Pavitra Rishta 14th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 14th March 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 14th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Sunanda talking on phone. Rushaali comes and says you called us. Sunanda says, we all know that the happiness and peace have gone from this house. I have taken the decision to do the grah shanti puja. She asks her to make sure that they look like a one united family infront of the guest. Rushaali assures her. Sunanda says, Naren and Ankita will sit for Puja. Rushaali objects. Sunanda says, she is the elder bahu of the house. She tells Kinnari that although Raunaq is in jail but the fact remains is that she is the younger daughter in law of the house. She asks her to make the arrangements for the puja. Kinnari nods in a yes. Sunanda says, I noticed that you are sleeping till late in the morning. I have been patient enough. Get back to normalcy soon. You supported

Raunaq then also we have accepted you. Live like a younger daughter in law of the house.

Shekhar comes and asks for Naren. Rushaali says, he is not at home. Naren and Ankita comes home. Naren greets him. Shekhar says sorry for proving him mad in the court. Naren says, forget it. You will be my friend always. Shekhar says sorry to Ankita and says I wouldn’t have taken the case if I knew the truth. Ankita says its ok. Rushaali gets angry. Sunanda says, I will go now.

Rushaali tells Ankita to get ready for grah shanti havan. Ankita says ok. Naren hires Shekhar as the legal advisor of his company. Shekhar says, give me some time. Naren gives 5 mins. Shekhar agrees. Naren tells him that Ankita is sad because of Mansi. Shekhar gives him tip to woo the girl.

Naren cooks in the kitchen to woo Ankita. Kinnari thinks, this mad guy will prepare dinner today. Naren says, I am making Pizza for Ahana. Kinnari says, servant can make it. Naren says, it is a surprise for her. He gets a phone call and he says everything is ready. He asks Kinnari to take Ahana to the restaurant which he recreated like a London restaurant. He asks her to make Ankita wear the white saree. Kinnari is annoyed. Kinnari brings Ankita to the restaurant and asks her to go inside. Kinnari thinks to spoil Naren’s surprise.

Ankita enters and falls in Naren’s arms. He asks, did you like this surprise. Ankita says, yes. Naren says, I recreated the London restaurant. Our table no 54. He makes her sit on the table. Ankita gets emotional and smiles. Naren asks her to close her eyes for the second surprise. He shows her Pizza which he made for her. Ankita says, it looks yummy. Naren asks her to eat it. Kinnari orders drinks for them. Naren asks her to close her eyes for the third surprise. Sunny Leone start performing on the song Sona Sone Patole Lakkha….Baby doll……..Naren and Ankita enjoy her performance. Naren shakes a leg with her. Naren thanks Sunny Leone. She promotes her film Ragini MMS2. Ankita gets jealous to see Naren talking to Sunny. Sunny asks them to enjoy the dinner.

Naren asks, what happened. Ankita says nothing. She asks him not to dance with any girl. Naren promises her. They get drunk and says sorry to each other. Naren asks her to promise that she won’t cry. Naren sleeps. Ankita says, I want to confess something. She says, I know that you loves you very much that’s why married me. I married you for money because of my siblings.
Ankita says, but now I love you. I love you so much. I promised never to leave you alone. She cries and kiss him on his cheek while he is sleeping.

Rushaali tells Ankita that I can’t take a big risk which can be dangerous for Naren’s life. Ankita says, we have to take the chance. Doctor asks Naren to tell him about Ahana while hypnotizing him. Naren says, I met her in London in the Pizza Parlour. It was love at first sight. Naren tells about the fire in the car. He shouts Ahana and fells unconscious. Ankita shouts Naren sir.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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