Pavitra Rishta 10th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 10th May 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 10th May 2013 Written Update

Episode starts showing Arjun in Ovi’s house at Canada. Ovi comes with a bottle of alcohol and totally in drunken state. Arjun tells her to stop drinking and go back with him to their house. Ovi asks Arjun to stop the moral advising and she denies to go the house where no one wants her. She doesn’t bother any more if Arjun brings Purvi or Pari in the house. Arjun explains that night’s reason why DK has told them to come to Arjun’s house. But Ovi doesn’t want to believe it as she says that the entire nature is helping two lovers to be together. She goes to the upper rooms and tells Arjun to leave the house.

In this section, Gauri’s house is showing where her mom tells her that she always wants a good husband for her only daughter, perhaps – a doctor, engineer or a business

man. She tells that she is now doing internship and she has no interest in getting married as she wants to help her her brother, Atul. Her dad comes from the market and she worries about his eye check up.

Ovi comes down in search of Arjun, she seems now bit stable and realizes her mistake. She finds a video cam on the table and sees a message sent by Arjun. Arjun says that he has come to Canada to have a good discussion with Ovi and he wanted to give their relationship a fresh start. But, now it is not possible now as he will not be able to present himself in front of Ovi as innocent. Ovi cries and says that continuing of this relation is of no use as this is not bonded from heart. She doesn’t want to go with Arjun as when ever he will come in front of her, it keeps remind her about Arjun’s first and last love – Purvi.

Gauri goes to Archana’s cabin when Sunny and Teju comes. She informs Archana’s positive movement and asks about Purvi. Tejun introduces Sunny as her would be fiance.

Purvi feds Pari when someone calls Onir. She picks up the phone but the person cuts the call. Purvi takes out the visitng card of Kinshuk and sees the mobile number. She asks Onir why he cuts the phone when ever Purvi receives it. Onir replies in high peach that he is employer and he can call him any time. Purvi should stop inquiring and suspecting him, Purvi says about her wife’s right. Onir asks her to trust him.

Purvi goes to meet Archana at hospital and thanks Gauri for taking care of her mother. Gauri says that everyone in her family is so good except Soham. He basically a goon and he always threats people and makes them frightened. Soham comes and hears this and becomes furious. He yells at her and threats her not to create distance between him and his family members specially his mom. Gauri argues with him and leaves the place. Soham says Purvi not to mingle up with that type of person.

Pre cap – Ovi calls Manav and tells about Arjun’s coming. Manav tells her not to listen to his words and wants Arjun on line.

Update Credit to: crazy2012

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