Patiala Babes 26th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Mini and Babita’s New House

Patiala Babes 26th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita and Mini reach inspector Hanuman Singh’s house inn auto. Auto driver does not take money from them. Constable says it is inspector Hanuman Singh’s area and nobody will take money from them. Mini says this is advantage of becoming inspector’s tenant. Constable Laal takes them in. Hanuman while preparing food offers him food and seeing Mini and Babita hurriedly wears shirt and scolds constable that he should intimate that ladies have come. He continues that this house is his wife Imrit’s name, will they have breakfast. Babita says they had breakfast already. Hanuman asks Laal to show terrace to ladies, they can enjoy sunlight and get vitamin there. Laal takes them to terrace. They see liquor bottles and ask if his boss drinks. Laal says his boss is a drunkard

and womanizer, but is a very good man, they are very safe here. Babita stands confused. Mini asks her to not pay attention to Laal uncle’s words, he seems to be gossip king like Lovely bua.

Lovely informs Sukhi how Mita yelled on Mini and called her poisonous snake. Sukhi asks if she kept quiet hearing that. Lovely says Babita confronted Mita like a tigress who protects her cub. Ashok hears their conversation and walking angrily to Mita asks if she scolded Mini. Mita says she came here uninformed. Ashok says it is Mini’s house and she is daughter of this house. Mita says she does mind if mini comes, but Babita should not come here, he himself told to make place for herself in this house, but it is not possible till Babita returns here. Ashok continues confronting her and their verbal altercation continues.

Babita looking at wall emotionally says she had left her hand imprints on wall when she entered Ashok’s house after marriage, she slowly made that house as her nest, but now Mita will erase all her imprints. Mini consoles her asking to forget past and start a new life by brooming out dirt, giving her broom. Babita asks her to help her clean room. Pyari Pyari…plays in the background.

At police station, Laal describe crime stories under Hanuman’s jurisdiction. Hanuman says they brought mother an daughter home and may need something, if Imarati was alive, she would have handled, so Laal should help them. Laal says he is not a woman. Hanuman says he acts like ladies. Laal asks not to worry about those 2 as they must have cleaned terrace and he informed them to lock door and sleep as inspector will come late at night. Hanuman says terace’s door lock is broken. Babita sees door lock broken and worriedly says they don’t know Hanuman well, what if something wrong happens. Mini jokes Hanuman uncle should get afraid instead. Babita says let us bring new lock from market. Mini says it is already 11 p.m. and keeps heavy boxes in front of door.

Precap: Inebriated Hanuman walks towards terrace. Babita hits his head and worriedly informs Mini.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I loved today’s episode and the precap was too funny… i hope soon Babita joins some new work and becomes independent, just love Minnie and Babita’s relation. I wonder what Ashok is going to do about Mita. From Mita’s position, she should soon ask Ashok to get a divorce and marry her so that she has a legal right in that house.

    1. Hi dhara I’m ur big fan I like ur comments from silsila I’m a silent reader I’m new here happy to see u here too

      1. Hi Reena, thanq 🙂
        I stopped watching Silsila a long time back, the track there seems to go from bad to worse everyday. Hopefully this serial turns out a lot better. The start is very promising… Hope i read your comments in future too 🙂

  2. Hi dhara thanks for ur reply and I’m also stopped watching silsila and this serial is different story line but paakalam

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