Pavitra Rishta 11th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 11th March 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 11th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Sunanda explaining Rushaali that Ankita did the right thing by Raunaq getting punished. She says, Ankita is the daughter in law of this house and no one can throw her out. She reminds her that Naren’s named his company on Ankita’s name. She says, if Ankita goes from here then property and company will also go with her. She continues and says Naren will leave from here as he loves Ankita very much. She asks her to think cleverly. She says, you brought Ankita but got her married to Naren. Naren loves Ankita and accepted her. You have to accepted their relation. She asks her to accept it gracefully else it will be difficult for her. Shirish tells Rushaali that Sunanda is right and asks her to follow Sunanda.

Rushaali tells Ankita that she will make her

life hell and asks her to count her days. Pia is talking with Neena. Pushti comes and asks her to give her lipstick. Neena says, I can’t give my expensive cosmetics to you. Pushti says, if it is not needed for me then it is also not needed for you. You are not modern. Neena scolds her and says your aazuba will not be able to save you. She leaves. Pushti says, I hate you mom. She says, she is just impossible. Pia asks her not to talk to her aayi in that tone. Pushti asks her to mind her business. She asks her to stop giving her lecture as they have hired her. Sachin comes and scolds Pushti for speaking badly with Pia. Sachin says sorry to Pia. Pia says, can I talk to you something. She says, I feel Pushti is not wrong. She is reacting what she sees. She asks him to respect his parents if he wants his children to respect him. Pushti and Pia gets happy as it was part of their plan.

Ankita thanks Attu for supporting her. Sunanda says, I was told that you married Naren for money. I accepted it as a fact but my opinion changed. I felt you cares for Naren and this family. When Raunaq took advantage of Mansi, you would have take our advantage but you supported Mansi and was ready to sacrifice everything. She says, that moment I realized that you are right for him. I have thrown you out of the house but you came back for Naren. You were thinking about Naren’s happiness. I realized that you are loyal to him. You deserves to be the bahu of this house. I know you don’t love him, but I have faith that you will fulfill your responsibility. She says, I can’t change Raunaq’s doing but I can just apologize to you. Ankita says, I couldn’t understand you.

Ankita thanks her for supporting the truth. Sunanda says, misunderstandings are cleared between us. She asks her to change her wet clothes. Ankita takes her blessings. Sunanda blesses her. Shashank’s aayi shows him photo of some girl. Shashank says, you said that you are ready for my marriage with Mansi. His aayi says, I kept quiet but I didn’t agree for marriage. Naren is very clever. He thought I will say yes by Media pressure. She says, I won’t allow Mansi to marry you. She asks him to marry someone else. Shashank says, what we will say to the media. His aayi says, they have to live in chawl and media will forget it after 2 days. She says, chawl people won’t accept Mansi. Will you afford if they ask us to vacate the house. We can’t accept Mansi as we are living in the society. Shashank says, I will marry only Mansi. His aayi says, she can’t be our bahu. Shashank is adamant on his decision.

Ankita looks at Naren, who is standing with towel. Manzilein Ruswa hain plays………………He wears the tshirt. She brings coffee for him. Naren tells her about his project and asks her to get ready for first presentation. Ankita says, I never give the presentation. Naren says, you have 200 crores shares, have confidence. He asks her to do the rehearsal with him. Naren asks her question. Ankita answers intelligently. Naren is surprised with her wit. He asks her so many questions. Ankita answers everything well. Ankita says, we will make customised homes, keeping in mind about our client’s preference. Naren says you are superb. Ankita says, I can’t tell infront of them. Naren gives her the details of the presentation.

Naren is sleeping. Ankita gets the coffee and dips his finger. Naren wakes up and shouts. He asks her to clean the spilled coffee. He gets Shashank’s call. Naren says, don’t worry. I am coming.

Naren comes to Shashank’s house and drinks water. Shashank’s Aayi refuses to get her son married to Mansi. Naren says, it is a right decision.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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