Pavitra Rishta 14th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 14th January 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 14th January 2013 Written Update

Manav and Archana are getting some couples married . Rishi ( Hitler didi’s hero ) is also one of the guys getting married . There is a lot of drama going into this whole marriage ( will not be going into that ) …

Purvi is watching this wedding from a distance .She remembers how Ovi and Arjun got married , how Ovi accused Purvi of having an affair with ehr husband , how Arjun declared in the party that he loved Purvi and the night when Purvi and Arjun were alone in the hut and got intimate with each other …Thinking about all this she cries .

Teju and Sunny are talking to each other about the fiasco that heppened between Savita and Snehlata .Teju accuses Sunny for messing things up by telling Savita about their love story and also she blames Snehlata for always fighting with Savita .Sunny accuses Savita for starting the fight . They both start fighting with each other to defend their families .
Suddenly Sunny realizes that they too are fighting like Snehlata and Savita and he tells Teju to cool down . They both apologise to each other and wish for things to get better for them .

Ovi and Arjunare talking to each other in Ovi’s bedroom .They both are looking at a catalogue where there are some children modelling .Both of them are looking happy and are talking about their baby and what the baby is going to be .Ovi wants her child to be a super model but Arjun wants his son to be a businessman . Ovi says that she will always be with Arjun and their baby will bring them more close to each other .
Purvi is standing outside their room and mistening to their conversation .She looks sad to hear them talk .Onir also comes but when he hears them talk about their baby , he smiles . Onir goes in the room with Purvi .He apologises to Arjun for eavesdropping and tells him that it was interesting to see both Arjun and Ovi talk to each other about their baby .
Arjun asks Onir about his and Purvi’s plans about their baby .Now Ovi is looking a bit angry .
Onir says that he has never discussed this with Purvi but they will let their baby do what their child wants to do in life .

Teju, Sachin and Purvi are sitting i nthe lounge watching TV. Ovi and Arjun are at the table talking about a book for pregnant women ( Ovi was given this book by Onir ) . Ovi sees Teju , Sachin and Purvi having fun together and she gets jealous .Manav asks Archana how Sulochna is doing and Archana tells manav that Sulochna is coming back after 2 days .
Ovi cannot take this anymore , she gets up and starts fighting with Archana that Arhana had promised to send Purvi back but now it is more than one week and Purvi is still here .
Arjun tries to interfere but Ovi is not listening to him .Archana is also getting angry by Ovi’s sudden tantrum .Ovi keeps saying that Archana had promised to send Purvi away .Onir is looking shocked to see all this .
Manav gets angry with Ovi for the way she is talking about her sister . Ovi says that she will go if Purvi is to stay in this house .Purvi immediately stops Ovi and says that she will leave and go to Sulochna’s house .
Archana wants to know why should Purvi go and who will look after her if she leaves ? Purvi says that Onir is with her.
Now Manav gets very angry and starts shouting at Ovi telling her to behave in a mature manner and not to forget all that Purvi did for her .
He says that how is it possible that Ovi wants to be with her mother but does not wants Purvi around .
Purvi stops her father and tels him that it is OK and she is leaving this house now .
Crying , Purvi goes in her room .Onir and Archana go after her .The rest of the family is looking angry and sad with all that happened here

Precap : Teju and Savita are talking to each other . Teju tells Savita that she wil lonly marry Sunny and no one else and that she is as stubborn as savita is .Teju is looking very angry .Savita also looks like she is not ready to give in to her and wants to know if Teju is throwing a challenge at her by saying this ?

Update Credit to: Tanyaz

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