Pavitra Rishta 10th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 10th July 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 10th July 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with karajkar house.. sulochana is sitting in hall then door bell rings.. she says who is coming now? she goes to open the door & sees purvi.. says purvi.. surprise.. how you come here? she says come inside.. purvi says actuall i come here for archana’s work.. she says archana has left her medicines here so i come here to collect.. sulochana gives her medicines which is place near TV.. purvi pick up & says to sulo that she needs to go now.. arjun is waiting outside for her. sulo says why is he not come inside? purvi says actuall we both were went at office party.. then sulo tells her to call him inside.. purvi goes outside & says to arjun come inside house.. for sometime… arjun & purvi comes inside.. sulo welcome him & says it’s also ur house..

you can come anytime in this house.. then she tells him to sit here.. then she goes in kitchen & starts preparing tea for arjun.. while arjun is remembering his engagement segments & old scenes. purvi says what happen.. then arjun says nothing.. ha bas yahi ki iss ghar se yaade judi huhi hai & rishto ke mayyine bhi.. then sulo comes outside & gives tea to arjun. sulo says i miss to take besan ke ladoo.. & tells purvi to take that ladoos..sulo says after a long time i saw happines on purvi’s face.. i wish she will remain happy..

In gauri house.. gauri tells to his brother to study hard becoz he wants to become a rich man.. then gauri’s mother says yes.. like archana’s son.. soham.. she starts praising soham. then gauri tells he has so much attitude.. but gauri mother says no.. person’s identity find by person’s heart.. then they are talking about soham..

In deshmukh house manav is playing with pari then purvi comes inside.. she sees pari isn’t sleeping.. she asks manav about this but he tells no she just wake up now..manav asks her about party.. then purvi says party awesome.. everyone is praising about office works.. purvi asks about archu then manav tells she is sleeping.. he tells he will give medicines to archu.. after sometimes purvi comes outside.. she tells manav to give pari to her & says you go for sleep.. then suddenly she gets call.. she got inform that site some slab has damaged.. some workers are injured.. he tells come fast at the place of site.. purvi tells manav about problems. manav tells that he is coming with her.. but purvi tells that she & arjun will take care of this issue..

purvi is leaving at the site of construction. then door bell rings.. manav opens.. arjun comes inside. manav tells arjun that i know that you & purvi will handle this issue.. he says when archu wake up. they will go to meet dk.. arjun purvi leaves.. arjun & purvi is car… both are worried.. suddenly purvi feels sleepy.. she close her eyes.. suddenly her head goes near arjun’s shoulder.. arjun remembering old sweet moments & background music phir mohabaat karne chal hai tu.

Soham at shop.. shop owner tells that he is going outside to do some work & says to handle shop & says you talk with customers very sweetly & slowly.. don’t behave rudely with any customer. he says customer is looks like god.. then shop owner goes outside..

gauri come at shop.. says anyone is here… soham wake up & says he is here.. soham shows so many items. then gauri says she want to soap.. both are having small argument. then gaur leaves.. manav’s car is standing outside of shop.. he sees soham is doing work in shop.. he sees he is doing lot of hardwork to earn the money & he want to become a good man. he gives some money to his car driver.. & tells to purchase some items from that shop.. driver asks why.. manav tells 2day he is happy to see his son is doing lot of hard work & want to become a good man. driver goes to purchase some items.. while shop owner comes at that time.. he sees soham’s behavior towards customers & looks happy. he tells soham that he is doing good job.

At the side of constructions arjun & purvi arrives.. workers are standing there.. saying arjun kirloskar hai hai… arjun & purvi comes there.. workers are doing nare baji.(making noise).. purvi explains them that it’s not right way.. she tells she know their pain.. she tells them that company willl give compensations to that worker who has injured in this working place.. she tells to cooperate with them.. then purvi is asking for help.. workers are doing arjun-purvi’s help..

In arjun’s house dk is reading news paper.. manav comes there. manav says sir.. dk says you here.. manav tells that construction site some problems has created so he sent arvi for handling that issue.. manav says i will come here.. dk tells i m happy to see arvi together.. .. dk & manav is taking about arvi that how was arvi handle the all issues.. manav says yes.. then dk says lile you & ashana did.. he tells that ashana was always telling him that manav will reach this company at top level. manav says it was happen becoz dk & ashana had trusted him alot… but dk tells no.. he deserved this.. he did harwork. he says i saw ur work here as well as canada..

Precap: In manav’s car gauri asks to manav that why didn’t he told that shop owner that soham is his son.. she says he will get know thruth later.. manav says yes.. i didn’t told truth to him.. if he got know that soham is his son.. then he will give to do work soham in shop..

Update Credit to: Naresh

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