Pavitra Rishta 13th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 13th March 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 13th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Shashank telling Naren on phone that he is thinking not to marry. Naren asks, what is this? Did you playing game? Shashank says, my parents have accepted Mansi for money. I don’t want them to accept her for greed. I won’t allow Mansi to accept money from you. I am ashamed to be called as their son. Naren says, you don’t care about your love Mansi. You have to justify your relation. He says, you will support Mansi even after marriage naa. Just marry her. Look at me and Ahana, Love teaches everything. He asks him to call Ankita and give the good news to Ankita. Shashank agrees.

Archana, Manav, Sachin and Pushti are tasting Pia’s prepared kheer. Neena comes and asks Pia to bring water. She says, I am having stomach ache. Archana says, why did you go

for wine tasting? Even last time you was hospitalised. Archana asks her to stay at home and rest. Neena asks her not to treat like Pushti. I am not a kid. Neena misbehaves with Archana and says you don’t leave me a chance to prove me wrong. Sachin asks her to stop it and asks her not to forget with whom she is talking to.
Sachin says, Pushti will talk to you the same way. You should be thankful to Aayi and Baba. They gave you enough freedom. Respect them. You don’t have any right to misbehave with them. Say sorry to Aayi. Neena says, I didn’t do any mistake. Sachin says, I don’t want kids to learn the same thing. Neena gets angry on Manav and Archana. Sachin apologizes to Archana and Manav on behalf of Neena.

Pia comes to Archana and Manav and gives turmeric milk to Archana. She says, my aayi says that it is good for cough and cold. Manav laughs and says Archana doesn’t like the turmeric milk. Pia gives her promise and asks her to drink. Archana readily agrees. Manav says, you did in a minute which I couldn’t do anytime. He says, it is a good day for us. Sachin also spoke on behalf of us. Archana gives credit to Pia for their family’s happiness.

Naren and Ankita come to Soham’s home. Ankita tells Mansi that Naren wants to take them for picnic. He said that today is the special day. Shashank comes with his parents. Pranav and Sonu hug him and says we are upset with you as you are not coming to our house often. Shashank promises to visit them often. Shashank’s aayi says, I came here after thinking a lot. She asks Mansi to come to her. She apologizes to Mansi.
She tells Ankita that she wants to rectify her mistake and wants Mansi to become her bahu. She says, Shashank and Mansi’s love have set an example. She asks, will you become my Bahu? Naren asks Mansi to take her Aashirwad. Naren blesses her as well. Naren says, we are going to theme park. They go outside. Naren asks Ankita to fold her hands infront of Bappa and thank him. They thank the God. Ankita thinks, I never believed in you then Naren came in my life. I started believing in you. She thanks the God for sending Naren in her life. Shashank’s mom tells her dad that you should have smile a little. His dad says, I can’t do the acting. These people might be laughing on us. Why you are doing this? What if we don’t get the money. Shashank’s aayi says, Naren is a mad guy and he will do as Ankita says. Ankita is mad for her siblings. She will do anything for her siblings. I will snatch the money. I want Mansi to become my bahu because of money. I need her crores of rupees. Mansi overhears everything and is shocked to see the greedy side of them.

Mansi calls everyone and says she is ready to marry Shashank but she has three conditions. She says, my first condition is no one will talk about the incident which happened with me. She says, my second condition is that I won’t take money from my tai and Jiju. Shashank’s aayi says, we will talk later about this. Mansi says, why you are silent? She says, I don’t have any right to keep the condition but I don’t agree for this marriage if you want money from my jiju. Shashank’s aayi says, we are accepting you because of big heart. Mansi says, you agreed because jiju said that I have the right on his money. Shashank’s aayi says, what is wrong in my thinking. Naren said that Ankita will give 90 crores to Mansi. Naren says sorry to Ankita for hiding this thing. Ankita says sorry and says I want Mansi to marry Shashank but I don’t want her to compromise for money. I don’t want her to get marry in the house where she is having no value. She breaks the alliance.

Shashank’s aayi says, who will marry her. You have to compromise. Ankita says, my sister is not helpless. She can get good alliances even now. She breaks the relation. Shashank says, I hate you to his mother. He says sorry to Ankita. Naren says, he wants Mansi and Shashank to get married.

Naren and Ankita are sitting in the club and Sunny leone is dancing on the song oh baby…..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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