Pavitra Rishta 10th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 10th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pari getting annoyed after reading a letter and tearing it. She reminisces Soham asking if Ankita is pregnant with Naren’s child and Ankita telling this child is not Shashank. Naren comes and hugs her from behind and asks what is she thinking. She says she was thinking about hte incidents happened today. He says he has a gift for her and asks her to close her eyes and turn back. He then asks her to open the eyes. Pari sees their pics together and says she liked it. Naren asks her to give return gift. She asks what. He kisses her.

Ankita is traveling in a bus, crying and looking at her and Naren’s pic. Naren and Pari on the other side are busy consummating their marriage. Naye mausam ki sahar….Jaise banjare ko ghar.. song plays in the background.


and Pari are busy romancing when they hear door knock. They both come down and ask servant to open the door. Soham comes with police and inspector says he has come to arrest Naren as Raghav/Soham has alleged that Naren betrayed his daughter Ankita and married other girl without divorcing her. Naren says he had a contract marriage and his documents are with lawyer. Soham says without divorce, how can he marry someonelse and shows Ankita/Naren’s marriage photos and other evidences to inspector. Inspector says Naren he has to cooperate and come with him. Naren says he will change and come with him. Inspector agrees.

Doctor checks Archana and says she is under a lot of stress and needs rest. Mansi comes there and asks Manav about Soham. Manav says he does not know. Pari comes and says Soham mama got Naren arrested and says her husband is in jail and she is in her parent’s house, she wants to give one more chance to Ankita. Shashank comes and says she must be in a pune nursing home. Mansi says we should go and check as she is worried about Ankita.

Pari says she will speak to Ankita first. Mansi says what will she speak. Pari says she will not do anything, she does not want to trouble anyone as she loves Naren.

Ankita comes to nursing room and asks receptionist to check about her booking. Receptionst asks if her husband has come with her. Ankita says no. She sees doctor informing a couple that their child is well and couple getting happy.

Naren asks inspector how can he arrest him on Soham’s complaint. Rushali comes with contract and shows it to inspector. Inspector checks it and says these are legal and Naren is innocent according to it. Soham says is it written in contract that Naren can make Ankita pregnant and leave her alone. Inspector says it is not written in clause. Rushali says he is a drunkard and has done this many times to extract money. Soham says these people are playing with his and his daughter’s emotions. Inspector asks Soham if he has a proof that Naren is Ankita’s child’s father. Shashank comes and says he can get proof by performing tests on Ankita and says he knows where is Ankita.

Pari comes to nursing home and says because of her, her life is in trouble and Naren is in jail. She asks Ankita if the child is Naren’s, she knows Naren and she used to love each other. She repeatedly requests to tell the truth. Ankita says that love is your and she does not have any right on it, Naren loves Ahana and Pari is Ahana, when Naren and Ankita does not love each other, it does not mean whose child it is. She just wants Pari and Naren together as they both love each other. She says she will give her marriage gift and promises she will not get into trouble because of her or her child and will go away from them. She hugs Pari and wishes her happy married life. She asks Pari not to give mangalsutra to anyone as it is not just a thread, it is a promise which husband and wife make to stay togheter always. She asks her to take care of Naren and says her goodbye.

Precap: Savita and Sulochana ask Rushali what did she do that Ankita went away from Pune without informing anyone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Very nice… they consumated… now naren accept ankitha also and u 3 live happy together…. hell with the writers ….
    Chiiiiiiiiii…… shame on u ….

    1. yes I agree these director are just crazy they make a mock out of Hindu Religion

  2. Kya faltu hai yaar…tumlog ko kuch mila nahi kya….kuch bhi anaab shanaab dikha rahe ho….khali religion Ki beizzati….yeh show ko toh band kara dena chahiye….

  3. Can this get any worse than it already is. A consummated marriage with a man who is not divorced but “married” to two women. Is this “pure relationship”. No good values are being displayed here at all. It does not say anything good about the Hindu religion or the Indian people.

  4. Kya bakwas serial hai!! Give soham a gun n tell him to kill Naren! Chapter closed! Justice to Ankita!!

  5. pls yar kuch to acha dikhaau.what is dis .kab ye drama khtam hoga.pls writter end to acha dikhaue.

  6. this show is the worst!!!! this is what we should teach young people….. shame on the writers of this show …shame shame shame!!!

  7. this is just ridiculous will this story ever come to an end ? the next think u will write is that pari is pregnant with naren’s child

  8. Hi Mindi I like your comment EMA it is giving our Hindu or Indian people a bad rapp when other people read these kind shows they will laugh at us saying we are back wards I look 3 shows Ek Mutthi Aasmaan, Pavita Rishta and Jodha Arbar and the best so far is Jodha Arbar, the other 2 shows Kal have to fight for Rags, Ankita also have to fight for Naren, in this day and age why so much trouble to find true LOVE. EMA please show us something what make sense I see ZeeTv is coming with another show Jama I Raja is going to be like the rest start lovee dove and then get like the rest.

  9. Kithani sal ho gaya..kab ye seriel the ending pr avoongi

  10. wt is tis yar it is such a bakwass

  11. Wat d hell is happening. ..
    Let ankita live alone with her child. Dont again tAKE her to memory loss naren…let him understand everything and feel bad for wat he have done. But shoam dnt leave him.

  12. pari is a spoiled b*t*h. y r u keep making poor ankita suffer. plz just end this show.! only repeating the same sad story. its called pavita rishta bt ders nothing dat happens dat actually goes wid da name!!!!!!

  13. Pari and Rushalli are two perfect b*t*h. Rushalli need teeth work badly. Naren needs a slap left and right to regain his sense. Shame on the writers for this nonsense. This is what you are teaching the younger generation.

  14. I think Naren needs to see Ankita in danger and that might reverse his memory back to the present only then would he realize Pari was his past and Ankita is his present love. He would then anul his marriage to Pari and remarry Ankita. Of course somehow he would learn the truth about his mother. It’s poor writing to repeat stories that’s why this situation needs to be reversed and resolved

  15. I agree with all the comments. I dont think not even my cousins who r Indians watch this Show any more.

  16. Also update all episodes on time

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