Pavitra Rishta 11th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 11th February 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 11th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Ankita coming home with the police lady constables and asks Mansi to tell them what she went through. Mansi says, I don’t want to say anything and asks her to show the bracelet to Naren. Everything will be alright. Ankita tells her about Raunaq’s buying similar bracelet and proving her wrong. She says, we have truth with us and asks her to tell to the constables. Sonu asks Prashant, why Police came to their house? Prashant says, because of our baba. She asks, why Mansi isn’t getting married? Prashant says, as our baba is in jail. He asks her to sleep. Constable asks her question where she believes that she was raped by Raunaq. They cross question her. Ankita asks, can’t you see her condition. Constable asks Ankita to make Mansi strong as these types

of questions are asked in the court. Ankita says, I am with my sister. Naren calls Ankita and asks her not to sign on any papers. He says, I tore the papers. Please come and say sorry to everyone. And everything will be fine. I will fulfill all the vows and will never leave you. Ankita asks him to take the medicines. Naren takes the medicines. Ankita tells him that Mansi needs her and asks him to sleep. Naren asks her to remember not to sign on any papers.

Pia comes to Purvi and asks her, if she needs anything? Ovi comes there to talk to Purvi. Purvi tells Pia that she don’t want anything. Ovi tells her not to marry RK as he is not a good guy. Purvi shouts at her and asks, what is your problem. You always snatched my happiness all the life, but now I don’t have anything to give it to you. Who told you about this false rumour. Ovi says, I am your sister and saying the truth. Purvi asks her to leave. Ovi asks Pia not to tell anything to Purvi. Pia thinks what an irony that my people are trapped in unusual circumstances. How to stop her?

Kinnari tells her mom that they couldn’t go to their honeymoon. Sunanda tells Shirish that I will not tolerate Ankita. She has to go and that’s final. She is taking advantage of Naren’s illness. Inspector comes and tells about the police complaint against Raunaq. He says, we came to arrest him.

Inspector says, Ankita lodged a complaint against him. Everyone are shocked. Kinnari says, we have married recently and Raunaq is innocent. Raunaq says, Ankita has personal problem with me and that’s why she is framing me. Sunanda tells him that Ankita and her father are not trustable. Raunaq is innocence. Inspector says, we have to arrest him anyway. Raunaq asks, do you have any proof. Sunanda asks Shirish to call the commissioner. Inspector says, Rape is a serious crime, law is very strict and court will decide if he is innocent or not. Kinnari acts and says Ankita is framing him. Inspector takes Raunaq with him. Raunaq asks Attu to do something. Kinnari smirks and then starts crying. Sunanda consoles her and blames Ankita. Naren watches everything.

Sunanda tells Shirish that how could Ankita do that? Shirish says, I don’t believe it. Sunanda accuses him for marrying Naren with Ankita. Naren thinks, how she can do anything? Kinnari thinks to do something. She starts shedding fake tears. Sunanda says, I will get him out and will use my contacts. Naren is on the way to Ankita’s home. Sunanda and Shirish gets concern about Naren. She says, Ankita doesn’t worry about Naren and worries only about Mansi. Pia thinks what to do? How to save Maasi from RK? She thinks to be with Purvi. She wonders why does RK wants to marry her? She thinks to meet Purvi and determines to bring real face of RK infront of her. She says, I can disclose my identity but can’t let her life suffer.

Mansi is in the kitchen. Ankita asks her to close the gas. Mansi says, I am feeling as if something is going to be wrong. Ankita says, your life is not ruined and I will never let your life ruin. Prashant says, Tai is right. Mansi worries for Naren and Ankita’s relation. Ankita says, our relation will never break. Naren knocks on the door continuously. He comes inside and says you have broken my heart. He says, I love you and believe you but you sent Raunaq to jail. He talks non stop. Ankita tells him that Raunaq is wrong and had raped Mansi. Naren slaps her hard. Sunanda and Shirish take Naren with him. Naren tells that Raunaq didn’t do any wrong thing.

RK comes to Purvi’s hotel room. He sees Pia in the room and says I have seen you somewhere. Pia looks on surprised..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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