Pavitra Rishta 14th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 14th May 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 14th May 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with distressed Arjun calling purvi. Purvi tries to avoid the call, but then picks it up.Arjun says that he wants to meet pari as it is very urgent.Purvi says that it is not right as onir is not at home and is out of town, he has gone to kolkatta with his boss. Arjun is surprised to know this and recalls the airport scene where he heard onir.Arjun then requests to meet pari and says if he can’t come and she should visit him with pari.Arjun sounds very emotional and tells how he visited canada to meet ovi and she refused to come.Arjun pleads to come as he has none left in his life other than pari.purvi agrees to come.

Arjun is waiting for purvi in car.Arjun tells her about his visit to ovi and how ovi mistakenly misunderstood when she saw purvi in his room. Purvi is worried

and tells again she is responsible for heartbroken ovi’s condition.She says she should not have come here and pleads to go.But arjun says that he’ll drop him.On the red light arjun and purvi saw onir crossing the road.Purvi gets tensed and calls onir to know his whereabouts.

Then the house of Dr.gauri is shown where she is getting ready for a party in honour of Dr.Agarwal, his mentor.Gauri’s father gifts her a new dress and family shares some light moments.At the same time soham is also going to the party to serve as a servant.Varsha tells him that she is happy that he is a changed man now , and should behave properly with the guests.

Onir comes back home.onir enquires that why was she not opening the door and was not answering his calls.immensely angry purvi tells that she does not want to talk to him and enquires as to why did he lied to her.Onir somehow controls the suitation and laughs and says she has again caught him.He told her that he lied because he was buying sandesh from her fav shop, and feels that purvi is doubting him and thinks that he is having an affair.Purvi says that she has never seen a man more truthful than onir and hence can never expect anything wrong of him.When she sees the box, she finds it of some other shop and even overhears onir talking with someone as he saved him by giving sandesh.Purvi gets worried and angry as to why onir is lying to her.

Meanwhile the party is shown praising works of Dr.Agarwal in U.S for coma patients.Gauri and soham both are present there.Soham sees gauri and tells his fellows to maintain distance.Gauri sees soham and tells Dr. Agarwal that he is a goon and following her.Purvi tells Onir that she has come to know that onir lied to him regarding the sandesh.Onir tries to again control his tension and says that he could not get to her favourite shop so asked his friend to get him.Purvi says that for her feelings are more important and he should not lie on petty things.Onir get tensed on seeing his cellphone.

gauri calls up the police with the help of Dr.Agarwal to arrest soham thinking that he entered the party to follow her.

Update Credit to: nisha01

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