Pavitra Rishta 10th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Pavitra Rishta 10th January 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 10th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Onir, Arjun in Ovi’s room. Onir is doing Ovi’s check up. In that Onir tells Arjun that life is so strange.. they were strangers till yesterday and now they are relatives. Onir wants to give an injection to Ovi. Ovi asks, now what that injection is for? Arjun tells Ovi to cooperate with Onir. Ovi says, can’t I even ask that much? I am not saying no.. I am just asking. Onir says that he likes when patients ask questions like this for their medicine, and then he gives her injection.

After that Onir gives calcium tablets to Ovi. He asks her to pick 1 from 2 flavours. After Ovi chooses one, Onir says, wow you two sisters choices are so alike. Ovi then gives him that flavour back and picks another one. Seeing this, Onir asks her if there are any issues between her and Purvi. Ovi asks, Purvi didn’t tell you anything? You should ask her.. she will give you all answers properly. Ovi also taunts Arjun asking, right Arjun? Onir leaves now to do Purvi’s checkups.

Both Sunny and Teju are nervous as Teju’s parents are going to Sunny’s house. Sunny’s brother tells him to relax and everything will be fine. He stays with Sunny for today. On the other side, Purvi tells Teju to relax. Purvi says, you should feel lucky because you’re going to marry to the person who you love. Then there’s some silence. Purvi tells her not to worry and everything will be alright.

Sunny’s mother returns home while Sunny and his brother are talking about this problem. Sunny’s mother asks what problem? Sunny tries to tell her about Teju’s parents coming to his house, but he can’t tell her. His mother then understands it and says, Teju’s parents are coming to talk about your rishta right? Sunny is surprised.

Purvi is ironing Onir’s shirt and Onir comes there. Purvi tells him, let’s go outside to eat Pani Puri. Onir comes with a serious face and pretends as if he knows everything. He tells her that Ovi told him everything. Purvi gets serious and asks him, what did she say? Onir then laughs and says, I was just kidding.. but your face was worth to see. You got scared so much. He goes to change his clothes. Purvi says in her mind, Onir, I know that you’re ignoring all this, but I am afraid that when you find our the truth, you might start hating me. And I can’t see that. She decides to leave this house before he finds out anything.

Archu and Manav are at Sunny’s house to talk about Sunny-Teju’s rishta. Everything goes fine at first. Sunny’s mother introduces everyone to Archu-Manav. When she introduces Jignesh. Archu asks, is he elder? Sunny’s mother says.. yes.. but don’t worry about his marriage.. he has no intention to marry. Jignesh tells his mother, what are you saying? He then tells Archu-Manav, that he’s looking for a girl but didn’t find anyone yet. He says, but because of me.. I don’t want any issues in Sunny’s marriage.

Archu now tells Sunny’s family that before they go further, she would like to tell them about her family as well. Sunny’s mother says, sure we would like to know about them because even though marriage is between a guy and a girl.. their families become relatives as well. Before Archu says anything, there comes the storm named Savita.

Savita comes there with Manav’s dad. As soon as Savita and Sunny’s mother see each other. They start fighting and say that this rishta won’t happen. Everyone tries to make them understand, but they don’t listen to anyone and rejects this rishta. Sunny is helpless. Savita leaves. Sunny’s mother then tells Manav-Archu that Sunny will marry to girl of my choice and I reject this rishta. She asks them to leave as well.

Precap: Archu is checking Purvi’s reports. Purvi is scared and she snatches it away from her and says, let me put it in the file. Archu says, ya. we won’t know wht it says anyways. When Onir comes, we will ask him to chec.

Update Credit to: DTB

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