Pavitra Rishta 13th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 13th May 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 13th May 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Sunny comes into D house, Savita asks him if he has actually come to meet Teju. Sunny informs that he has come here to meet with the family as he has already meet Teju in the hospital and informs Manav that Archana’s condition is better now. Manav thanks him for not letting Teju alone in this though phase. Sunny tells that this is also his family, so he can’t leave them.
Manav calls Ovi in Canada and asks her health. Ovi informs that Arjun has come there to meet with her, but he has left already. Ovi tells that Arjun still meets with Purvi and calls her at his home.Manav tells that he didn’t know about it, otherwise he won’t let him go to meet with Ovi.

Onir comes to his house and gets surprise when he sees Kingshuk there playing with Pari. She informs

that onir’ wife has cordially invited her, so that she has come there for food. Onir takes her out of the house and threatens her while Purvi is busy with cooking. She leaves the house, Onir says that she has got some urgent works so she needs to go.

Soham and Gauri takes the same cab for going to the destination of their work. The cab driver says that as the venue falls in the same way, they can share the cab. Gauri does not want to share it, but eventually agrees to do so when the driver informs her about the difficulty of getting any alternative can on the route. Soham makes the halt of the cab on the way when he comes to know that Gauri needs to reach urgently. But, Gauri pays the double fare and forces the driver to start the cab without Soham.

Arjun comes back from Canada while waiting in Airport for the car. He sees Onir who has come to see off a lady (read Kingshuk here). Arjun hears Onir’s conversation with the lady regarding hiding some truth from Purvi. Onir tells her not to come his house again so that Purvi starts suspecting him. Arjun once thinks to disclose this to Purvi, but stops again as he thinks that already there are few problems in his life due to Purvi, so he doesn’t want more of it.

Manav comes to meet Arjun at his office angrily. Arjun asks him why he has not informed him before when he came to know that Ovi is leaving India, so that he can go to Ovi to make a solution of this misunderstanding. He says that he wants to give a chance of this relation so that this can not be turned into another Manav – Archana relation. He is the husband of Ovi, so he has got full right of doing so. Manav says that Arjun has cheated her daughter as he has hided the truth of the past. He says that Arjun must not love Purvi also if he does so, he would not change his mind in front of any condition. Neither Archana nor Manav was to be blamed for their separation. He actually has lost his right on Ovi, so Manav didn’t inform him about Ovi’s leaving.

Precap – Purvi is angry on Onir as he told Purvi that he has gone out of the town, but Purvi has seen him in the town.

Update Credit to: crazy2012

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