Patiala Babes 18th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Mini’s Bold Decision

Patiala Babes 18th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sukhi asks Dadaji and Biji why did not they inform bank manager demanded EMIs, he would have arranged money somehow. Biji says we know about his failed business, she is worried about home expenses. Dadaji says he will sell whatever he has saved and will pay bills till he is alive, she need not worry. Mita packing bags asks Ashok why did he pay 10 lakhs loan when they don’t have much money left after winding up their London business. He says 10 lakhs for 2 crores worth house is not a bad deal. Mita says house is in his father’s name. Ashok says they will take loan by keeping this house as collateral. Lovely enters and starts her drama that Ashok spent so much to save this house, but Papaji and Biji are adamant. Ashok starts his drama that he worked hard to give a better life to

his wife and daughter and let them here to take care of Papaji and Biji, Mita helped him and paid 50% EMIs of this house, how will he repay her; papaji will disown him easily and he understands, but Biji also disowned him. Biji silently hears his emotional blackmail crying. Ashok walks with his bags and touching Biji’s feet apologizes to forgive him and forget that she had a son. Dadaji tries to stop her, but she pushes Dadaji and stops Ashok succumbing to Ashok’s emotional blackmail.

Pinku fights with his wife for verbally taunting Babita and indirectly asking her to get out of house, it is Babita’s brother’s house and Saroj can go if she wants. Babita hears that and asks what is happening. Pinku leaves. Saroj asks Babita if she ever asked her to go from here, please not to break her house as her brother and parents are not kind like Babita’s brother and will not let her in. Babita hugs and consoles her. Sonu tries to walk out of house yelling that he is unable to read here, he hears baraat music on one road and tempo sound on other. Saroj scolds to put on headsets and study in her room. Dadaji brings Babita and Mini’s clothes and scooter in tempo. Babita and Mini happily touch his feet. Sonu asks if he came to take back Mini and Bua. Dadaji says if he could, Babita’s Biji fought for her first and now succumbed to her motherhood and is supporting Ashok now instead of Babita, so he came to return Mini’s scooter and their belongings. Babita shatters hearing that.

Babita walks to terrace and cries that she can understand Saroj’s condition and pities her, cries that Mini’s papaji disowned her, now she does not have maika or sasural to stay, where will she go now. Mini says there are so many houses in Patiala, she will stay in her own house. Babita asks how will they manage. Mini asks her not to worry and calculating all their savings says they have 22000 rs plus 6000 rs in hand. Bobby calls Mini and informs that he found property agent to get rented accommodation for her, but she has to pay 2 months’ rent as his fees. Mini says she will pay only 1 month’s rent and asks him to convince agent, else it is waste to be Bobby’s friend. Bobby after trying to convince Mini says he will try. Babita asks how will they pay 2 months’ rent as fees plus 1 month rent, they will lose a lot from savings. Mini says even if room’s rent is 2000 rs, they will lose 6000 rs and will have 22000 rs left and can spend it for 6 months. Babita asks what after that. Mini asks her not to worry, they will manage, let us go and meet real estate agent first.

Precap: Real estate agent asks Babita if she stays in 1 room with her husbands, what about her daughter. Babita says she and her daughter will stay. Agent asks if she is divorcing her husband.

Update Credit to: MA

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