On Path of Love (Three Shots : Ragini Laksh) Second shot


? On Path of Love ? (2nd shot Ragini and Laksh)

Hello Friends.. Thank you for the comments. So here is the 2nd shot. I haven’t added any romantic scene nor will add it further.

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***************** Story Begins ? ****************

The sun has risen and spread it’s shine all over the place and its rays fall in a room which is well maintained and perfectly elegant with hardly any costly, expensive or branded things. But a class in every thing.
From washroom comes out a beautiful girl who makes guys weak on their knees. Where her family ia happy that today is her engagement, she doesn’t know whether she can ever forget her first love Laksh?. Breaking her chain of thoughts, she can hear the whole family running up and down for her engagement preparations. ?
Maa (VM): Ramdeen, (loyal servant from past 30 years) Have you seen Badi Bahu and Shashank somewhere? God Knows where they are? Its their daughters engagement and they are not there.
**Narration : Then, the whole house comes to a still when they hear a beautiful voice singing the morning Aarti and as she turns, it is our heroine. Behind her are her parents. After giving prasad she comes to her Maa (VM) and hugs her. **
SM & BM : Maa, its your daily routine. You know we will be in the temple house, but still. Anyways why were you calling us.
VM : Come with me right now. All of you.
SM : Maa, you didn’t let ua enjoy our daughter’s last 5th Aarti in his house also. Don’t you know after 5 days she will be leaving this house and this house will lose its charm.
***Narration : All follow VM to the hall. She hands over one packet each and asks them to wear this for the party in the evening. She orders Shashank and Bhavika to re-check the arrangements and asks Ragini to go to her room. ***
RM : Maa, Will BigB and Bhabhi not come today? I need them. I always dreamt of they being with me. (saying this she cries and BM hugs her and the whole house becomes sad. ?)
BM : No, darling, they won’t. If they had to, they would have come by now. Leave all these now, go get ready. It’s going to be time.
*The other side Laksh is on a call finalising his deal and his mother is looking after the arrangements and Shagun for evening. *
Laksh : I want this deal because it is Bhaiyaz dream and make sure we get it by our handwork. (while speaking he turns towards the door and there he finds his MasiMaa and her daughter Uttara standing)
He cuts the call and runs to her.

Scene shifts to evening.

The Gupta family arrives at Malik Residence ?. Laksh goes in and sits where he is asked to. He doesn’t even know whom is he getting married to, but for his mother’s smile he agreed to this. He doesn’t even know that Ragini loves him. And Ragini unaware of this surprise.
Ragini comes down in a beautifully designed pink Ghagra and has a veil on her face. So Laksh and Ragini do not see each other. Soon Ragini’s Cousin Sis – Anjali (special appearance) comes on stage and announces.
Anjali : Hello, Friends. Welcome to the engagement of My Dearest Sister and Going to be Jiju. (Laughter fills in) Before we start with the engagement, we have a small surprise for the bride to be and groom to be.
**Narration : Suddenly lights go off and in fear Ragini holds Laksh’s hand and both feel a connection. **
Suddenly lights fall on Adarsh and Kriya who are dancing and singing on “Tu hi Duniya Meri ?”. Seeing them Ragini stands from her seat and comes in the middle to hug them, and they keep dancing and singing. After the song, Ragini hugs her BigB and Bhabhi. Meanwhile Laksh is shocked ?(happy, excited, shocked) because front of him his Best Childhood Buddy is standing and next to her the love of her life is standing and a few moments ago they sang a song for their sis : Ragini, who is Laksh’s love. Is this all true? While thinking all this, the light falls on a pretty girl (the sweetheart – Diya), who sings “Janam Janam Tu Hi Mera Paas Maa ? {Phata Poster Nikla Hero) for Ragini and with the viel on Ragini runs to her and hugs her. Kriya hugs Laksh. After this surprise the whole Malik Family and Gupta Family meet the just-returned members and head on for the engagement. While Ragini still unaware of the fact that she is getting married to her love. Laksh now aware of it is really happy. Before the rings are exchanged. ?

AM : Maa, Mom, Dad, Aunty am really sorry but I can’t let this engagement happen.
ALL including Laksh : What? But Why?
KM : Yes, Maa, we can’t let this happen and (going to PG) Mamma this son of yours is not the friend whom I knew and grew up with. He has changed. He started hiding things. ?
Laksh : No, I never did anything. I didn’t hide anything.
AM : (to VM about RM) Maa, this Laadli of ours has forgotten the bond of Rakhi. She thought her brother is useless and will never be with her. Tell her not to speak to me. ?
VM & PG: But, what happened that you both are saying this? What’s wrong with you? How can you blame them?
AM & KM : They aren’t happy with this wedding, they are doing it for your sake. They love someone. (All shocked)
AM to LG : Why Laksh am correct right? You always said Kriya is your friend.. Your childhood friend and I have no right to come in between you both and I never came, then how could you not speak your heart to her? How can you? Everyday her talks were about her tiny world where, you are a part and still you did this to her? (Laksh feels bad ?)
KM to RM : I am your sister? Your best friend? Soulmate? And what not, but you proved that you said all this only to make me happy. I never thought that the brother who loves you so much would become so Paraya that you won’t share your feelings also. Why Ragini? What was missing in his love for you? From the day I know him, more than anyone he speaks about you. Even Diya isn’t remembered how much you are. Still you hid this. (Ragini’s tears knew no bounds now?)
DM : Now as you both Maa and Mamu, (Ragini does not listen to the word Mamu and is unaware of the fact) you hurt my parents so now they have decided that…
AM & KM : These people will get married and let us become the worst sibling or friend. We don’t care.
VM : But, whom do they love??
RM : Doesn’t matter Maa, I will agree to BigB’s decision.
SM : This relation was suggested by them only, they felt bad for what you both did so they wanted to speak to you before the engagement.
* No one dared to ask AM & KM to change their decision and went on for the engagement. Onthe rings are exchanged { Conversation starts now}

KM: Mom, shall I lift Ragini’s Veil? She should also know right whom is she getting married to.
AM : Arre, let my jiju do it. Why are you doing it? (and all laugh)

*Listening to this, Laksh without realizing and waiting lifts Ragini’s veil and to her shock her love is the one whom she got engaged to. Front of her was sitting the guy about whom she always dreamt. She turned her face towards her brother and bhabhi and saw them smiling. ?*
RM : BigB, bhabhi how did you know about it? And how come you didn’t tell me?
DM : Maa, I told them. I gave them your diary. (and she showed a diary).
*The whole family was stunned when Ragini and Laksh sang and danced on the song “Har ek sapne se sundar?”. Laksh and Ragini spent time together and they bid good bye. Their wedding was fixed for a month later. ?*

Role played by:
VM : Vineeta Malik
SM : Sanjeev Seth
BM : Parineeta Borthakur
AM : Tarun Singh
KM : Akansha Chamola
RM : Tejaswini Prakash Wayangankar
PG : Sonica Hunda
LG : Namish Taneja
Anjali : Pooja Joshi
Diya : Harbandana Kaur
Uttara : Khyati Mangla

Glimpse of Next Part : Wedding day and RagLak moments. End of Fan Fiction.

Credits :HisPrincess ?

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