Pave your way to love : (DEVAKSHI AND SHRAMAN) Intro

Hi guys tara here…m starting a new ff on DEVAKSHI and SHRAMAN… as they are my fav now…it will be few shots..nd will be published in week ends…if any changes are to be made i will inform u all beforehand. Pave your way to love: (Devakshi nd Shraman) is a story of two couples who despite their differences and short comings make their way to love. It is by the support of one another that they achieve their goal. The setting is in Delhi.

The character sketch:

Dev Dixit: a successful business man, loves his mother very much and respects her as god. He has a bitter past of poverty. He lives in a big mansion in delhi, with his mom nd three sisters. He is good at heart but very rude at times.

Sonakshi Bose: a nutritionist who is very dedicated towards her work. She belongs to a middle class Bengali family. She is sensible and intelligent, moreover a perfect girl.
Shravan Malhotra: an advocate who lives in London. He went there after his parents got separated. Now he has established himself nd wishes to come back. He was reliable on sumo , his school friend…who ditched him. He past still haunts him. And he wishes to revenge.
Suman Tiwari: an independent girl, who lives at her grandpa’s place. Her mom and dad passed away in an accident. She regrets something and wishes to correct her mistakes. She waits for the time to apologize her frnd shravan.

(u can see that the basic characters are the same…story will also start in the same way, bt their roles would get fused after sometime. What I mean s that they will have lik with each other. The details are below.)

Dev and shravan met at London when dev went there for his degree coarse. Shravan was also seeking his law coarse. They become friends. Shravan promised to help dev in legal matters whenever he needed. Dev returned and set his own business. In the busy schedule of life they almost forgot each other. It was only after shravan came to India and saw dev’s pic on a magazine and realised that his old friend had become a great business man. Sonakshi was already recruited by dev for his mom (just as it was shown in the show..m not getting into details). Sona to meet shravan in dev’s office. Suman who has been waiting for shravan to return will turn out to be sona’s friend. Friend in the sense…she and sona meet each other at a school. There sona went for a check up and sumo for Tiffin’s delivery. Sona liked sumo’s healthy food. And from here they came to know each other.

Guys it was just an intro…I know its almost the same, bt I liked the way these serials i also wanted to start in the same way bt with diff twists. The next part will contain the P.O.V. of the main characters for ur better understanding. And also the first meet of SHRAVAN and SONA as i mentioned above…with greater details…

I hope u like it..plzz comment..nd xpress ur feelings

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  1. Beautiful cover pic. I just came here to compliment that… I dont watch this show actually so sorry I didnt read it. My bad luck that i aint !!! 🙁

    1. its ok prob.. 🙂

  2. It’s really quite confusing dear.

    1. m sorry.. will try to clear out ur confusions in next epi

  3. OMG Tara i wanted to write a ff on KRPKAB + EDKV but you stole my idea -_- just kidding 😛 thank u sooooooooo much for fulfilling my wish now I can peacefully write that ff during my holidays later as you fulfilled my wish of this ff love u 🙂

    1. hahahaha..m glad to steal to idea…lol..
      anyways thanks

  4. Wow! I really wished that someone would write a off on devakshi and sharman!! Thanks a lot! Intro was superb and I hope u will not end it soon….

    1. yeah same here tani….i also wished the same so i did it..thanks a lot..nd i hope it goes a long way off

  5. Both d couples r just awesome, cute, splendid.. N dis has left me speechless..I’m sure I n evry1 else will luv it

    1. thank u so much dear..ur comment made me speechless 🙂

  6. Currently this two r the shows which I like most and mixture of them its amazing. Its wonder ful to see these 4 cutest person together.But pls pls don’t make pair of sumo- dev and shravan- sona. Don’t separate devakashi plzzzz

    1. dont worry dear the couple’s are devakshi nd shraman only…
      nd thanks for commenting

      1. That’s great

  7. Ngkrishnakumari

    Eagerly waiting for next epi the way of binding two show leads is mindblowing
    Amaging tara

    1. thank a lot..dear..

  8. tar u r d same who write f of tashan e ishq season 2 ???
    i m just asking.i think u r d same
    sry if u r not dat taratwinjfan
    n by d way ur ff is just awesome i like both pairs so much……muah

    1. yup u r right m the same …btw did u read my ff?? i mean how do u know its me??
      bt thanks a lot..

      1. bcoz.. i m big fan of ur ffn i read ur ff lso but.bcoz of laziness i dint cmnt any ff of tei
        i read evry ff
        can i ask u a ques. were doo u live??

  9. Wow..its really awesome..i love the way you blend both serials together..but why this ff is not coming in EDKV page?? Tellyupdates pls post it there also..
    Looking forward for Shraman n devakshi scenes..

    1. thanks abhi…
      even idk y its not coming on edkv page..maybe because of the dp..
      bt don’t worry i will put the merged dp from next part..

  10. wow u r blending my two fav serials…. plz continue….

    1. nita its mah fav too…btw thanks dear

  11. Khub bhalo…. Continue… Add twinj if you like pls….

    1. dhonnobad my sweet sis… won’t add m already writing ffs on them..

  12. […] Pave your way to love : (DEVAKSHI AND SHRAMAN) Intro […]

  13. Natasha luvs Namik

    Sorry for d late comment coz now only I noticed and its very very interesting

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