Pavitra Rishta 12th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 12th March 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 12th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Naren coming to Shashank’s house and says I am thirsty. He drinks water. Shashank’s mom says, I know you are very clever. We will not agree for marriage. Naren says, I am very sorry. I thought you agreed for marriage that’s why called the media. Shashank told me that you refused. Your decision is right. He says, Mansi is rich girl and this chawl is small. Shashank’s aayi asks, Mansi is rich? Naren says, his 200 crores company is in Ahana’s name. He says, Ahana’s family matters to her lot. He says, she may give 30 crores to Prashant, 20 and 20 to Pranav and Sonu. She can give 30 crores to baba. He says, she can give 90 crores to Mansi. Mansi can adjust here for Shashank. He says, you did right thing. I will make her understand, don’t worry. Shashank

looks surprised. Naren says, ok I will leave. Naren tells Shashank not to tell anything to ankita and promises that he will get marry to Mansi only.

Pari feels hungry. She thinks to check in the kitchen. Pia wonders who is in the kitchen. Pia thinks, thief might have come and thinks to catch him. She goes with the bat to beat the thief. She sees Pari there. Pari says, I am thinking to eat something. Pia says, you shall eat something which will make your heart happy. Pari says, I will eat bread. She says, I will make omlette. Pia tells her about her mom. Pari asks about her dad. Pia says, my dad doesn’t live with her. She says, they got seperated. Pia says, I am happy that I love my mom and dad equally. Pari asks, did you meet him? Pia says, he is so loving and caring. Pari says, my mom and dad love each other a lot. Although they are seperated, but they are one. I hate my mom. He cheated my mom. I don’t want him to unite with my mom. I don’t believe in Love. It is just a tool to fool a girl. She spoils her mood and goes without eating the omelette. Pia thinks to clear the misunderstanding and I have to change her thinking. I will do that for my sister. I am with you.

Shashank’s mom waits for Shashank. His dad says, what you are doing? She says, I will talk to him. He is our only son. We shall marry him to Mansi. She says, we have two advantages. One we will become great infront of the society and other, we will get a rich bride. She imagines to be rich. Shashank comes home. His aayi says, she asks him to dry his hairs. She says, I will make you eat. She says, think if we have servant then you can eat hot food. Shashank asks, what is going on in your mind. She asks, get married to Mansi. She says, you both love each other a lot. Who am I to come in between you both. Shashank says, till yesterday you didn’t like her but now she seems to be good as she is rich now. You agreed for money. He gets upset.

Naren comes home and asks her to eat the pizza. She asks, where did you go? Naren says, I went to get the pizza. He says, I am planning a surprise for you. Ankita asks, what? Naren says, tomorrow you will know it. He asks her to eat the pizza and says we will teach the chef how to make your style of pizza. He tells about the past thing. Savita comes home and feels good to come back home. Pia comes and takes her hand bag. She calls her Aaji. Savita asks, who are you? She says, I am Priya. Manav sir hired me for cooking. I am a chef. Pia thinks about Ovi telling her about Savita. She asks her to do as per the house rules. She asks her to eat food with the servants and do as they say. She asks her to cook the food immediately whenever they ask. She says, only I can talk loudly here.

Savita asks, when did you come? Pia says, two days. Savita says, only my grand children can call me Aaji. Pia thinks you gave me the right just now. Pia tells her that Archana Aayi told her everything about her. Savita says, she was missing Kande Pohe. Pia says, I will make Kande Pohe. Savita laughs and asks, do you know? Pia asks her to give her a chance. Savita agrees.

Shashank thinks, his aayi agreed for marriage and she doesn’t accept her with heart. Naren calls Shashank and asks, did your parents agree? Shashank says yes. Naren asks him to call Ankita and inform her. He says, I can’t keep the secrets for long. Shashank says, I am thinking not to marry. Naren is shocked.

Mansi hears Shashank’s parents talking about the money. Shashank’s mom says, we will get the money. Naren and Ankita are in party. Sunny Leone is dancing.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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