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Pavitra Rishta 14th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ankita travelling in the train and is still sad. Rushaali tells Pari to forget about Ankita and take care of herself. Pari says, she is still here. I can’t bear anymore. Rushaali asks her to sit and makes her understand that her thinking will ruin her happiness. She asks her to forget Ankita else her life will be spoiled. She says, Ankita saved her lover and went away. She asks her to forget about Ankita and enjoy her new life with Naren.

She says, what will Naren think that you are not happy? It is all settled now. Just think about Naren and give him as much love as possible. Don’t let anyone come between you both. Naren is coming. Make him happy and be happy. Pari thinks mom is right.

Naren comes to the room and says sorry for spoiling the wedding

night. He says, my past is connected with Ankita naa. Pari says, your past, present and future are connected to me. Naren says, I wants to make our night special. She opens the window and asks Naren to look at the moon. She says, night is not over yet. Today we are together. I wants to live entire night with you. I don’t need anything. They look at the moon. Naren gets romantic with Pari.

Pranav and Sonu fight over watching the TV. Mansi asks, why you are figting and asks Pranav to give remote to Sonu. They see Kumkum bhagya show on TV and gets emotional recalling Ankita. Mansi asks, what happened to you both. She asks them not to cry. Sonu asks, when will Tai come back. Mansi says, very soon. Pranav asks, if she is angry on us? Mansi says no. Shashank comes and looks at the sad state of kids. They tries to cheer them up and gives them sweets. Sonu and Pranav eat the sweets. Mansi asks him to freshen up as she will serve the food. Shashank says ok. Kids think to keep sweets for Ankita as well.

Soham cries as Ankita left them. He thinks he couldn’t give happiness to her and feels guilty. He recalls her words and gets emotional. He shouts for Ankita and cries miserably. He then wipes his tears and says I know what I shall do.

Mansi asks Shashank about Soham. Shashank says, he is angry now. He will return once his anger goes. Kids ask Shashank about Ankita and says they don’t want to eat food. Sonu says, my friends said that tai eloped from here. Soham comes and says yes she eloped. She went from here. I can live without her. He asks them not to take Ankita’s name. Mansi asks, what are you saying. Soham says, she is dead for us now. Mansi goes to Soham and says kids are already tensed. She says, how can you tell that she is dead. She has sacrificed for other’s happiness, which we can’t do. Soham says, if she thinks about everyone’s happiness then why she didn’t think about me. He asks her to kill him as he is very much pained. Mansi cries. Soham says, my past is repeating with my daughter. I wanted to get justice for her, but failed. Mansi says, you tried. Soham says, she eloped without doing anything. She is my daughter. Mansi tries to console him.

Soham sees Ankita’s letter published. People sitting there start gossipying about Ankita and badmouths about her. Soham gets annoyed.

Rushaali comes to Naren and Pari’s room and gives them tea. Pari says, I would have come and take the tea. Rushaali says, I wanted to make my day seeing your smiles. She thanks Pari for agreeing to her and asks her to wake up Naren. Pari wakes up Naren by putting his finger in hot tea. Naren shouts and wake up. Pari laughs. Naren asks her for good morning kiss and gets romantic.

Rushaali sees a pamplet in the newspaper and smiles. Soham comes there. Watchman stops him. Rushaali asks him to send him in. Soham asks her, why you are disrespecting my daughter. Once she was your daughter in law. Rushaali says, she was just my son’s caretaker. She wasn’t my daughter in law. You sent my son to jail and I maligned your daughter’s respect to settle the scores.

She says, I did that so that no one can raise their fingers on my son and asks him not to take Ankita’s side. She says, if she was right then she would have face the world. She asks him to accept her reality. Soham looks sad. She says, your daughter proved your wrong. She asks him to get lost.

Some goon in the train tries to misbehave with Ankita and says train was stopped long ago. I think you need me. Where you wants to go, tell me. Ankita gets tensed and looks around.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. So sorry for anikita child another bastard child on pavitra rishta ganesh baba must be proud

  2. Plz stop this…. dnt make ankitha with naren… he z such a loser… want another male lead for ankitha. Who loves her and her child more than like anything… and naren should die seeing that…

  3. I think ab koi naye hero Ki entry….

  4. A new onir is gonna come now

    1. Hahaha.. Very sure .. Sumone cums in to fight wid d goons.. Crazy serial nd we r stil watching it..:D

  5. Please every baby born with LOVE the baby is not a Bastard Ankita was married to the MADMAN when she got pregant and help him where he is today no money can buy LOVE as naren mother say Ankita was his care taker so then why get naren married to Ankita if she was his the care taker with no pay.If rushaali was smart as she think she is, she should SHUT HER BIG MOUTH,I really hope she fine MR RIGHT.

    1. Don’t mind me saying this.. U shud learn putting full stops in it .. It otherwise looks like an endless train .. Like pavitr rishta.. Non stop 😀

  6. Omg dis show is getting more f**ked up by da day plz just end it!!!!

  7. I call Anikita action as sacrifice with stupidity.
    This can not happen in Nigeria.

  8. Not in nigeria it hppen only on screen

  9. That rushali should be beaten to death…Ankita helped naren to become from mental to goood….And that Shameless pariii…….her mother purvi gave sacrifice her love for ovi nd she is sooo shameless

  10. Mukul Harish to enter Pavitr Rishta



  12. i wonder what stupid act is left to watch in this serial that has been running for years without end every one always in pain the writer as a person must be a sadist who enjoys to torture people make them cry and feels every one likes it,being the same one on kumkum bagya story we shld be ready for the worst at least let something be done the right way for once

  13. Hi Ria thank you for your comment, I glad to know you that can read to understand, have you ever read some of the episole , and they spelling what a laugh .

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