Pavitra Rishta 14th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 14th October 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 14th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the Surya namaskara and followed by the Gayatri mantra. Archana (with some white hairs) says 20 years have passed but my habits are same. I wake up at 5 am. Time, me and morning are the same but here we don’t hear the milk man cycle voice and women’s voice. She says this is not Mumbai but Canada. She says here newspaper comes in the morning. She asks Gaurav, from where he is coming? He replies that he is coming from a morning walk. She says that she knows he is coming from party. Manav comes (ofcourse with some white hairs) and says, did you heard the voice. Archana says thief? Archana and manav goes to kitchen and tells Pushti, that she is eating desert early morning. Manav asks her to go on a walk as she is very fat. Archana says he will not listen. Manav

says he is very fit. Manav reads the newspaper. Archana asks him to come home soon after a walk.

Manav reads the newspapers and says that some girl married a mechanic, thinking he is mechanic engineer and their marriage worked. Today they are celebrating their 40th marriage anniversary. He shows her the newspaper. Archana asks, did you remember this? Manav says how can he forget? Pavitra rishta music plays in the BG while they hug each other. Archana says their love have increased over the years. Archana says kids have organised the party for them. Pushti comes and Manav tells her that she shouldn’t have chocolates, she will run in a marathon with me. Pushti asks Archana to tell her story. Archana says she will tell after she returns.

Archana says she always thinks about Mumbai. She says why this has happened, everything is changed but it seems someone is there in Mumbai.

In Mumbai, some girl (Archana junior) wakes up and asks her sister Mansi to wake up, then she asks her brother Prashant to wake up as well. She says,her result will come today and she will get a job. Milk man comes and says, he wants his money. She says she will give him money. Milk man asks her to give him money in two days. Prashant takes the milk packet from his cover. She asks him to go. She tells him that we will return his money after getting the money. She asks prashant, how he will manage food for today.

Sachin’s wife Neena is taking on phone about Deshmukh party. She tells Sachin that today is aai and baba’s anniversary. She asks him to be with them as she is worried that Purvi and Teju will get their property. Sachin says you wants aai and baba’s property. Sachin says he is changed over the years after the marriage. He says you want me to take the property. Neena says she was there with him in his tough time when he was heartbroken with Gauri’s death. Sachin says ok, he will talk to aai and baba.

Neena asks Teju to come home soon. Teju says she is going to office. Neena says she may get a good guy at the party. Teju thanks and taunts her.

Archana calls Purvi and asks her to come soon. Purvi says she will reach with Pari. Savita asks Teju not to worry. Teju says she has so much work to do. Teju remembers ovi. Sulochana helps her in selecting the color. She leaves for office.

At the party, Purvi comes and congrats them. Purvi says Pari doesn’t want to meet anyone after that incident. Teju asks her to come on the stage as Sachin dada is giving speech. Sachin begins narrating their life story. he says their’s is a pavitra rishta. Purvi says Aai and Baba loves each other. They live together but sometimes gets seperated. She recalls how she saw Arjun with Ovi. She tells Arjun that he did cheat on her. she doesn’t give him chance to speak. She says that her aai and baba’s relation is pavitra rishta. Everyone applauded for their speech.

Archana tells Pushti about her meeting with manav for the first time. She says Mumbai’s rain is very beautiful as it started her love story. Ankita (Archana junior) is in the train. Then she go to her college to see her exam results. She says aloud that she has passed in the exam. Archana says new story begins with the rain, Ankita is shown enjoying the rain.

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Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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