Patiala Babes 21st December 2018 Written Episode Update: Ashok’s Concern for Mini

Patiala Babes 21st December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

At police station, Khatri continues alleging Mini that she and her mother are frauds and try to trap men. Mini trashes him again and says he tried to touch her mother. Inspector stops her and says he will not tolerate violence in his police station. Babita calls Pinku and informs him whole story asks to save Mini. Pinku scolds why did they need rented accommodation, in which police station she is taken to. Babita says she does not know. Pinku asks to find out nearest police station and reach there, he is coming soon. Saroj asks what happened. Pinku scolds her what did she tell Babita and Mini that they are searching rented accommodation, now Mini is in police station. He rushes towards door when Saroj slips and falls. He rushes her towards hospital in taxi and informs Biji about Saroj’s

accident and Mini in police station, asks to go and help Mini. Ashok hears that.

At police station, inspector Hanuman Singh asks Mini to calm down and reminds what Gandiji told. Mini says Gandhiji also suggested to protect themselves. Khatri continues alleging Mini and Babita. Inspector asks constable what law says if a girl beats a man in self defense. Constable says no punishment, just warning. Inspector asks what if someone misbehaves with ladies. Constable says 7 years jail term. Inspector orders to put Khatri behind bars and present him in court tomorrow. He then asks Mini to relax and asks why she and her mother wants to take rented house. Mini says it is their personal problem. Inspector says police is there to help citizens and asks constable not to let anyone in until he asks. Babita reaches police station and asks constable about Mini. Constable asks if she is girl’s mother, inspector asked not to let anyone in. Inspector tells Mini that he has a big haveli and his wife is no more, she and her mother can stay in terrace rooms if they want. Babita walks in and says they don’t need anyone’s help. Mini says they should take hanuman uncle’s help. Babita says already they are in trouble and don’t want anymore trouble and takes her out. Ashok reaches police station and scolds Babita for not controlling Mini. Mini confronts and says they don’t need his help, he ransacked them and now showing fake concern. He says his daughter is his pride and he cares for her. Mini asks to stop acting. He forces them to get into his car.

Sukhi returns home. Biji informs him whole incident and hopes Ashok brings them home. Dadaji says Mini will not come as she is proud of her self-respect, he is proud of his granddaughter. Sukhi says Papaji is right. Biji says Mini is arrogant, but Babita is not and should convince Mini to return home, hope Ashok brings them home. Mita hears their conversation. Ashok drops Babita and Mini outside Pinku’s house and scolds Babita that Mini will continue her mischieves and he cannot come to rescue her repeatedly, she needs a father and grandparents’s guidance, how will Babita take care of Mini’s upbringing and education, she cannot depend on her brother who himself is in trouble with is wife injured. Babita rushes in and asks Saroj how is she. Pink says she is fine, doctor asked her to take rest. Babita says she will cook for her and walks into kitchen. Mini confronts her that she should have taken Hanuman uncle’s offer and not returned to her brother’s house to work like a slave. Mini says it is her brother’s house and she is not a servant. Pinku walks in and says he needs to talk.

Precap: Mini confronts Mita that Biji had come and requested to return home and claim their rights from whoever took it forcefully. Mita yells that she is too arrogant and wicked like snake.
Babita hears that and warns to shut up.

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