Pavitra Rishta 12th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 12th February 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 12th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Naren getting an attack and the doctor administers injection to him. Naren calm down and takes Ankita’s name….Pia comes to Purvi and says I want to talk to you…I am very disturbed. Purvi asks her to come in and share the matter. Pia says, I want to talk about you. I am a stranger for you and I should not interfere with you, but there is some connection between us. I don’t know what is your relation with your sister, but I feels your sister is really worried about you. Actually I heard your conversation. May be she was talking truth and may be that man is not good. I know you can’t cancel the marriage but you can postpone it. Purvi is thinking. Pia says, you might fire me from my job but you have to think about it once. I am really sorry, I

don’t want to disturb you. Purvi says, I love my sister Ovi very much but whatever she did with me I can never forget. It was my past.

Purvi says, I can’t tell you everything. You don’t know everything. Just know that Ovi snatched the person I love very much. She tells her that there is a reason behind my upcoming marriage with RK. She was about to tell but just then RK comes. Purvi invites him inside. RK says, I saw you somewhere. Pia says, in the hotel. RK says, nice to meet you. Pia says, I will come later and leaves. She hides and listen to their conversation. RK asks Purvi to get ready as they are going to Pune. Purvi asks, why? RK says, I want to transfer some property on your name as you are going to be my wife.

Ovi comes home and thinks that Purvi is not listening to her. She decides to tell everything to Arjun. Arjun is in severe pain. Ovi calls the doctor and says I am taking him to the hospital. Pia thinks to stop Purvi somehow. RK is so dangerous. Ovi calls doctor and says we will reach soon. Pia comes, Ovi tells her that Arjun’s condition have worsened. Arjun is taken in the ambulance and they leaves for the hospital. Pia thinks to talk to Purvi.

Sunanda calls the lawyer regarding Raunaq’s bail and asks him to get Raunaq free soon. Ankita comes and asks for Naren. Sunanda takes him to Naren’s room and shows his condition. Naren is seen taking Ahana’s name while sleeping. Sunanda taunts her and asks what do you want? You sent Raunaq to jail and Naren’s condition is worsened because of you. Ankita says, I don’t want anything to happen to him. Sunanda says, did you think about Kinnari once? Why you are taking revenge from Raunaq and Kinnari? We have sent your father to Jail and that’s why you are taking revenge. Ankita says, I have problem with Raunaq. Raunaq raped my brother and he will get punished. Sunanda says, Raunaq is not responsible for the crime. She asks, why you are blaming him? Ankita says, my sister reputation is at stake but I am taking risk because I want to see Raunaq punished. I didn’t come here to discuss all these. I came here for Naren sir. Sunanda says, you can’t meet Naren. Naren doesn’t want to meet you. just leave. Ankita is adamant to meet Naren. Sunanda says, I know how to handle with you people. She takes her outside and asks her to get lost.

Pari gets Purvi’s call. Purvi asks, how are you? Pari says, fine. Purvi says, you might be in the office. Pari says, my aayi is not with me naa. She asks, you are sounding upset. Purvi says, no…going to marry in some days. Pari says, you are my world, I am not upset with you. She asks, are you coming to attend the wedding? Pari says no. Purvi disconnects the call. She thinks RK is not a good guy. He has other plans behind this marriage.

Sunanda blames Ahana and asks Naren to take a decision. She says, if you support your wife then it will mean that you are against your family. Naren looks on shocked..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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