Pavitra Rishta 14th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 14th February 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 14th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Mansi telling Ankita that she is going to the police station for taking back the FIR. Ankita asks, did anyone pressurise you? Mansi says no, it is my decision. Our names will be spoiled and your relation with Naren is getting bad because of the case and me. Ankita says, nothing is happening because of me, let them support Raunaq but I will support the truth. I will support you. I know that when the truth comes out then he will support me. Mansi says, jiju wants to be with me and he is suffering because of me. You always lived for us, you got such a nice husband….how could I snatch him because of the case. I can’t do that. I can’t see you both apart. You cares and gets worried for him. I want you both to be together. This is my decision. Ankita says, our

relation will never break. She asks her not to take the complaint back. She wants to win the case for stopping these types of men. She says, you have to support me. Everything will be fine, I will go then to Naren sir’s house.

RK calls someone and says we have reached near Luna wala. He asks, is the papers ready? The other person says yes. Pia calls on Purvi’s mobile number. RK switched off her mobile. Pia wonders what to do now? He sees Pia from the car’s front mirror. RK wonders why she is following them and suspects Purvi. He gets down the car and looks for Pia. Pia hides. RK calls someone and gives Pia’s car number. He asks his men to follow the car and get hold of the person. Pia thinks she is saved as RK didn’t see her. Purvi comes and sits in the car. They leaves. Pia follows in her car.

Shirish tells Sunanda that Rushaali can’t come because of London problem and that’s why feeling so helpless. Sunanda says, I will make her understand and asks Shirish to remind her not to come back until the London problem is resolved, Shirish tells about Shekhar taking up Raunaq’s case. He says, he is a good lawyer and will find proofs to prove him innocent. Naren comes home. Sunanda asks him to have food. Naren says I am not hungry and tells her that he had Lauki ki sabzi. He says, but I didn’t talk to Ahana. Kinnari asks, you went to meet her. Sunanda says, you told me that you will going to meet lawyer. Naren says, I talked to Shekhar and assures to bail Raunaq.

RK and Purvi get down from the car. RK’s men asks the guard about Pia’s car. He is informed that the car have just arrived. They go in search of Pia. Pia hides. She calls Ovi and tells her that she has reached the hotel. RK’s men fails to search her. Sunanda explains everything to Shekhar. Shekhar says, I understands everything now. Don’t worry, I am working on this case. Everything is clear, it seems we will win before fighting. Raunaq is innocent. Sunanda says absolutely, he is our son. He can’t do anything. I am hopeful that you will win. Shekhar says, everything is clear in this case. Sunanda says, Ankita doesn’t have any proof but she claims that Raunaq is guilty. She asks him to file the defamation case once Raunaq is bailed. She says, Mansi is very innocent but she came in Ankita’s talks. She has to pay the price and so is Ankita. I will make Ankita’s life hell. I have sent her father to jail already, now it is her turn. She can’t be the bahu of this house nor she can live peacefully at her home.

Naren thinks about the recent happenings and thinks I don’t want to think about Ahana. He says, I know my Ahana. Why I am missing her. He says sorry to Ahana. He thinks to meet Ahana and end the fight. He says, everyone is sleeping, I will bring Ahana back home and will keep her in my room. He decides to drive the car but then thinks of his problem with flash light and takes the taxi. He comes to Ankita’s home and thinks of Sunanda’s sayings not to meet Ahana. He says, she asked me not to meet her, but I can see her. Then thinks she will get angry.

Sunanda gets concerned for Naren as he is not at home. She calls on Ankita’s number. Ankita picks the call, Sunanda cuts the call. Sunanda says, I am ashamed to talk to her. Ankita calls her. Sunanda asks her to give the call to Naren. Ankita tells her that Naren is not at home. Sunanda is shocked. She gets worried for him. She wonders where he might have gone?

Naren comes with Ankita to Karmarkar’s house. Sunanda asks, do you want her to live here with you? Naren says yes. Sunanda says ok, but we will not live here. Kinnari is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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