Pavitra Rishta 11th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 11th January 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 11th January 2013 Written Update

Teju is desperately waiting for Archu-Manav. She then gets call from Sunny who tells her that Savita also came there. Teju asks, what? And at the same time, Manav-Archu, Savita return. Savita takes the phone away from Teju and tells Suny that if he calls again then she will complain to police. Savita then asks Teju, why did you tell me this before? Teju says, I was going to tell you and you like Sunny right? Savita says, I used to like him.. and this marriage won’t happen. Savita leaves. Archu then tells Teju not to worry and she will talk with Savita and make her agree.

Archu comes to Savita’s room. Savita tells her if you came here for Sunny-Teju wedding then I have taken my decision.. this marriage won’t happen. She says that Teju won’t go to that fighting woman’s house. Archu says, but they love each other. Savita says, if they love then let them.. but their marriage won’t happen. Archu says, Teju is my daughter, and I have rights to take her decision as well. Savita says, if you want to do her marriage, then go ahead.. but then I won’t talk to you. So it’s upto you. Manav also comes there now. Savita also tells him that her decision is final and leaves from there. Archu tells Manav that Savita put her in a complicated situation again. She tells Manav, Savita aai gave me choice between her and Teju’s marriage. She asks, why always there is some sadness in all our children’s lives. She asks, what did we do that our children don’t get happiness. Manav tells her not to lose her hopes and says, we will talk to Savita aai, but not now.. she won’t listen to anyone for now.

[Now there’s Hitler Didi part which I am not doing in details, but they are there for some marriage for which Manav has spent money and done all the preparations.]

Punni’s mother asks Punni to tell her the truth. she asks, who gave you that diamond necklace? Punni says, I had told you na.. company gave me. Her mother says, you think I am a fool? Why you didn’t tell me that it was your company who gave you necklace, and not Pradeep? Punni says, what’s to tell in that? It’s obvious that Pradeep can’t give me 7 lakh rupees necklace. Her mother then asks, what department in your company gives that expensive gifts? And you work in Manav’s office right? Tell me. Punni tells her, I am already so much worried because of my marriage and there is nothing to worry about now.. I have returned it. Punni leaves. Her mother says to herself, she’s crazy that returned 7 lakh rupees necklace. And what she has been doing during her marriage time.

[Again Hiter Didi part. Archu-Manav are happy that they are doing this marriage of theirs and they hope it will be successful.]

Doctor calls Onir and tells him that Purvi’s and Ovi’s reports are available now. He tells him, I will send this reports to you. Onir tells Manav, baba we don’t have to worry about Ovi now. We are going to get repots soon and we will then know about Ovi’s health. Manav is very thankful to Onir. He tells him, I was very worried few months ago for Ovi, but now I am very relaxed as Ovi is in your hand. Onir says, I am also part of this house now, and it’s my responsibility to do Ovi’s treatment which I will do. Doctor tells one of the nurses to post the reports. When nurse is leaving, she clashes with someone and drops the reports and probably Ovi-Purvi’s reports got exchanged in that.

Archu gives Ovi’s reports to her and Ovi puts them on a side. Archu now goes to Purvi and gives her reports to her. Purvi tells her to put them on a table as she’s busy with something. Archu then opens the reports and tells her, it’s been 6 months to your pregnancy. You wouldn’t even know how 6 months passed right? Purvi gets worried. Archu is reading it and says, Ovi’s name is written on it. Maybe hospital people made a mistake and reports got changed. read full updates with pictures daily only at Ovi is also opening her reports now. Before she reads it, Archu goes to her and gives her the correct reports. Ovi gives Purvi’s reports to Archu. Archu opens it and tries to read it, but Purvi takes it away from her and says, I will put reports in the file. Archu says, ya.. we won’t know what it says anything.. when Onir comes, we will ask him to check.

Purvi comes to her room and stares at the reports. She says, thank God, aai (Archu) didn’t read the reports, else she would know it’s been 7 months to my pregnancy, not 6.

Purvi continues, it’s good that aai or Ovi didn’t read the reports, else they would know the real reason of me leaving Mumbai. Scene goes in a flashback now.

It’s late night, and raining hard outside. Purvi and Arjun come in some village type house. They both are wet. Purvi is sneezing. Arjun calls out if anyone is there, but no one’s there. Purvi keeps sneezing. Arjun says to her, you must be cold right? I will do something.

Arjun makes a fire and they sit around it. Arjun then gets up and goes away. But they both keep looking at each other, one after another. Purvi is trying to take her dupatta off the rope, but it’s stuck there. Arjun sees it and goes to help her. In that he touches her hands. Lightening happens outside, and Purvi gets scared and hugs Arjun. Purvi puts her dupatta on her and walks away.

Arjun follows her and touches her hand and hugs her from the back side. Purvi also turns to him now. Arjun then kisses her forehead. This flashback scene ends here.

Another flashback scene where Purvi is cooking and gets dizzy. Later, she finds out that she’s pregnant and she’s shocked.

Back to the present. Purvi says to herself, this secret should remain secret. No one shall find out that it’s Arjun’s child inside me, otherwise this family will break.

She continues, If that happens then I won’t be able to bring everyone together, and won’t be able to forgive myself either. I won’t let anyone find this truth, never.

Episode ends.

Precap: Ovi tells Archu, my problem is this girl (Purvi). Whole family is there. Ovi says, I can’t stay with this girl. Manav tells Ovi, don’t forget that Ovi is your sister.. and it doesn’t look good you talking like this about her. Ovi says, fine.. if you all want to keep Purvi here, then I will leave this house, then all problems will be solved. Purvi tells Ovi, you won’t go anywhere.. you’re having problems because of me.. I will leave this house.

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