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Pavitra Rishta 11th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shashank, Naren and Police comes to meet Ankita. Ankita leaves the hospital and thinks she is fulfilling the promise made to Pari. Shashank gets the letter in the ward. Ankita writes that I loves Naren so much, but he didn’t love me. He always loved Pari. I don’t want to snatch my sister’s love. Please don’t blame Naren. This child is only mine. I am going very far. Soham gets emotional. Naren feels guilty. Ankita thinks, where her destiny takes her. Rushaali tells the Inspector that Ankita wrote that baby is not Naren’s. Shashank interferes. Inspector says, we have to free Naren now. Soham cries. Naren tells Rushaali that he will see her at home. She says ok and leaves.

Ankita thinks, where she will go. She comes to the railway station

and takes tickets for banaras. Shashank and Soham come to the railway station and start searching for Ankita. Ankita looks at her and Naren’s pic. She reminiscences her wedding and the moments with Naren. She thinks, today will be a new beginning of her life where she will have only her baby. Soham breaks down. Shashank asks, did you come to know about her. Soham cries loudly for Ankita. Ankita hears his voice and runs, but stops.

Savita tells Pari not to worry as everything will be fine. Pari nods no. Savita cries thinking about Pari, Archana and Ankita. Pari asks, why I couldn’t get the happiness instantly. She says, Naren came in her life and I started loving her. She says, I am very unlucky. Sulochana says, Ankita is very unlucky. Pari asks Sulochana, do you think Ankita is carrying Naren’s child. Savita says, we are thinking about the man who left Ankita.

She says, Ankita is alone now. You got your love. You got married to Naren for seven births. Anyone can overcome the problems if they have love in life. She asks her not to sad. She says, Ankita is sad. I can’t see my grand daughters’ life getting destroyed. She says, Naren wants to live with you. Rushaali comes and says Ankita left from Pune and wrote letter to us. She gives them letter. Savitra asks, why she left Pune alone. Why you didn’t stop her. She says, you might have force her.

Sulochana asks, what is your problem with her. Pari thinks, whether she left for her. Rushaali says, Ankita went with her wish. I don’t want to see her face. Soham sent my son to jail, that’s why I went there. I told to do the DNA test done, so that everyone can know that the child is not Naren’s. Sulochana says, have you done the test. Rushaali says, she eloped. Pari says, Ankita moved from her way. I told her that I will leave Naren if she is carrying his child. She made way for me.

Ankita is getting inside the train. Naren comes and sees her. He asks, you didn’t tell me about your decision. We are friends. You won’t go anywhere and asks her to come home. He then says, you thought I won’t support your decision. I think your decision is right for both of us. We know that you don’t have my child. I understand if you are going. Ankita says, you came to tell me this. Naren says, I came here to tell you that I am always there for you if you need any help. Ankita rudely thanks him and asks him to go. She says, I don’t need anyone.

Naren says, you are thinking me wrong. Ankita says, I understand you very much and one day you will realize it. Naren says,I want to do something for you. Ankita says, whatever I did was for friendship. You wants to return the favour. I don’t need any favour. Naren says, I won’t forget you or your talks. I hope that you stay happy whereever you are. Ankita tells him all the best and shakes her hand with him. She goes inside the train.

Mansi says, Ankita won’t come back. Sulochana says, I knew that this would happened. Don’t know what did Pari and Ankita have talked. Savita says, I knows everything, but was quiet for Pari. Prashant tells Mansi to come and says Baba was right that everyone here is selfish. They thought about Pari, but didn’t think about Ankita. We should have listened to baba. Mansi says, you are right. This family is not ours. When our Tai is not with us, then we shall not stay here for a second. Mansi tries to reason with her. Mansi asks him not to stop them. Shashank, Mansi and Prashant leaves. Archana looks sad.

Rushaali tells Soham that Ankita was not her daughter in law, but her son’s caretaker. She says, my daughter in law is Pari. I maligned her reputation to settle the scores. You sent my son to Jail and I got your daughter’s letter published in newspaper. I didn’t do anything wrong. Soham is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Wht the hell is going on dis shw???how can pari did dat to ankita..??dont she knw wht purvi arjun ovi nd onir faced for purvi’s stupid scrifice nd ovi’s selfisness..!!nd also wht she had beared since her childhood..!!hw cn she be so dumb nd selfish..??!!

  3. Nd ya its better if d writer mk naren mad he was good human being nd a better prsn at dat tm..!!

  4. Naren. Was better mad he made anikta pregnant! And now he can’t remeber ntn what the hell is pari so mad huh she marrid naren ! Come on man get to the point!don’t make another ovi , purvi and arjun

  5. Can anyone tell me what happened to arjun and purvi

  6. Gosh wats happing in this show…we like to see naren and ankita not naren and pari and why the hell is naren shown as negative character..he is being selfish…we want naren n ankita togethr

  7. This story is becoming like The Bold & The Beautiful………..
    It does not have any respect for the relationships dat ppl share,how can Naren marry 2 cousins!Pari is so stupid,how can she marry a man who doesn’t have memory of what happened in the past 2yrs or 6months of his life!

  8. the leap that is coming up. it should be that Anikta has her child finds a lovely husband.
    but knowing the writers they might put something stupid.

  9. Savi I hear in real Arjun and Parvi are getting married they are very good dancing partners I saw it on TV, as for Naren I hope he go MAD again and let me see parie can handle it rushaali should go to jail because when she brought down the papers and ask Ankita to sign it when Ankita ask her what was that for say that was for the doctor and Ankita believe her and sign it where is aunty if she comes she put every one out of her house because she love Ankita and now the BABY because she was asking when will they have a baby after the accident with Ankita in the car the other car had no gas so they were walking some bushes it started rain the same straw house that parie and naren was in that house is the same house naren and Ankita spend time in soon after she fine out she was having a BABY. So why is parie don’t close that width mouth and thick lips, stop being OWI.

  10. where is purvi and arjun/arvi? has arjun died of his disease, and purvi because of shock?
    asha negi and ritwik dhanjani left the sow because of ankita lokande ?
    you b*t*h ankita!!!!!!!!!!!!

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