Pavitra Rishta 13th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 13th February 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 13th February 2013 Written Update

It starts with Onir coming to the hospital to check some files. When he’s in the cabin and checking files, a nurse comes there and Onir drops the files. Nurse leaves then. Onir continues his search and reads a file and gets shocked. He asks to himself how is this possible? A peon comes and says to him, finally someone came and checked this file. Onir asks him, what do you mean?

Peon continues, I am a peon but I know everything that happens in this hospital.. my position is not high enough that I can do anything, but you can do a lot. He then tells Onir everything and Onir rushes outside.

He waits for a doctor. Doctor comes out with Mr. Mittal. When doctor comes out, Onir tells him I have found out the truth.. I know you run organ racket here.
Mr. Mittal takes

doctor’s side saying he’s his old friend and he can do nothing wrong. Onir tells Mr. Mittal you don’t need to take his side.. I have proof. He says to doctor, after reading the report I have a doubt on you that you did some abnormal activities. Doctor says, I have proof as well.. Doctor then shows application with Varun’s thumb as signature. Doctor says, Varun himself wanted to donate his kidney. Onir says, this reason is not valid. Varun was a minor, and you need to take permission from his parents. You have done a crime.. and because of people like you.. doctors’ name get bad reputation.
Mr. Mittal, as being boss of this hospital, asks another doctor/nurse to bring real reports of Varun. Onir says, they should go and check themselves. Mittal asks doctor if he thinks he’s innocent to go with them and prove his innocence as well.

Onir, Mr. Mittal, and doctor go to some hospital room.
There Onir shows some wounds on a body. Mr. Mittal asks doctor what is this? What’s happening in my hospital. Doctor says that someone is trying to trap him by showing that he does kidney transplant here.

Mittal tells him don’t say a word.. you’re fired. Doctor says how can you fire me because of this Onir? We are old friends. Mr. Mittal doesn’t listen him and ask to get out.
Before leaving, doctor warns Onir that he will take revenge from him.

Teju is working with Sunny’s mausi at the shop. Sunny’s mother calls mausi and tells her let Teju handle. Let’s see if she can handle the customer. Teju gives wrong snacks at first, but soon she manages to impress the customer. Mausi gets worried thinking what if she keeps impressing all customers like this, then no customer would talk to them. Sunny’s mother says, lets go to eat now. Teju also gets ready to go. But sunny’s mother asks her, where are you going? If everyone leaves, then who will stay in the store. Jignesh stays with Teju saying someone has to keep an eye on Teju.. what if she does anything wrong. After Sunny’s mother and mausi leave, Jignesh tells Teju that she done a great job. He takes out the lunch and tells her that they will eat right here. Teju says all those girls who rejected Jignesh were crazy. Jignesh says, may be I was too perfect for them. Teju smiles.

Onir returns home. Purvi asks him what can we do now? Ovi and Arjun are also coming with us Pune now. Onir tells her, you don’t to take any tensions.. it’s last month of your pregnancy. Give me all your tension. He asks her if she took medicine. Purvi says, no. Onir goes to get medicine.

Purvi calls Arjun and says I was thinking about tomorrow. We are going to Pune right. Arjun says, yes Ovi was telling me this. Purvi asks him if he can postpone this trip. Arjun asks if everything is fine. Purvi says, actually I and Onir wanted to spend some time alone. And if we all go, then I won’t feel comfortable. Onir comes back with medicine and is listening this conversation. Arjun says, Ovi was saying she really wanted to go to get blessings for our baby, but it’s okay. I will make up some office reasons. Onir comes to Purvi. Purvi tells him that she explained to Arjun and he agreed. She says, there our baby will born, and here no one will find out about anything. She takes the medicine and Onir keeps looking at her.

Purvi then asks about that lady who was crying in the chawl. Onir says, yes.. I felt there’s something wrong going on and you know Mr. Mittal owns the hospital in which all this was going on. He fired the doctor right away. They hope a new good doctor comes to that hospital now so Mr. Mittal can get his reputation back.

Ovi is getting ready to leave for Pune. Arjun comes there. Ovi shows him bracelet that she bought for their baby. Ovi seems to be really excited. Purvi and Ovi are also there. Arjun keeps looking at them and tells Ovi, that there is a problem. I won’t be able to come with you all today because I have a very important meeting. Manav says tell me which meeting it is. Arjun says it is important for him to be in the meeting. Onir says, It’s okay Arjun.. if it’s important then you can stay here. Arjun apologizes to Ovi and says that he will definitely go with her next time. Ovi says, I don’t feel good.. making plan to go for darshan and then cancelling it. She says, manav baba will attend meeting. Everyone forces Arjun to go, and in end he agrees. Purvi doesn’t feel good.

Episode ends.

Precap: Savita is crying. Manav tells her, our Teju is away from us.. but she has all the good values that she got from us. Sunny is listening to their conversation from the kitchen and smiling. Manav then says, and Sunny is perfect for our Teju. Savita gets angry now.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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