Pavitra Rishta 11th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 11th July 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 11th July 2013 Written Update

Arjun and Purvi are ready to leave, but it’s raining hard. An employee comes and asks them to stay in the rest house for tonight as it could be risky to drive in rain. Purvi and Arjun don’t feel like staying, but as employee requests, Purvi calls Manav. Manav tells her to stay there and come in the morning when rain stops. Manav tells Arjun not to worry about Dk as he just came from there and he’s fine.

Employee brings Arjun and Purvi to the rest house. It’s only one room. Arjun tells Purvi to sleep on the bed and he will sleep on the sofa. Purvi tells him to sleep on the bed as he is not used to sleep on the sofa. Arjun says, like you’re used to it? And this sofa is comfortable. They sleep and then water drops on Arjun’s face from the ceiling. He moves his sofa and

gets a container and puts where water was dropping. He tells Purvi he learned all that when he was in living in the chawl and he didn’t know that experience would be useful here. They again go to sleep and again water drops on Arjun’s face. Purvi tells him to sleep on the bed and she will manage on the sofa. Arjun then thinks of something else. He tells Purvi, why don’t we just stay awake and talk? We haven’t talked since long. Purvi likes that idea. Arjun takes a pillow and sits on the bed. They talk about how workers weren’t listening to Arjun and when Purvi explained, they all understood like Purvi is part of their family. read full updates with pics only at Purvi tells him that Archu told her that poor people are very hard working and their company is because of those poor people. Arjun says, your aai gave you all these manners and you will give these manners to Pari now, and then I would be stressed free father. They then get quiet. Arjun says, I mean.. Pari is lucky to have mother like you. Arjun is talking more. Purvi falls asleep. Arjun then puts blanket on her and tries to save himself from water drops. He opens the umbrella and sits on a chair and then falls asleep ( cute <3 ) Soham returns home late and calls Archu as he's too hungry. Manav comes and tells him that Archu is sick and she is sleeping. He tells Soham, your dinner is there, eat it and sleep. Soham now says, I am not hungry. Manav shouts and says, you want your aai to serve you dinner even when she's sick? If you want to eat, then eat.. no one is going to request you here. Manav leaves. Soham is angry. He looks at the food and says, I am hungry and if I don't eat, then aai may feel bad. He eats. Manav sees and smiles. Employee comes to the room where Arjun and Purvi are sleeping. Purvi opens her eyes and sees Arjun sleeping on the chair, but then again goes to sleep. Arjun gets up and opens the door. Employee gives him tea and tells him to be ready as drive will be coming shortly. Employee leaves. Employee comes back and tells Arjun that media is questioning outside about yesterday's incident. Purvi and Arjun go outside and answer the media. Media ask who is responsible for this and where were they when this incident happened. Arjun says, investigation is on and we will let you know when we find anything and we didn't know this was going to happen, else we would be here and prevent it. When this happened, we were in the office and when we found about it, we came here straight away. Media then ask whether compensation that they gave is enough. Purvi interrupts and says, no compensation is enough for such loss, but we are trying our best to give them best treatment. Media asks, but how do we believe that there is no company's fault in this? Purvi says, why don't you talk with workers direct? An injured worker tells the media, there is no company's fault and in fact they came and took care of them unlike other companies who just shut workers' mouth by giving them money. Now one person from the media question Arjun about his and Purvi's relationship saying he got divorced from Ovi and now he's with Purvi. Arjun gets angry and starts fighting with him. Gauri does Archu's checkup and tells everyone she will be fine soon. She gives prescription. Before Sachu takes it, Soham takes it and goes to get medicine. Savita is crying as Archu is sick. She says, I know I bothered and fought with her a lot, but I don't want to lose her. I love her a lot. Gauri says, she will be fine in few hours, but if you're still worrying for her, then I will stay here. Manav tells Gauri, I know you care about this family and it's like a rishta between us, but what about your other patients? You have already done a lot for us. Gauri says, you just said there is a rishta between us and I don't have work in hospital, so I will stay here, not as a doctor, but as a family member. Purvi is explaining Arjun that he shouldn’t have behaved like this with media person. Arjun says, what are you saying? Did you see how he was questioning you? Purvi says, I also felt bad, but still you shouldn’t have behaved like this with media. You just acted like how they wanted. Now they will make some random news out of it. Arjun says, I don’t care.. I can’t see anyone questioning like you that because I… And he gets quiet. Same media person with whom Arjun fought comes there. Arjun tells Purvi, I am sorry.. Purvi walks from there and a rocks come in her way. She’s about to fall, but Arjun catches her. Seeing Purvi in Arjun’s shoulder, media person says, what an opportunity and takes their photograph. Car comes. Purvi and Arjun leave. Media person calls his friend and asks him to stop tonight’s printing. Gauri is going somewhere. Soham comes in her way and they clash with each other. He tells her, I brought all medicine. Gauri tells him, I explained everything to Teju, go and give it to her. Gauri leaves. Soham runs and pulls her with her hand. He says, my mother is sick, where are you going? Gauri says, I know what to do with my patient.. and you can’t force me to stay here. My brother is waiting and I am going to give this prescription to him and then I am coming back. Soham says, then you could have said that before, I wouldn’t have said all this. Concerned Soham asks her if his aai will get well soon and there is nothing serious. He says, all doctors hide many things. Annoyed Gauri says, I am not that kind of doctor. She will be fine in few hours. Now can I go? Soham nods his head and she leaves. Purvi returns home. Soham opens the door. Manav comes there and asks Purvi if everything is fine there where incident happened. Purvi says everything is fine and when media come, employees spoke in company’s favor. Seeing both Manav and Soham tensed, she asks what happened. Soham tells her Archu is sick and now Purvi gets worried. She says, why didn’t you tell me anything about it? I would have returned last night only. Manav says, there is nothing to worry about. Gauri came and said she will be fine in few hours.. you must be tired.. go and rest. Manav now tells Purvi, no one needs to take a day off from work and stay here because your aai is sick. If she finds out, then she will feel bad. Purvi tells Soham, you should go to work.. you just joined and it would look bad if you take a day off. Soham leaves. Episode ends. Precap: Savita sees Arjun and Purvi’s photo in the newspaper and gets shocked. She shows it to Manav and says, give her more freedom.

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