Pave your way to love : (DEVAKSHI AND SHRAMAN) Chapter 2

Hey everyone thnks for ur love and support…m really glad after reading ur comments..keep showering ur u all
Lets start

Scene 1:
Dev makes a face. Sona gets nervous. Shravan smiles. Dev shifts his look from sona to shravan….
Shr: what happened?? Didn’t regnised me.. “Mr. D” !!
Devs expression totally changes… a broad smile comes on his face… “shravan…shravan malhotra..”
Shravan smiles…
Shr: yup..gale nehi miloge??
Dev nods and goes to him excitedly. They share a friendly hug.
Shr: yaar i told u na that we will u didn’t recognise me…
Dev: no no..i was in a shock..i couldn’t believe my eyes….
Their bakbak continues…. sona looks for an opportunity to escape.. when dev calls.. “miss bose…” sona stops..
Sona: yeah..
Dev: aap kisi kam se ayi thi…ya sirf meri burai karne….
Shravan laughs… “hahah yaar u carry on..i ll leave..”

Dev: what?? U just came u can’t go like this..i thought we ll have lunch together…
Shr: dev..dont worry.. m here for some days.. we will surely not today..m bit busy.. okay then bye..(to sona) bye miss “bose” and all the best..
Dev: miss bose.. maa k reports aa gaye hain.. u plz come to my cabin..
He leaves
Sona to herself “ sona tut oh gayi.. ebar ki hobe?? (What will happen now)
Scene 2: dev’s cabin
Sona enters…
Sona:..umm Mr. Dixit….reports??
Dev hands over the reports to her.
Sona looks at them…
Dev: is everything all right??
Sona: yeah..almost…a lil more care and she will be perfectly fit…
Dev is happy to hear that…
Sona: so may i leave…
Dev: yeah… one minute..
Sona breathes out…
Dev: miss bose…do u have no shame..that u were talking about ur boss like that…
Sona: sach bolne mein kaisi sharam…
Dev: xcuse me..sach?? kaisa sach??
Sona: yehi ki aap no. 1 khadoos hain…. (she says this in a flow without much realisation and then cuts her tongue 😛 )
Dev: achha?? Mein khadoos hu?? Agar mein khadoos toh..toh aap sawa khadoos…!!
Sona: what?? Sawa khadoos?? Sawa sher suna tha..yeh kya hain… (she laughs)
Dev: whatever…. bt m not khadoos..
Sona: may be..u think so…not everyone…
Scene shifts (scene 3) :
Sumo is walking on the road..she is going to her work place. She was carrying a heavy bag…
Sumo: kitni dhup hain..uff.. i wish that my khatara car’s clutch was all right… nd on top of that no auto…oh god..
Suddenly a man passes by . he was in a hurry and pushed her. She falls down and all her things also gets scattered…

Sumo: andha hain kya..dekh k nehi chal sakta… idiot..
She also gets hurt…she tries to get up… nd begins to pick her stuffs. A voice is heard “ may I help..”
Sumo: (without looking) no thanks…i ll manage…(she turns back to see shravan)
(guys sumo recognised shravan as we know she saw her photo but she knew that shravan may not remember her..)
Shr: its okay..lemme help..
He helps her in picking the things…sumo looks on.
Sumo: thanks..
He smiles… “btw i guess u got how will u mange..u tell me where u want to go..i ll drop u”

Sumo: no..u did a i will manage..its near only..
Shr: are u sure??
Sumo: yeah..
She walks away… smiling…
Shravan also gets in his car and goes..
Scene 4: (sumo’s room)
Sumo: today i met him after so many years…he helped me..he is so good… bt he didn’t recognise me..what if he had forgotten me?? No can he forget u..u were his best friend…but u betrayed him..nd u can’t let go that fact…bt then u were not so mature…i hope he will understand…no i cant hide myself anymore..i have to talk to him…i have to….
Dabbu enters..
Dab: what u have to suman didi??
Sumo: (surprised) dabbu k bachhe tu phir meri batein sun raha tha chupke??
Dab: btao na didi…
Sumo: nothing..go to sleep else ill tell mamiji..abt ur marks..
Dabbu goes away making a face…
Sumo is lost in thoughts…
Scene 5: (dev’s room)
Dev sits and thinks about sona’s words…he comes in front of the mirror..and checks himself out.. “m a so rude??”

Ishwari enters “who said??”
Dev: maa…aap..
Ish: who said my son is rude..arey mera beta toh laakho mein ek hain…
Dev: leave all this maa..u knw today i met one of my old frnd …shravan..he is a lawyer..from London..
Ish: arey use ghar pe bula na..
Dev: hmm u r riht.. ill call him..actually let me call him..
Ishwari smiles…
Dev calls shravan:
Shr: hello…
Dev: hey dev here..
Shr: oh.. dev..say..
Dev: actually mom wanted to meet can u come for dinner tomorrow??
Shr: only aunty..not u??
Dev: c’mon …
Shr: are chill just kidding..ok i will come..
Dev: ok..see u..bye
Shr: bye..
The screen splits on their smiling faces…

PRECAP: dev calls kichu..sona says he was not feeling well so he went to doctor…dev gets tensed as he has invited shravan…nd no one is there to cook.. sona gets an idea…!!

How was it guys?? So what do u think will be sona’s idea?? Keep thinking..nd don’t forget to u all stay blessed..
And one more thing.. i will be updating this ff once a week…most probably if any changes occurs i will tell u before hand… so all those who wre telling to update this soon..m sorry guys…it won’t be possible..i guess next one will be on Friday…

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