Patiala Babes 19th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Mini and Babita’s Search For A Rented Accommodation

Patiala Babes 19th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mini with Babita and Bobby reaches agent Khatri’s office. Khatri busy performing pooja starts his overacting and greets them in. Bobby says his friend sent them and reminds him. Khatri finally realizes and says he got a call yesterday and asks if he needs rented house. Babita says she needs a 1-bedroom house. He asks if she and husband will use 1 bedroom, what about her daughter. Babita says she and her daughter will stay. He asks if her husband expired. Babita says he is alive. He asks if she is a divorcee. She says no.. He asks if her husband is out of station in Canada or London. Babita nods yes. He gives her a form and asks to fill about her husband’s profession and salary as he has to pay rent. He continues flirting with Babita and offers prasad. Mini fumes, but

Babita takes prasad and walks away. Mini and she enjoy samoasa next from roadside shop and discuss and reach home. They reach home and Mini helps Babita fill form. She asks her to write her name as Babita Khurana. Babita asks what about her marital status, her FIL considers her as bahu, but her husband rejected her.

A few boys enter and ask CD from Khatri. Khatri gives them CD and asks money. They trick him and one of them asks a room for 2 hours for their friend Mickey. Khatri gives room after a bit of drama asking to write in form that they need room for their grandparents who are coming for pilgrimage. He shows room to them. Mickey walks in. Khatri taunts him to enjoy. Friends lock Mickey with a girl in a dark room and lock door from outside.

Mita prepares tea for Dadaji with Ashok’s help. Ashok praises her that she does so much for his family. Biji walks in and asks Ashok to send Mita aside as she needs to prepare tea for papaji. Mita offers tea and says she prepared it as papaji likes. Biji asks Ashok not to trouble guests and until guest is in this house, she should just relax and not interfere in her work. Mita cries that Ashok’s family always insults her. Ashok consoles her. Biji takes tea for Dadaji. Dadaji says she went against him yesterday and now brought tea.

Bobby calls Mini and insists to meet him and give filled form. She says he is giving excuses to meet her, if he wants a slap. He says he wants ice cream and at least he deserves that for helping her. She agrees. Babita says though Mini considers Bobby as friend, people will misunderstand, so she should not go.

Precap: Mini waits for Bobby in a cafe. Mickey reaches there escaping from friends. He sees Mini holding his umbrella. Khatri tells Babita that half city saw Mini roaming with a boy.

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  1. Wow I liked the story of mini taking her of mom and teaching her not to sacrifice self respect and be independent.on the other hand one disgusting fellow prasing his gf for preparing tea for family whereas his wife all her married life for his family.and the disgusting gf doesn’t understand what mistake she did.slow claps

  2. i like this serial so much. I still cant believe this is the same paridhi who played Jodhaa just a few years ago. Back then she used to exude royal persona in every scene. and here Babita is so different from Jodhaa. Paridhi plays her role so well. This is a sad reality in many homes but i am glad that through Babita and Mini they are motivating women to find their own place in society and be independent…. <3
    I only wish the Mickey track was not introduced. Mini is just a child, about to enter college. A love interest was not necessary right now. But I still have hope that the track will turn out nicely. all the best to this show 🙂

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