On Path of Love (Three Shots : Ragini Laksh) third shot


? On Path of Love ? (3rd, Final Shot : Ragini Laksh)
? On Path of Love ? (Three Shots : Ragini and Laksh)

Hello Friends.. Thank you for the comments. So here is the 3rd shot. I haven’t added any romantic scene.

Yesterday’s Story : Entry of AM, RM & DM. Engagement. Surprise open.
Link for 1st Shot :first-shot
Link for 2nd Shot : second-shot

**************** Story Continues *****************

Wedding Day?? : The whole house is running here and ther to check the final arrangements, where VM, SM and BM are not at peace, because they it know how to check what.

Ramdeen to VM : Badi Malkin, you guys go to Ragini Bitiya, we all will manage everything.
VM : Not now, Ramdeen, her brother and bhabhi are there now with her.

* Scene shifts to Ragini’s room *

KM : Ragini, today you are going to your house. To a place where you have to handle everything, make sure Mamma has no problem and remove Laksh’s insecurities.
RM : Bhabhi, I will try my best but what if I don’t and am not able to? ?
AM : Shaitaani Pudiya, it will never happen because my sister knows everything and how to handle them. So chill and go.
RM : BigB, bhabhi, I will miss you both. Please take care of everyone here and dare not hit or scold my daughter.

* Then there are family moments between the Malik Family. Ragini ia busy looking at her phone, waiting for the call. *

DM : Maa, who is going to call you? Whh are you staring at the phone?
RM : Bends on her knees and says sweetheart, am waiting for my friends call, he will be coming to India after 15 years. I hope he comes.
DM : Even I want to meet him. I will make him my BF. (she runs after saying this)
RM to God : God, please send him. He is the most important person to me. Who knows he might meet someone here?

* The time has arrived, the groom has come. Laksh is juat looking at the stairs and waiting for Ragini. As Ragini descends the stairs, he is awestruck seeing her beauty. {Am not mentioning their dresses or decorations} Pandit tells that there is still half an hour for the Muhurat. *

Suddenly a car comes to a screeching halt and all guests and family members have their eyes at the door. Seeing no one entering all get back in the wedding mood when out of nowhere, a guitar is being played and a guy sings the song “My Desi Girl ? {from Dostana}”. The lights fal on the person and Ragini’s happiness knew no bounds. She immediately got up and ran to hug him and when Laksh turned to see, the guy’s face was hid and his back was towards LG & PG. โ”

RM : At last, My Best Friend is here. Is this the time to come? I am very angry.
Voice : Arre, Jaan-e-mann am sorry baba. If your groom sees us then. I want to meet him and speak to him about you. How is he going to handle you.
(Listening to the voice, PG felt she has heard it somewhere but brushed the thoughts aside)

RM : Come, I will introduce you to my family. (She introduces him to the Malik Family and now goes towards Gupta Family)

RM to PG : Mamma, he is my best friend. I met him in London. (Before PG could see him, she gets a call? and leaves.)

RM : God, mamma is so busy. Anyways, come meet my husband.
Voice : Madam, Going to be husband. Not Husband. ? (Ragini playfully hits him on the shoulder and walks towards Laksh)

RM to LG : Laksh, he is my friend whom I spoke to you about.
Voice to LG : I wanted to always meet you and give you a standing ovation to have the guts to handle her dude.

(LG stands up with a shock and his phone falls down. He turns and keeps staring at The Person and has tears in his eyes ?)
When The Voice looks towards him.

LG : Bhai.. ?
Voice : Sorry, I didn’t get you.
LG : I knew you were alive. Mamma, I told you na all my Bhai was alive. Bhai I can’t believe that you are here. I was searching for you from past 15 years. Bhai (he says and hugs tight)
PG : Comes to Voice and caresses his face and says Sanskar! My Son! Where were you? Why did you leave us? How are you? 15 years..!! I stayed thinking you died in that accident.
Sanskar : Mamma..!! Mamma..!! (Pointing towards Laksh) Is this my Chotu? How did you survive the accident? I thought I lost everyone in that accident. One uncle pulled me and took me to a hospital. ?
PG : Your chotu is getting married today to Ragini.
SG : Mamma, marriage se yaad aaya. This is my wife and son (turns and finds them at the door). Swara, Ansh come here.
Ansh : Dad, is he my Papa? About whom you always spoke?
SG : Yes, He is your papa. (to LG and RM : I asked him to call chotu as papa. Hope your kids won’t have problem) Swara, this is my family.
LG (bends down on his knees and to Ansh) : Champ, you are juat like me. I was also the same. Naughty, Mischievous like you. (from behind Sanskar says, and obedient)
Laksh to Swara : Swara.. Oops.. Sorry.. Bhabhi, welcome to our family. Sorry, you missed our love and care. I promise to be the best devar now on.
Sanskar, moving to Ragini : Rags, thank you so much for giving me my family. You knew about it right? ?
Laksh shocked asks Ragini : Ragini, you knew then why didn’t you tell us? If not me at least you could have told Kriya.
Ragini : I wasn’t sure and I didn’t want to give hopes and break it. It would hurt you all. So I forced them to come.
PG : Thank you beta, thank you so much. Now, you are not my daughter-in-law (to Swara and Ragini) but daughters. ?

* {I am not going deep into the part of their family moments and the wedding} Ragini had a feeling of Sanskar being the same one about whom Kriya spoke, but not being sure, she kept in within her. Now her happiness knew no bounds. The wedding is completed and now Ragini Malik becomes Ragini Laksh Gupta?. The bidaai is done and Ragini leaves the house. Later KM, goes to Ragini’s room and she finds a paper kept there, after reading it, she comes running down and reads it aloud to all the Malik Family members. *

Paper Contents ? :
Maa, Mom, Dad, BigB and Bhabhi when this paper reaches you, I will be at my house. I couldn’t tell all this to you, so I wrote it here. Bhabhi you are my elder sister who I ever had. Maa, you are my first mother.

*Maa! Tere aanchal mein pali hoon
Tere ghar ki main nazuk kali hoon..
Haath pakadkar chalna sikhaya
Jeevan jeena bataya..!!
*Kehti hain tu, dhany hain beti paakar
Phir kyun kehti hain jaa beti uska haath thaam kar..?
Papa kehte hain maan sammaan hain tu mera
Phir kyun chod diya ab saath mera..?!
*Kho gayi kahin behan ke saath woh hazaar ladai
Kal thi meri sagaai aaj meri bidaai..
Chalte the bhaiyya hamare peeche banaye ek badi si toli
Aaj khade hain aage uthaye phoolon se saji meri doli..!!
*Reet yeh kaisi banayi hain khuda?
Apno se hi hona hain juda..
Hamesha samjhaaya bado ne mujhe-
“Rishte sahi se nibhane hain tujhe
Ek aangan roshan kar chali hain tu
Ab jaa bankar kali, karde roshan uss ghar ki gali..
Na karna kabhi aisa kaam, Ki ho yeh do gharon ka apmaan”..
*Ro rahe hain Maa-Papa, yeh sochkar
Kab aayegi bitya raani maayka lautkar..
Khada hain koi aage haath thaamne ke liye
Vaada karta hain sukh-dukh mein saath dene ke liye..!!
*Betiyaan hoti hain ek anmol ratn
Nazuk si kali phoolon mein pali..
Aaj iss ghar se bida le chali
Kisi aur ka ghar roshan karne ab yeh chali,
Iss gharki nanhi pari..!!

Now, don’t start crying. I wrote what I felt. Accha.. Bye.. Love You. ?

**** Scene shifts to Gupta Family ****

Uttara and Swara at the door : Laksh Give us something and we will let you go in.
LG : Bhai, come and take care of your qife and sister.
(to Swara) Bhabhi, shall I give you honeymoon tickets?
(to Uttara) Kaash, Rahul was here. He would have handled you.
Swara to Laksh : Devar Ji, What’s so urgent. Give me my nek, else your honeymoon is going to get cancelled. Anyways keep my sister-in-law happy, that’s enough.

He gives them his wallet and goes in the room where Ragini is sitting.

* Flashback ? :
While the whole Malik Family is being decorated for the wedding of Adarsh Malik, he isn’t there anywhere to be seen. VM is searching for him and he isn’t there. When she gets fed up and starts walking towards her room. The whole house stands as a statue, because at the door, someone steps in signing aarti in the most melodious voice ever heard in the house. VM, SM, BM run to hug her but VM stops them. โœ‹

VM: Wait..!! Here, I am the Eldest, so I should meet her first.
SM & BM : Maa, not fair.
AM : You all meet, I have already met her.

(After meeting everyone, Ragini gets ready for the wedding and comes downstairs ?, where all are waiting for her)

AM : Shaitaani pudiya, (holds her ears) it’s my wedding, but you took the most time.
BM : Oh God Adarsh, She took time so what’s the big deal in it? Look how pretty she is looking.
SM : Haan, looks like today all guys are going to be flat. Maa, you please take away evil sight from her.
(All laugh, while Ragini blushes. They leave for Gupta Mansion {in this story, Kriya’s parents are dead, so she stays with Gupta Family}. All enter inside with the rituals done. While Ragini is still out. Laksh comes out and doesn’t see Ragini.)

Ragini (while making her dress proper, after seeing Laksh, to herself) : Isn’t this Laksh, Sanakar’s brother ?? {she met Laksh for the first time, and studied with Sanskar in London for 8 years} Oh God, that means Sanskar’s family is alive. My dumboz mother and brother are alive. It also means he is my childhood crush ?. But I shouldn’t tell him. (she felt like doing a victory dance?)
Laksh to Ragini : (without seeing her, because her back is towards him) Excuse me, miss. Would you tell why are you here out? While everyone is inside? โ”
Ragini turns and Laksh is lost seeing her.. First sight love.. Background song “Pehla Nasha, Pehla Khumar ?”.
Ragini : Yes, I will. Thank you Mr.
Laksh : Its Laksh. My Name.
Ragini : Oh, Hello Ragini. Ragini Malik. The groom’s sister.
Laksh : Oh, so you are Kriya’s sister-in-law? Anyways, Laksh Gupta, Kriya’s childhood buddy.
Ragini : You mean Bhabhi’s Chotu? And Sans.. (she stops there, because she isn’t still sure).

(Their conversation between them, happens and they fall in for each other, but don’t express it.)
Flashback Ends ? *

They both get intimate and live happily ever after ?.

Role played by:

VM : Vineeta Malik
SM : Sanjeev Seth
BM : Parineeta Borthakur
AM : Tarun Singh
KM : Akansha Chamola
RM : Tejaswini Prakash Wayangankar
PG : Sonica Hunda
LG : Namish Taneja
Anjali : Pooja Joshi
Diya : Harbandana Kaur
Uttara : Khyati Mangla
Sanskar : Varun Kapoor
Swara : Helly Shah
Ansh : Gautam Ahuja

Guys that’s the end of the story. I have tried my best to show the bond between all the characters.
Hope you liked it. โ˜บ
Thanks for your comments all of you.. Meant a lot ?
Take Care

Credits : HisPrincess ?

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