Pavitra Rishta 13th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 13th February 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 13th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Ankita crying and tells Shashank that she never saw hatred and anger in Naren’s eyes before. He was blind folded and couldn’t see the truth. Everything is ruined. He is very good but his family…..What I will do now? Sunanda asks Naren to decide what he will do? Naren says, I am thinking. Sunanda says, your little brother needs you, help him. Naren says, I have to do something. He thinks to take help from someone. Shashank asks Ankita to go back home and solve the problems with Naren. Ankita says, I won’t go leaving Mansi. One day Naren will accept me once the truth is out. Naren sir didn’t talk to me like this before and cries.

Naren comes to the Lawyer’s office and asks the receptionalist for Shekhar. She calls the lawyer and tells him

about Naren Karmarkar. Naren comes inside his cabin and greets Shekhar. Shekhar says, I couldn’t forget the fun we had in London. He says, I came 3 weeks before. Naren asks him to help his brother Raunaq. Shekhar asks, are you sure he is innocent. Naren says, yes I am sure. Shekhar says, you know that I don’t take false cases. Naren says, Ahana has a misunderstanding and don’t know why she has done this. He says, I married Ahana 3 months ago. Shekhar says, but Ahana was…….Naren asks him to save Raunaq and then fight for Mansi. Shekhar agrees to fight the case. Shekhar says, I need evidence. Naren asks him to meet Raunaq. Shekhar says, he will meet him alone. Naren agrees and leaves. Shekhar thinks, why Naren is behaving strangely.

Pia comes to meet Purvi. She sees Purvi with RK. RK calls someone and asks him to get the papers ready. Pia wonders where he is taking Mausi? I couldn’t talk to Mausi now. She thinks to call Purvi, but then thinks she won’t believe me. She decides to follow them.

Naren comes to Ankita’s home. Ankita asks about his health. Naren says, Mansi….I came to meet you, to listen to you…and will not to anyone else..He asks her to sit……Pavitra Rishta music plays…………He tells her that I am with me and will always be. I will support you. Did you remember that I told you that you are my sister, I will fight for your justice. My friend Shekhar gupta will be fighting for Raunaq and then for you. I know Raunaq can’t be wrong. I will solve all the problems. I talked to Raunaq, he can’t lie to me. Kinnari said that he was with her at the hotel. I will get justice for you. Mansi gets tears and listens to him. Naren says, Ankita doesn’t accept Raunaq as her brother but you are sister for me. Mansi nods. Naren says I am hungry, I didn’t have food since yesterday. Naren tells her that he will have lauki ki sabzi/bottlegourd dish…..Mazilein Ruswa plays…………………….

Naren asks Mansi to give the dish. He eats the dish and compliments Ahana’s dish. He says, Ahana could have come and meet me. Ankita says, I came to meet you last night. Naren is about to leave. Ankita stops him.

Pia is following Purvi and RK’s car. She wonders where he is taking her. He is so unpreditable. He is upto something. She wonders why he is taking her to Pune. She gets Ovi’s call. Ovi tells her that Arjun is out of danger now but getting attacks frequently. She says, we will go home after sometime. She asks, why did you come home? Pia says, nothing. I am on the highway now. I followed RK and reached here. He is driving the car now. Something is fishy. Why he is taking her to Pune. Ovi says, are you crazy? Pia says, I am alert. I won’t come alone. I will be with Mausi. Ovi says, I will come there. Pia asks her to take care of Dad. Pia says, I will call you back after knowing it. Ovi wonders what to do now as she can’t tell anything to Arjun. She calls Purvi but her number is switched off.

Purvi tells RK that her head is paining and needs tea. RK stops the car and asks her to make it fast. Purvi asks about his urgency. RK lies about meeting. Purvi goes to the Dhaba and takes the tea. She recalls about Arjun and the moment spent with him on a journey. Arjun says, it is investment for the later life.

Some goons with pistols come to the RK-Purvi car but they are not there. Pia hides behind a car..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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