Pavitra Rishta 12th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 12th July 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 12th July 2013 Written Update

After resting, Purvi goes to see Archu. Sundari comes home and picks up the newspaper. She looks at it and is shocked. Savita asks her to give newspaper to her. Savita sees Arjun-Purvi’s photo and is shocked. She shows it to Manav and says, give more freedom to that girl.. see what happened. Savita calls Purvi and asks what is this? Purvi says, I don’t know when all this happened.. I don’t know who took this photo. Arjun had a fight with a reporter and maybe this is because of that. I really don’t know about this. Sundari comes and tells Purvi that reporters are waiting for her outside. Manav decides to go to answer them. He tells Savita and Purvi to make sure Archu doesn’t find out about this. Savita says him not to go as they ask silly questions. Manav says, I know but if we

don’t go, then they won’t leave from here. He asks Savita to tell Teju to stay beside Archu and don’t let her find out about this. After Manav leaves, Savita is angry at Purvi.

Manav asks media what do you want? Media say, we want to ask few questions to Purvi. Manav says, I am her father, you can ask me whatever you want. Media ask, what’s relationship between your daughter, Ovi’s husband and your another daughter, Purvi? Manav says, relationship of a honest employee and a boss. There is nothing between them. It’s just a rumor made by one of you reporter for own advantage and you all came here to interfere in someone’s personal life without knowing anything. Purvi comes there. Manav asks if they know about the incident and why they didn’t report anything about the worker who got injured. He continues, there is nothing between Arjun and Purvi for which I should be ashamed.. infact I am proud of them. Media leave. Purvi thanks Manav. Manav puts his hand on her head and says, whether anyone believes you or no, but I fully trust you. read full updates daily only at Manav is in the living room. Archu comes out. Manav asks, why did you come out? You need to rest. Archu says, I am fine and Gauri also said it. She then says, I don’t know, but in morning, I was hearing noise. Did anything happen? Manav tells her everything and says, I handled everything. He asks her not to talk to Purvi about this else she will remember everything again and get disturbed. Archu says, it’s good you told me everything. Manav says, why not… in end our relationship is on trust. Soham comes there and asks Archu how she is now. Manav goes to his room. Archu says, I am fine. Soham asks her to close her eyes as he wants to give her something. Archu does. Soham puts his hard earned money in Archu’s hand <3 . He says, I gave my first hard earned money to maai (Varsha), and my first hard earned money in this house.. I am giving to you. Archu is very happy. Soham also brought vada-pau. Archu says, Teju will be very happy. Archu returns money to him and says, give this to Manav. Soham says, no. Archu says, this is your testing time. Go and put this money in Manav's hand. You will see how happy Manav will get. You will meet new Manav whom you never saw before. Please, for me. Soham goes. Manav is busy working. Soham slowly slowly goes to him. Manav says, what? Soham gives the money. Manav asks, money for what? Archu comes and says, it's his first earning. He wanted to give it to you. Manav accepts it and says, 250 rupees? He asks Archu, how much our Sachu earns? Archu says, but it's his first earning. Manav says, but it's just 250. Too less in compare to Sachu. He puts it on a table saying what will happen with 250 rupees? Soham is hurt. Archu requests Manav. Manav says, fine.. I will keep it. But tell him that you can't run house with 250 rupees. Soham looks at Archu and leaves from there. Manav now shows his true happiness. He looks at the money and says, my son's first earning. He kisses the money and puts them in an envelope. Archu smiles looking at Manav. Manav then tells Archu, we will keep this money in front of God. It's all thanks to God, our son is walking on right path. He remembers emotional Savita when Manav gave his first salary to her. He's proud of Soham, but feels unlucky as he can't express his happiness to him. Archu says, whatever you're doing, you are doing for him. Manav says, and I will keep doing it. Today my son earned 250, but tomorrow he will earn 25,000.. he has potential. Soham is sitting alone and is remembering Manav's words. Teju comes to him and asks, what's the matter? Why are you so quiet? Soham says, no.. and then says, I brought something for you. They go inside and Soham gives vada pau to her. He says, I specially brought spicy vada pau for you. Teju is very happy and thanks Soham. Soham says, it's okay. Teju is proud as Soham is learning English very fast. She asks Sundari to bring 2 plates, but Soham says he has to leave for work. He leaves. Teju is about to eat, but then she realizes, Savita also likes spicy vada pau and she won't eat if she finds out that Soham brought them. Teju then act with Sundari and praise vada pau a lot and then go away. Savita quietly comes out running and eats them. Savita and Sundari watch her and smile. Savita too loves vada pau. Teju and Sundari come out. Teju says Soham brought them. Savita now says, they were so spicy and asks Teju to tell Soham before brining anything, ask in house.. everyone doesn't like spicy food. There is one more vada pau left. Teju says, fine I will eat it then. Savita stops her from eating and says, spicy food is not good for you. I will go, drink water, and throw this out. Savita goes to kitchen and instead of throwing, she eats it. Teju sees and smiles. Purvi is going to some conference and Arjun joins her. Purvi asks her, what are you doing here? Arjun says, I came here to give this presentation with you. Purvi says, but I am here. Arjun says, I know you're here.. you don't need me and I should be home, but this client is tricky so I will help you a bit. They go in the conference room and Shalini is working for that client. Shalini is leaving, but the client stops her and introduces her as Ms. Shalini to Arjun and Purvi. After Shalini leaves, Arjun asks the client if he is sure that she is a "miss". The client says, yes. Arjun says, then I am sorry, but she is lying to you. The client says, how is this possible? I had specifically mentioned that I want an unmarried woman for this job. Arjun says, I know her quite well and she is married. She is lying to you. We have a good relationship, so I thought to inform you. The client calls Shalini in. Purvi whispers to Arjun why he had to tell her the truth. She says, I have nothing to do with what she does and all. Arjun says, but I do.. she didn't only betray you, but cheated with this whole company. She deserves this. Shlalini comes in. The client says, in interview you said you're unmarried. On your resume, it also says, unmarried. Shalini tries to explain. The client says, I just want to know whether you're married or no. Shalini says, married. The client asks her to leave his company right now.
Precap: Soham is working. One of Balan’s men purposely clashes with him and puts money in Soham’s pocket. Soham gets angry at him. He says, sorry.. I was in rush..

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