Pavitra Rishta 14th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 14th February 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 14th February 2013 Written Update

Part one:

Episode begins with in deshmukh house purvi is thinking about arjun-ovi. she is lost in thoughts & then says to herself that arjun i know u does not want to come pune along with us. you want to avoid us i know you tired. she says to herself i hope i will keep my pregnancy seceret from you & ovi. ovi comes & explains to purvi that this thing is so important for her. ovi says this baby brought arjun too closer to me. she tell to purvi arjun has totally changed. arjun accepted me as his wife not his child’s mother. she says i m so happy i can’t imagine my life without this baby. she says i would like to thanx onir. she tells i learned so many things form onir. she tells to purvi that you are so smart & mature i hope i will also understandable

person. she tells purvi i never care about this baby but now god saved our baby so i want to go for my baby in pune. manav is watching this things & comes inside & says i m so happy to see my both daughters. both are moved in her life. i wish god will show bless you always.

Part 2:

At khandesi’s shop sunny’s mother doing work. she sees sunny to coming towards her shop. sunny comes near to his mother & her mother tells how are you sunny? you looks unfit. she says that anarkali not give food to you. sunny tells no. snehalat asks him why he is coming here? sunny tells her that savita gives list of snacks so i want to collect all snacks items form our shop. he goes near to jignesh. jignesh says to sunny that teju is doing her work in shop is good. she is handling shop very well. sunny looks happy & looking at teju. then he gives snacks list to jignesh. jignesh gives items to sunny & teju also give one snack packet to him. she tells this packet for savita form my side. sunny leaves.

At karanjkar house punni is seated. manju brought tea for her. punni starts showing her rich attitude to manju. then punni gives one diamond bangles as a gift to manju. manju says it’s so beautiful but i don’t accpet this gift. but punni insists her to keep that gift. sulochana comes & says manju you control on herself. but manju tells to sulochana that whenever archu gave something to her that time she did not interrupt na so plz you don’t interrupt in this matter. she tells i also refuse to accept this gift but punni insists me to keep this gift. punni says it’s my wish i want to give this gift to manju. but sulochana tells to manju it’s not good & advice her to control herself. she leaves. punni says leave it aai middle class ppl does not know this expensive gifts importance.

In deshmukh house savita sees snacks packets. she calls sundari. sunny comes & tells her that teju has sent this snacks packet for you. she has prepared this snacks for her. savita asks means you meet teju na. he goes inside the kitchen. savita opens that snacks packet & eat one beat. she gets emotional & her eyes fills with tear.manav comes & asks to her why she is crying.. savita tells manav about teju & her snacks. she tells teju learned so many things & she prepared snacks. manav says yes.. i m also happy for teju. he says to savita that sunny is perfect match for teju. savita gets angry & says no he is not good at all. sunny is looking at savita & says to himself that i will try to win aaji’s heart.

Part 3:

In deshmukh house archu is praying in front of god for good journey for ovi & purvi. manav comes & tells about teju. archu says yes.. manav she is doing so much hardwork. she says i m happy for my kid’s. everything is fine now manav. manav says but still aai not agree for sunny-teju relations. archu says manav that everything will be fine soon. she tells i m now happy very soon soham also come out for jail. manav wakes up & want to leaves but archu stops him. & asks him what happen..? why you always does same thing? whenever i calls soham’s name in fornt of you manav tells whenver i heard soham’s name the pasts come in front of me. soham is nad past in our life. manav requests archu that you don’t call soham’s name in front of me. archu looks sad.

Episode ends.

Precap: arjun is driving the car. ovi & purvi are seated on back side. all are looking happy. suddenly onir sees one truck coming toward their car. he tells arjun & arjun lose the car balance & accident happens.

Update Credit to: NArESh

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