganpati baapa darshan. vandita says i come with gits but i wil give later when they come back. savita tells yes… i m waiting for ovi & purvi’s child. ovi also decorated her room for kids. she takes vandu with her & says i m so happy. i will become a great grand mother. she tells that i hope ovi & purvi delivery happens normally. she prays to god for ovi & purvi’s good health.

At accident side onir & arjun tries to stop car which are passing aside from them. one car stops & arjun requests one man & tells our accident happen plz give us lift near hospital. but that man says no… i won’t be able to take responsibilities of so many ppls & that man leaves. arjun feels very sad.

At khandesi house teju is doing work in kitchen. jignesh comes & ask what she is doing.. she tells i want to prepare so many thepals for 2mrrow so i m preparing 2day. jignesh says you are so smart. snehalala is very happy with ur work. teju says when she get married with sunny then her mother in law thoughts that she takes away her son from her. she says i saw so many movies but jignesh gives hopes to teju & says nothing is happen like this.

At hospitals onir & arjun comes with purvi & ovi respectively. nurse tells onir that doc has gone for strikes. onir tells he is one gynecologist so he tells nurse to arrange facilities. arjun tries to ovi gets conscious.

Part 3:

In hospital onir comes in ovi’s ward & he sees ovi’s condition & tells ovi that nothing is happen to you. Arjun is worried for ovi. onir sees arjun & tells you are also injured so plz first do dressing your self first. then nurse informs that purvi is getting conscious. onir comes in purvi’s ward… onir asks how she is now.. means feeling.. purvi says what happen with ovi… purvi is feeling pain then onir tells nurse to shift purvi in delivery room. onir request nurse to arrange som staff. she tells sure.. onir takes ovi in OT… ovi is looking at arjun & crying.. arjun asks nurse about purvi’s condition. nurse tells arjun that still purvi condition is critical. she tells purvi is feeling pain. arjun looks confused. onir comes & arjun asks now what happen?? onir tells arjun that they should have cooperate ovi & purvi at same time.. arjun asks how.. onir tells ovi child is in critical conditon.. he child is rounded. arjun looks worried & tensed.

Episode ends.

Precap: onir is looking at one baby.. arjun asks now how is purvi…? onir says purvi is fine & he is looking at baby.. he infroms arjun that he could not able to saved ovi’s kid. arjun looks shock

Update Credit to: NArESh

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