Pavitra Rishta 10th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 10th March 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 10th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Naren asking Shashank, will you marry Mansi. Shashank says, yes. I will marry her. She has no fault. Journalist takes the interview. Neighbours start gossipying. Ankita tells Naren, what you have done? Naren says, I am uniting two people in love. Mansi have to keep faith on Shashank. I say you I love you daily but don’t tell me. Shashank praises Naren’s intelligence. His parents get convinced because of Media fear. Naren says, everything will be fine.

Pushti shows the photos of Sandra’s party to Archana and Manav. Pia comes and says I need to discuss the Menu. Pushti shows the photos. Neena gives the birthday gift to Archana. Archana says, it was not needed. Neena says, I got a bag for you. I regards you as my parents. She says, I am worried for Gaurav.

He have to stand on his feet now and shares his father’s responsibility. Archana says, slowly he will take care of the responsibilities. Manav asks her to talk straightly. Neena says, I was thinking if baba let Gaurav handles the business inplace of Teju. Manav says, we came him a chance and he lost him. Neena says, you always think of your grand daughters. Archana says, we never differentiate among our grand children. Archana says, Gaurav failed. Neena says, you would have thrown us if given a chance.

Naren and Ankita are going back home in their car. Naren sees Ankita crying and says you lost my 3 crores. He asks her not to cry. Ankita worries about Mansi. Naren asks her to open the window and keep her hand out of the window. He counts the numbers. Rain starts. He says, we will enjoy the rain. They play cricket with the children while it is raining. Manzilein Ruswa Hain ……………Sunraha haina tu…………plays. Ankita falls while trying to catch the ball. Naren goes to help her. They enter in a eye lock. They hug each other.

Pushti is upset. Pia says, I made chocolate pudding for you. Pushti refuses to eat. Pia says, do you have any problem? Pushti says no. Pia says, did your mom scolded you? Pushti asks, how did you know? Pia says guessing. Pushti says, her mom talks to her grand parents badly. She says, mom fighted with her the other day. She asks, can I call you tai? Pia says, I like it. Pushti says, I will change everything once I grow old. Pia says, you can do now also. Pushti says, mom and dad don’t listen to me. Pia says, you have to make them feel love. There is no need to say in love relation. It needs to understand by feelings. Pushti says, you are so cool. Pia asks, do you want to become my partner. Mission unity. Pushti promises to help her.

Rushaali comes back and says my son is in jail because of Ankita. She says, I have faith on you tai that you won’t allow any trouble to enter in our house. How you can let Ankita live here. Naren and Ankita come home. Naren hugs her and says I missed you so much. It is good that you came back. He says, I am ashamed to call Raunaq as my brother. Rushaali asks Naren to change the clothes. Naren goes to his room. Ankita is about to touch her feet. Rushaali asks her to stop the drama. She accuses her for ending their reputation and sending Raunaq to jail. She asks, don’t you feel ashamed? You think I will let you live peacefully here. I won’t forgive you. It was my mistake to bring you here. I secured your and your siblings’ life. I forgave your thief father. I agreed Raunaq did a mistake but you gave him punishment for 10 years. You would have talk to me. Do you know what Raunaq is going through.

Ankita says, I came here and told everything to everyone here but nobody listened to me. What should I do then. She is about to slap Ankita. Sunanda stops her and says I know you are angry at her. You are just thinking about Raunaq, you should apologize to Mansi and Ankita. Rushaali asks her to keep out of this. Rushaali says, you can’t live here. Just get out. Sunanda takes Rushaali to the side and warns her not to think of throwing Ankita out of the house. She says, she has the right on the house. Sunanda says, Raunaq maligned their reputation and the saving grace is Ankita.

Sunanda says, don’t send the right bahu of the house from the house. What you will answer to the media? Have patience. Rushaali says, but Raunaq. Sunanda says, Raunaq is dead for us. It is good that Naren sent him to jail else I would have send him to jail. Rushaali says, I can’t see my son dying. Sunanda says, you should have think about him years back. He is now in jail because of the wrong upbringing and values. You should have punished him when he did a mistake for the first time. Ankita is not responsible but you are the one who is responsible.

Rushaali tells Ankita, I won’t allow you to live peacefully here. I am going to make life hell for you. Start counting your days. Ankita is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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