On Path of Love (Three Shots : Ragini Laksh) First shot


First Shot ☺
? On Path of Love ? (3 Shot : Ragini and Laksh)

******** First Shot ********

Hello Friends..☺ This is a second take on writing A Fan Fiction. Hope you like it.

Story : A young bubbly 21 year old pretty, beautiful girl ? who loves her family very much is sitting tensed today on her bed with hundreds of things running in her mind, which stole her peace of mind.
Same way, A young handsome 24 year old charming, heartthrob guy ? whose family is his life is all ready in a black pant and white shirt and black coat and is on a call signing a deal.

Characters :

Malik Family ? A traditional yet modern family.
Vineeta Malik (VM) ? : The Lovely, Adorable Dadi and Maa of Malik Family. Heads the family alone after her husbands death in 2007. Her only son Shashank Malik and his cute family is her life. Her breath is her grand children Adarsh and Ragini. Loves her Daughter-in-laws a lot. Her great grand daughter Diya is the Diya of the house.
Shashank Malik (SM) ? : The only child of Vineeta Malik. Husband of Bhavika Malik. A loving, caring, generous man. The owner of “RiAd Fashions” . Strict when comes to work. Loves his family a lot. Diya and Ragini are the apple of his eyes. Calls his mother Maa.
Bhavika Malik (BM) ? : The Eldest Daughter-in-law of Malik Family. A loving, carimg dutiful lady. The BOD of “RiAd Fashions”. Loves her family a lot. Calls her mother Maa.
Adarsh Malik (AM) ? : The Eldest Child of Malik Family. A doting son, husband and father. The CEO of “RiAd Fashions”. Loves his sister a lot. His family is his life. He shares a great quotient with his grand Mom and Mother. (Calls his grandmother Maa and mother Mom and Father Dad. Calls his sister Sahitaani Pudiya.)

Kriya Malik (KM) ?: The 2nd daughter-in-law of Malik Family. Wife of Adarsh Malik and mother of Diya Malik. The MD of “RiAd Fashions”. Loves the family a lot. Ragini and she share an amazing bond. (same reference as husband to all family members. Except for Ragini-calls her by her name)
Ragini Malik (RM) ? : The eldest daughter of Malik Family. Loves her family a lot. Her brother and father are her role model. The Manager of “RiAd Fashions”. Loves her family a lot. (same reference for family as her brother. Except for Adarsh-calls him BigB and Kriya – Bhabhi)
Diya Malik (DM) ? : The youngest and loved member of Malik Family. The whole family’s life is her breath. 5 year old. Mischievous, loving daughter. (Calls Vineeta Malik as BadiDadi {BD}, Shashank Malik as GrandDad, Bhavika Malik as GrandMaa, Adarsh as Dad, Kriya as Mom, Ragini as Maa)
Gupta Family ? A modern family, traditional.

Preeti Gupta (PG) ? : The Lovely, doting mother of Laksh Gupta. Her husband and Eldest son passed away in an accident. Manages her husbands set up business “SL Diamonds” . Loves her son a lot.
Laksh Gupta (LG) ? : The son every mother would want. Loves his mother more than his life. Best friend of Kriya Malik. The CEO of “SL Diamonds”. A soft natured guy. Loves Ragini but has never told because he doesn’t want to lose Kriya.

Role played by:
VM : Vineeta Malik
SM : Sanjeev Seth
BM : Parineeta Borthakur
AM : Tarun Singh
KM : Akansha Chamola
RM : Tejaswini Prakash Wayangankar
PG : Sonica Hunda
LG : Namish Taneja
Anjali : Pooja Joshi
Diya : Harbandana Kaur

Glimpse of 2nd Shot : Entry of characters and engagement dhamaal.

Credits : HisPrincess ?

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  1. Wowww superbbb intro dear waitng for nxt part…loved raglak..keep rockng 😉 😉

  2. Shana98

    awesome cant wait to read more

  3. SPP

    Awesome Superb intro
    Loved it
    Please continue DEAR…….

  4. G.Chandu

    nice…!! waiting for story..!!

  5. Very nice…update soon

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