Pavitra Rishta 12th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 12th February 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 12th February 2013 Written Update

episode begins.. with a tensed purvi, she goes to onir n tells him n says the blackmailer called n that he needs the money n that they have to leave immediately… onir calms her n as they leave, sulo ajee stops them. she says no need to leave, right after the func.. onir says they r going to d mandir for bappa’s blessings..

they reach the park with d statue like mentioned by the guy.. but no1 is seen there n purvi wonders where the blackmailer is… he calls her, n saya he is right there in d park… he is backing them n sitting on a log n waves at them… he walks towards them and it is revealed that it is vinay…purvi is shocked to see him, vinay asks her how she is doing.. onir is surprised to knw that they know each other.. vinay says ofcourse

purvi n he had a past, he also says is here for the money n wants it right away… purvi says before taking the money she needs to how he knows the truth..
FB.. the day when purvi n archana had gone to d lady doc… vinay was at d hospital… he sees a pregnant purvi n wonders, who she is married to, coz he knew that her engagement with arjun was broken..
right then he is called to d reception area to take look at some files/reports… at the same time d lady doc is called to d recep ares by a nurse.. she asks d doc abt purvi’s dates.. coz its wriiten 6 mo in d file but doc her given delivery date in 40 days.. doc says.. purvi got preg before marriage n wants to keep it a secret so let d files say 6 mo… viany overhears all this..
back to park.. he says he put two n two togethr.. and demands the money…onir hands him d money just then, police sirens wail… vinay is shocked n makes a run for it, but onir snatches d money by then.. there is a chase by d cops n vinay gets hit by a van n dies… Cops declare him dead.. it is revealed that vinay had committed a fraud of 3 lac rupees at his previous workplace n d owner had filed a case…

purvi n onir heading home, purvi recalling what vinay said, she then narrates the whole story abt vinay n her, and states how their engagement broke… she apologises to onir n says she didnt want to hide anything frm him.. he says that is completely fine.. purvi then asks onir if he will alwys be with her n support her.. he says surely…
they reach home n every1 asks why they were late.. onir makes some excuse..
later in their room, onir tells purvi that its time now n that they have toleave the town… purvi agrees n says she will talk to archana tmrw..

next day, both come to archu’s house… ovi asks purvi if she could join her to do some shopping.. purvi agrees…
purvi then tells archana that they have decided to go to pune to ashtivinayak mandir the next day, for darshan n blessings.. archana is very happy n says they have to go, but also adds that ovi n arjun should go too… ovi is very excited n says she will call arjun n tell him abt it.. purvi n onir n worried but are helpless coz if they tell ovi to not join them then surely every1 would get a doubt… manav also comes there n talks to onir n purvi.

suddenly some crying and wailing is heard from outside the chawl…they all rush out.. savita ajee is consoling that lady.. manav asks what is wrong.. ajee says, that the lady’s son was missing frm a couple of days n then a dead body was found, but before they could identify d body it was incinerated.. the chawl ppl say, that surely there is some scam.. onir questions abt the hospital (devi hospital, i guess the same one where onir was offered a job) and also abt the lady’s son.. he assures the lady that he will find out the truth…

PRECAP: ovi shows arjun a bracelet n says it is for their baby, she will offer it at the temple for blessings n then put in on their baby… onir n purvi look at them…

Update Credit to: ArVi

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