Pavitra Rishta 10th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 10th February 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 10th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Ankita telling Mansi that whatever happened is known to her only. She says, I want you to remember something. I want Raunaq to be punished. We want proof that he came on the sangeet day. Mansi says, I am the big proof. Ankita says, we have to find a clue to get him punished as the court needs proof. Mansi says, I don’t remember and cries. Ankita asks her to remember. Mansi says, I couldn’t think about that night, I want to forget it and cries. Ankita says, I know but who will tell us about it. Just recall it one last time for me. Mansi says, I can’t do…She remembers to snatch Raunaq’s bracelet and tells Ankita to come with her. Ankita, Mansi and Prashant come to the terrace and starts searching for the proofs. She shows her the broken mobile. Ankita

says this proof is not sufficient. Mansi says, Raunaq’s bracelet may be here somewhere. She searches and gets the bracelet. Ankita confirms that this is Raunaq’s bracelet. Naren sir gifted him on his wedding day. Ankita leaves.

Ankita calls Naren and asks him to meet her outside the house. Ankita says, I want to show you something. Naren says, I will come. Sunanda tells Shirish that how can we tolerate all this. Naren goes outside the house and hugs her. He says sorry for pushing her that day. Ankita says, I want to talk to you something. She shows Raunaq’s bracelet. Naren says, it is Raunaq’s bracelet. Ankita says, believe me. He came on that day and raped Mansi. Naren comes with Ankita inside the house and shouts at Raunaq. Naren slaps him and says he is a liar. You lied to everyone. That day, you went to Mansi’s house and Ankita has proof for that. He shows the bracelet and says they recover this bracelet on the terrace. Raunaq says, you came in her talks. Naren slaps him. Ankita asks him to show his real face to everyone. Naren shows the bracelet to Attu. Sunanda asks him, is this bracelet is yours? Raunaq says no….Sunanda tells Raunaq that if you proved guilty then I will send you to jail. Raunay says, this bracelet is not mine. Mansi is just framing me and covering up for someone else’s act. Raunaq shows his hand wearing the bracelet to everyone. Kinnari smirks.

Flashback is shown, Raunaq’s recalls getting the new bracelet from the jewellery shop. Kinnari goes to the shop and buys the similar bracelet. Raunaq asks Ankita, now tell who is saying the truth and who is lying? He says, why you are making us fight? He takes everyone in his manipulating words. Naren says sorry. Sunanda says, Raunaq has proved that he is innocent. You tried to take advantage to Naren. Naren says, there is really some confusion. Ankita asks Naren to believe her. Naren goes to his room. Sunanda asks Ankita to leave the house. Raunaq and Kinnari smile looking at each other.

Pia tries to call Ovi but call doesn’t go through. She thinks to enter the house. She comes inside and tells Ovi that RK is not a good guy. He is a murderer. She tells her how RK killed one woman. Ovi is shocked. Ovi says, Arjun is right about RK. Pia says, we can’t tell Dad as he is very impulsive. Ovi says, I will talk to Purvi directly and asks her not to worry. Pia hides. Arjun comes and asks who came? Ovi says, someone was asking address. Arjun says, lets have dinner. Ovi thinks to talk to Purvi after Arjun sleep.

Ankita is crying on the road and recalls that she has lost from Raunaq. She calls Shashank and tells him that Raunaq played a wrong game and brought the bracelet. Shashank says, you have only 1 option and asks her to file a police complaint against Raunaq. He says, we have to show strength and fight for injustice. We have to fight for Mansi and for your and Naren’s relation. First step is Police complaint. Ankita asks him to come to the police station. Shashank agrees.

Ankita tells the Inspector that her brother in law Raunaq Karmarmar raped her sister Mansi. Inspector asks her to solve the issue with mutual understanding. Shashank says, I am from press and asks him to file the complaint. Sub Inspector makes Inspector understand that it is rape case and they have to act fast else they will be questioned by the media. Inspector tells Ankita that we can file your complaint but decide carefully whenever you are prepared for questioning etc. Ankita says, I will want a file. She asks Inspector to take Mansi’s statement at home. Inspector says, ok we will take action as soon as possible.

Ovi tells the truth about RK to Purvi. Purvi doesn’t believe her and accuses her for snatching her happiness. She says, now I don’t have anything to give you.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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  1. I rly like pia’s character she reminds me of a young teju. she cares about every1 n is sweet,unlike ovi. ovi cn be nice buh she is very unpredictable. she cn do anything. why wont purvi believe any1. first arjun told her nw ovi buh no she fully trusts rk she only known him for a few weeks.i think dat pia will sort all problems. pari(ovi) likes aman(arjun) buh I think pia(purvi) n aman(arjun) will fall in love. I do not like kinnari n raunaq they rly both deserve each other n why is naren so mean to ankita.

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